ENTER TO WIN: The Beautiful And Eco-Friendly Soma Water Filtration System


Ensuring you and your family drink plenty of water (especially with summer fast approaching!) is essential… and what better way to do it than with a super chic water filter that gives back. Cue Soma.

Soma is the beautifully designed, 100% biodegradable water filtration system and glass carafe.  The glass is also drop-proof and easy to hold – great when you have little ones who want to pour

Soma3 And…the taste…Soma’s filters are made entirely from biodegradable materials, including coconut shells, silk, and a plant-based casing. Proven to reduce aesthetic chlorine, taste and odor. Plus, it’s so much better for the environment!

Stylish, sustainable and a gift that gives back, also conveniently priced at $59, Soma looks great on dinner tables, kitchen counters, or even in your fridge!

To find out more, visit Soma:

Soma2 One (1) lucky INO reader will receive their own Soma!!

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  1. kristen mcclary says

    to cut out sugar you have to cut it out completely that means no artificial sweeteners to me as well.. which means no more soda and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables fruits are full of natural sweet taste and can really give you the sugar taste that you are fining. make smoothies with just fruit and ice and and no sugar added yogurt is perfect.

  2. gina says

    I started out big and worked my way down…Cut out the major ones like all desserts, soda, processed foods, artificial sweeteners…
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  3. Marian Louise Boll says

    We have cut out sodas and candy when going to the movies or watching movies at home.

  4. kim says

    I have already begun to cut out added sugar, I have started reading labels and cutting out processed foods and I am using natural sweeteners like honey and agave

  5. Andrea Rust says

    I’d cut back sugar by replacing drinks with sugar and artificial sweeteners in it with natural stevia from my garden.

  6. Debra Guillen says

    I have cut soda in my diet and started using monk fruit in the raw for sweetner instead of sugar.

  7. Joshua Johnson says

    I guess the best way to cut out sugar out of my diet is to stop drinking soda. I drink at least one can a day. I do not drink to much coffee so soda is my form of coffee. We shall see if I can get off of soda.



  9. Amber B says

    I have started cutting sugar by not drinking soft drinks. i also try to drink a lot more water.

  10. Serena Powell says

    Since I’ve already switched cokes with water, I think I could switch some snack foods with fresh fruit.

  11. Liza E says

    I have cut sugar by reducing my daily glass of soda to 4 ounces instead of a 20 ounce bottle an sometimes more.

  12. Angela Ash says

    I cut out majority of sugar years ago. I now only add it to certain recipes and put a little bit in my hot cereals. I use honey as an alternative.

  13. Rebecca Scott says

    By cutting out soda and pretty much all drinks except coffee and water. Replacing sugar w natural sweetener – honey and/or maple syrup, reading labels and not buying things that have added sugar.

  14. shirley hicks says

    I cut out sugary sodas….when I drink a soda its a diet 7up…..If I feel the urge for something sweet I eat sugar free products

  15. heather c says

    One must learn where sugar hides in order to cut down on it significantly. Processed snacks, energy drinks, yogurt. Just pay attention to the sugar content on what you normally eat and see how quickly it adds up! I personally gave up all soda and flavored yogurt long ago. My next task? Cutting out sauces and condiments that hide sugar in them!

  16. Shelton says

    I’d switch to a sugar substitute for my tea and real the labels on food and drinks more carefully.

  17. Jane H says

    I drink more soda than I should and it needs to stop. I would drink drink more water especially on these hot days.