Considered Sister Kate Middleton’s Wedding “A Normal Family Wedding” (Video)

pippa middleton on today showIf you’re like me and can’t watch the three-hour ‘Today’ show, then you may have missed the first part of Pippa Middleton’s sit-down with Matt Lauer. We’ve got it after the break! Pippa made some surprising statements about how she viewed her sister, the then Kate Middleton’s, wedding to Prince William, and what it was like to suddenly become famous. RELATED: Has Pippa Middleton been banned from her sister, Kate Middleton?

Pippa told Matt she didn’t expect William and Kate’s wedding to be as big as it was. Part of what she said was:

We saw it as a family wedding. I didn’t realize the scale of it until afterwards. We really saw it as a family getting together and doing their bit. To me, it was just performing in front of a lot of people, just not the world. It was surreal!”

Seriously? I can’t tell if she’s being honest or rather disingenuous. Maybe it was how the Middleton family coped: by just thinking of Kate’s wedding to the future King of England as “a normal family wedding.” I can see that. Pippa also talked about handing fame, both the upsides and the downsides. Take a look at the interview below (it’s in two parts).

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  1. dee cee says

    What a liar..! So,. ! Oh yes.. so many people, formal dress, persons of wealth and fame and pomp and pageantry, those great houses and buildings, bunting, flowers, carriages.. the massive crowds and fly over planes, you say? Really, that event was ever so posh and special? I guess you are correct.. odd, at the time.., I never noticed.. hee hee

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