JENNIFER LOPEZ & MARC ANTHONY Divorce Finalized After Three Years

jennifer lopez & marc anthony (1)I think it’s safe to say neither Jennifer Lopez nor Marc Anthony were in a rush to finalize their split. After announcing their split nearly three years ago, their attorneys filed documents at LA Superior Court to finalize their divorce on Monday. Of course this means the details are coming out. RELATED: Marc Anthony and Chloe Green split.

People reports that although Jennifer and Marc share legal custody, Jennifer gets primary physical custody. Marc gets physical custody for seven days out of each month. The divorce also details how the two will split holidays and such.

Yet, interestingly, the papers stipulate that when Marc has the kids, a nanny must be present, according to TMZ. Each parent gets the right to take Max and Emme trick-or-treating, so they’ll get to go twice each year if both parents want to do it. That’ll be fun for the twins- LOL. The divorce papers also stipulate that both parents are to use their “best efforts” to shield the kids from “aggressive news organizations and photographers.” So no photo-ops with the Anthony twins!

Neither Jennifer nor Marc is getting alimony or child support. I had almost wondered if the two might reconcile since Jennifer split from Casper Smart and Marc split from Chloe Green, but I guess the answer to that is “No.”