BRANDI GLANVILLE Defends Calling Son “A D*ck,” “A**hole” On Podcast

Brandi Glanville Signs Copies Of Her New Book 'Drinking & Dating'OMG. Brandi Glanville is taking flak for calling her younger son, Jake, some vulgar names on her podcast. Yet she refuses to be sorry for it! RELATED: Brandi Glanville does yoga in the park.

During her podcast, Brandi said her younger son openly defies her.

My son’s name is Jake: He’s 7, he’s a complete a**hole, but we love him. Oh man, he’s a d*ck, seriously. I told you to do this, he responds, ‘Well, I lied!’
“He doesn’t try to get out of it — he says, ‘I lied,’ then he shows his dimples!” The statuesque beauty said even her mother, Judith Ann Glanville, has observed the boy’s unruly ways, calling it “total payback” for the hell she raised as a youngster. ‘Payback is a b*tch!’
“I have an 11-year-old who’s awesome. He doesn’t lie, he’s really sweet, he kisses me when I ask . . . he’s my baby.”

Brandi even joked she’s already booked rehab for her younger son, Jake, down the road. I hope she’s actually disciplining him NOW to curb this behavior. Radar Online interviewed Dr. Sue Cornbluth, an expert in parenting and childhood trauma. Dr. Cornbluth has never treated Brandi or Jake but did say:

What kind of mother would even say that about a 7-year-old that has a brain? That makes her look like an abusive, incompetent parent. [Using derogatory terms about a child] is not even funny. This is sending out the wrong message.”

Well, Brandi, of course, is responding to the outburst via a twitter.

I joke about my kids &dogs being a**holes sometimes cuz honestly the can be but I love them more then life!!people that know me know that!

OMG I jokingly refer 2my kids&dogs as lil a**holes sometimes cuz they can mom called us her lil- s**ts-stop taking things so seripusly [sic]

I know the name of the game for reality TV personalities (and all celebs, but especially the reality TV ones) is to Keep Getting Attention. I get it. It’s the constant attention that keeps their shows going, yet I do think Brandi’s comments went WAY over the line. I’ve felt sorry for her over the years with all love triangle drama she suffered when her husband left her, but it’s hard to keep feeling sorry for her when she does things like this. Something tells me LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are going to be having fun with this one…

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