Angelina Jolie Talks About Sexual Violence With Glamour

Angelina JolieWe all know Angelina Jolie isn’t just an A-list Hollywood actress. She uses her platform for social issues that are important to her. In the August issue of Glamour (the one with Katie Holmes on the cover), Angelina talks about what she’s doing on behalf of women around the globe. RELATED: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Last month she was at the United Nation’s summit to end sexual violence during war. Angelina talked about the same issue with Glamour. Here are a few quotes from her interview.

Angelina on sexual violence as a weapon of war…
“Everywhere I went, rape was the silent killer. But it became quickly clear to me that these women were not just the collateral damage of war. Rape was a strategic, organized scheme to destroy entire communities.”

Angelina on the camaraderie among her fellow activists…
“We care for each other–and for each other’s children. It is a profound source of joy and inspiration.”

Angelina on the importance of combating sexual violence…
“[T]his is not a woman problem. It’s a crime against humanity.”

Hear, hear! This is what I admire the most about Angelina: she uses her high profile for something GOOD. You can read Angelina’s entire interview in the August issue of Glamour, which hits newsstands on July 18. It’s available digitally now on

Angelina photo credit: Simon Emmett
August cover photo credit: Tom Munro