Here Comes The Bride!

snooki tries on wedding dressesSnooki may be pregnant with baby #2 (a girl!), but she’s also getting ready to take that trip down the aisle, to make things official with Jionni LaValle. Snooki  posted this pic of herself trying on wedding gowns. RELATED: Snooki isn’t quite ready for a daughter.

Snooki captioned the pic on her blog.

This is NOT dress, but something like it how gorgeous is this dress? I loved it, but needed more of an UMPH. I’m too short for a elegant mermaid dress, but I loved how vintage and classy this was can’t wait for the big day to show you all the dress I did pick out!!! Xoxoxo


This is a pretty dress (from the back, at least), but she’s right that it’s harder for a petite woman to carry off a really dramatic and elaborate gown. Her baby bump is completely hidden. I wonder if she plans on marrying before she has the baby? If so, her dress will have to accommodate a baby bump. We’ll see.

Regardless, Snooki will be a beautiful bride. These are exciting times for her! Remember when she was arrested for drunken and disorderly conduct just a few years ago? She’s really grown up.

Photo Courtesy of Snooki

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