Kate Hudson: What Would Get Her To Marry Fiance Matt Bellamy?

Kate Hudson Leaving Her New York HotelAs you’ve likely figured out by now, Kate Hudson is in no hurry to get married. When she stopped by ‘The View’ yesterday, however, she admitted that one thing could get her to marry long-time fiance Matt Bellamy. RELATED: Watch Kate Hudson and Zach Braff in ‘Wish I Was Here.’

Kate explained:

I just don’t have — I’m happy. We’re married. We’ve got kids and a family and we’ve got to find our time together alone. We are in it. I think if we do get married it will be for the kids, really. For us, we’re just happy.”
“I know that’s not really necessarily a golden ticket but there is something beautiful about the security of marriage, and we’ll get there when we get there.”

She sounds like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt– LOL. Hey, if it works for them, then it works, right? Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell never married and look at how long they’ve been together.