‘Wanna Meet Harry’ Preview Of New Reality TV Show (Video)

wanna meet harry‘American Idol’ host (and reality TV producer- we have him to thank for the Kardashians) Ryan Seacrest has produced probably the CRAZIEST reality TV show yet. It’s called ‘Wanna Meet Harry.’ A group of women from the United States were taken to London and led to believe they were competing for the affections of Prince Harry. Seriously. This video provides some background of the show, provided by Prince Harry’s doppleganger. RELATED: Hot new trailer for ‘Wanna Meet Harry.’

I do have to say, this guy DOES look a lot like Prince Harry. I just can’t believe women honestly thought a member of the British royal family would be involved in a reality TV show. Then again, I guess it’s easy to say that hearing about all of this from home. Take a look at the trailer. Do you think you’ll watch?




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