SHIA LABEOUF Arrested In Broadway Theater!

Shia LaBeouf Out And About In Studio CityAlthough Shia LaBeouf may not consider himself famous anymore, he’s still making headlines. Last night the ‘Fury’ star was arrested in the Studio 54 theater. Law enforcement sources said “incoherent” and “very agitated.” RELATED: Shia LaBeouf declares “I’m not famous anymore.”

The police told The New York Post Shia was allegedly hitting people in the head and on their behinds in the back of the theater during a performance of ‘Caberet.’ The police also said he was smoking. Shia reportedly tried to walk away when approached but fell, so police took him into custody.

Shia got belligerent with police, they claimed, threatening, “I’ll f**k you up” and calling one officer “a f*g.” The police said they had to put a face mask on him because he kept spitting. Goodness! He reportedly told one officer:

I have millions and millions of dollars and attorneys. I’m going to ruin your career.”

It sounds like Shia was under the influence of something. He was charged with criminal trespass, harassment and disorderly conduct. USA Today reports the actor was processed and released around one o’clock this morning. It doesn’t sound like taking a break from the spotlight has done Shia any good. Hopefully someone close to him can reach him and convince him to get some help.





  1. Laura says

    Seems like Shia has been out of control for a long time now, hope someone helps him, what a shame, really.