LEONARDO DICAPRIO Refuses To Enter A Club While KARDASHIANS Are Present

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the the ultimate A-List actors… and he proved it a few days ago by refusing to go into a club while the Keeping Up With The Kardashian cameras were there.

Over the weekend Brody Jenner’s friend, Frankie Delgado, was hosting a birthday party at XIV and – of course – Brody and his dad, Bruce Jenner were in attendance. And where there’s a Kardashian (or, in this case, a Jenner) there are cameras.

When Leo arrived at the club and found out who was inside, he refused to go in until he was reassured that they were gone. And he isn’t the only one! Kim’s former bestie, Paris Hilton, also refused to go into the party while the cameras were there.

While it’s totally understandable that Leo, a famed actor, would want to stay away from the reality TV cameras, it’s a bit surprising that Paris – who became famous because of the paparazzi and reality TV – would shy away. Unless tensions between her and Kim are still running super high.

Photos via Fame Flynet.