Rose McGowan Lashes Out At People Who Compared Her To Michael Jackson

rose mcgowan instagramOh boy. This is what can make social media treacherous for celebs. Rose McGowan posted the above selfie. One Instagram follower said she looked like Michael Jackson, while another wrote, “#michaeljackson no more surgery please!” Rose opted not to take the high road and ignore the comments. RELATED: Rose McGowan is staying pretty with plum pretty sugar.

Rose responded:

Has anyone stopped to think that Michael Jackson used to be black, and tried to turn himself into a white, possibly Irish person with a cleft chin and a tiny nose? I was born Irish. So f–k off losers.”

Then Rose posted side-by-side pics of Michael Jackson (pre-post surgeries) with the message:

Exactly. You dumb f**ks. Eat it.

Then she moved on, posting another selfie. I can understand Rose’s urge to defend herself; people can get pretty bold while they’re just sitting at their computer. I know some would argue she should have ignored the whole thing, but at least she moved on from it.

Photo Courtesy of Rose McGowan