SHERRI SHEPHERD Custody Battles Loom For ‘The View’ Co-Host

VH1 Divas Celebrates Soul - ArrivalsOMG: Sherri Shepherd’s custody woes are worse than we knew! Not only is her estranged husband, Lamar Sally, trying to get physical custody of their unborn child, but her ex-husband, Jeffrey Tarpley, is trying to get custody of their son, Jeffrey Jr. Tarpley alleges that Sherri is neglecting their son because of her busy work schedule.

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Tarpley lives in California, where Lamar has relocated, while Sherri lives in New Jersey with Jeffrey Jr. Although their son is developmentally delayed, his father claims Sherri leaves him with “unskilled nannies,” which is why Jeffrey Jr. has academic problems, low self-esteem, and has to use Velcro laces: he can’t tie his shoes, according to TMZ. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he’s developmentally delayed, could it?

Tarpley claims he can’t do anything since he lives in California, so he wants his son to come live with him. I wonder how much he’ll need in child support to “rectify” all of this “bad parenting” Jeffrey Jr has allegedly received? Sherri claims Tarpley is an “absentee Dad.” Although he filed an emergency request to get custody immediately, a judge denied it but a hearing has been scheduled for July.

In an interesting note, Tarpley filed his custody petition before Lamar moved to California and filed for divorce. I feel SO badly for Sherri. These guys are trying to take her kids! I hope whatever’s best for the kids is what’s decided upon, but this is looking like quite a battle.