Sherri Shepherd Is Broadway-Bound To Become The “Wicked Stepmother” As Baby Son Arrives

sherri shepherd (1)A lot is going on for Sherri Shepherd as she prepares to leave ‘The View‘! She announced her first gig after she leaves the talk show later this month; she’s going to Broadway to star as the Wicked Stepmother in ‘Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.’ Personally, Sherri’s life remains complicated. The son she and estranged husband Lamar Sally were expecting via surrogate was born yesterday. RELATED: There’s a surprising twist in the brewing custody battle between Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally.

Sherri hasn’t spoken about the baby’s birth (in all fairness, he was born yesterday afternoon, after ‘The View’ aired), but she did talk about her new Broadway role on ‘The View’ yesterday with a pair of glass slippers on the table in front of her.

I am excited. I’m so nervous. I can’t fit these glass slippers. I am playing Madame, the evil stepmother to Cinderella.”

Exciting! Yesterday afternoon another event that would normally be considered even more exciting occurred: a baby was born! The surrogate for Sherri and Lamar gave birth yesterday, according to TMZ. Lamar was at the hospital for the birth; Sherri was not.

Sherri is trying to argue to have her parental rights waived; she claims Lamar defrauded her into having a baby with the plan to divorce her and hit her up for child support payments. Lamar wants primary custody, but he still wants Sherri to pay him child support. Given that Lamar filed for separation before the baby even arrived, I can see Sherri’s point. Biologically, Lamar is the father, but a donor egg was used, so it all comes down to whether or not the surrogacy agreement is upheld or not. Hopefully Lamar really does want to raise his son because it looks like he’ll be doing it solo.