Celeb Blind Item: Who’s Husband Didn’t Go Along With Wife’s Diva Antics?

Blind Folded ManThis is the type of blind item that has me torn. On one hand, I feel bad for any married woman being cheated on. On the other hand, she sounds like a diva. Here’s the goss:

This A++ list diva and A+ list singer/celebrity was at dinner this week. She ordered dessert. She was informed though that another woman had ordered the last of the desserts right before our diva and sorry, but would our diva like anything else. The diva called over the manager and told him that if he ever wanted the business of our diva again that he would tell the first woman who ordered that she was out of luck. The manager refused. Our diva got up and walked out and said that no one from her family would ever patronize the place again. Two days later her A+ list celebrity husband showed up and dropped $50K at the place while snuggling with someone, most definitely not his wife.

Any guesses? Take a guess and then check out the reveal by clicking on “Crazy Days and Nights” below. Do you believe it?

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights