SHERRI SHEPHERD What’s Her Divorce Strategy?

Sherri Shepherd Visits "Good Morning America"For the Sherri ShepherdLamar Sally divorce, it’s all about the PRENUP. Lamar’s strategy apparently has been to move to California (the couple lived in New Jersey), file for separation (which he can change to divorce after he’s been in the state for six months), and invalidate the prenup based on fraud so he can sue for spousal support. He’s also filed to get sole custody of their unborn son, which would then entitle him to child support. Sherri filed her own divorce docs in New Jersey and wants the prenup enforced. What makes this prenup so important? RELATED: ‘The View’ co-host Sherri Shepherd is facing a nasty divorce.

‘The View’ co-host had good lawyers. The prenup stipulates that if the marriage only lasts for a few years, Lamar gets a lump sum of $60K, according to TMZ. It also stipulates that Sherri gets sole custody of their unborn child in the event of a divorce. While Sherri earned $1 million in 2010 and has earned more since then, Lamar only make $30K in 2010, and $9K of that came from unemployment. Lucky for Sherri, fraud is VERY hard to prove.

I remember how happy she was while planning for their wedding. Now I feel so terrible for her. Hopefully she has a good support network of family and friends.