NICOLE RICHIE Gets Real In ‘Candidly Nicole’

nicole richie in candidly nicoleHow am I only just now finding out Nicole Richie has returned to reality TV? Well, she has made the return with a show called ‘Candidly Nicole.’ I think it’s fair to say she gets VERY candid. This must be promoting a new season, since I saw youtube clips from a year ago. I’ve gotta catch up on my TV watching! RELATED: Nicole Richie rocks purple locks.

My impression of Nicole since she had children and settled down with Joel Madden was that she had matured. I’m sure she has matured (kids will do that to you), but she’s still the fun-loving socialite, too. ‘Candidly Nicole’ makes that clear, but I have to say, the show looks like it’ll be fun to watch. Take a look. Do you plan to watch?

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