Celeb Blind Item Which A-List Actor Has An Agreement With His Fiancee?

Blind Folded ManHmmm… This is an interesting one. It sounds like this Hollywood engagement (and upcoming marriage) is for show. Read the goss after the break.

Which A-list, who is engaged, has a deal with his new fiancé that allows him to still see his special gentleman friend, even after they get married?

The arrangement works for both parties. She gets to marry a superstar and enjoy all that comes with it – fame and fortune, and he gets to remain in the closet and still enjoy the company of men!

This couple is more like best friends, than husband and wife!!!

I have a guess. I’d never DARE make the guess publicly, but think back on some high-profile engagements. Do you have any guesses?

– Item from Naughty But Nice Rob




  1. Me says

    Of course. It’s Clooney. There are three other blinds from that site that tie to him as such, too. The whole thing is a sham. Check the timeline of the “relationship status”. Check the timing of the PR releases we get every week. Never a “named” source because he’s putting out “feelers” to see how we react to her, the relationship, and, most importantly, the idea of him running for political office in the US from one of his many homes overseas.

    If he is gay or bi, I could care, but the amount of hate he has spewed toward anyone who has disagreed with him regarding “gay rights” or gay ANYTHING combined with his willingness to stay in the closet for personal financial gain make him one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet. He could do so much for the movement outed, but it might cost him some buckage. Disgusting.

    Of course, his name has been mentioned a LOT with the Brian Singer case. That has gotten all hushed hushed of late. NOT a coincidence. Neither is the timing of the wedding…the weekend of the 9/11 and Benghazi anniversaries. Anything to help the administration divert and distract, right? I mean, he’s contacted Obama’s advisers for the best way to get his foot in the political door. First off was to get a non-American Muslim wife to mock traditional marriage behind the scenes while putting forth a show of support for it to the public, playing them like a fiddle.

    He’s a joke.