BRAD PITT & SHIA LABEOUF Hot New Trailer: ‘Fury’

brad pitt & shia labeouf furyI have been WAITING for this trailer! It’s our first look at Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf in the movie ‘Fury.’ If this trailer is any indication, Brad seems to be carrying this movie, but that makes sense: he’s been a star for about as long as Shia’s been alive- LOL. Of course, Shia has declared that he’s not famous anymore. RELATED: Brad Pitt films ‘Fury’ with Shia LaBeouf.

‘Fury’ looks like a seriously intense movie that looks at the brutality of war. Brad’s character is nicknamed “Wardaddy,” and he leads his platoon in battles against Nazi Germany. This movie looks like it will Shred Your Nerves, but it still looks good. Watching a platoon of five against three hundred? I need to find out if this movie has a happy ending or not. Check out the trailer. Are you interested in seeing ‘Fury’?




  1. Gigi says

    Shia labeouf makes the studio more money than Brad Pitt does tho. A few of Brad Pitt’s movies haven’t pulled in as much as they could have. Its a tough call whether I’d go see this movie. I hate Brad Pitt’s acting and Love Shia’s.