First Look At Taylor Swift In ‘The Giver’ (Video)

taylor swift in the giverWe’ve seen some trailers for ‘The Giver,’ but here’s our first look at country singer Taylor Swift in the movie! Taylor is making her acting debut in ‘The Giver.’ It sounds like the casting director knew exactly what he or she was doing, giving Taylor a role that included singing. RELATED: Taylor Swift drops Instagram clues to fans.

‘The Giver’ is scheduled to hit theaters this Friday, on August 15. I wonder if Taylor’s Instagram clues had something to do with the movie rather than an album? I’m still thinking about them – LOL. The only question is what the “18” in the first clue meant. The movie comes out on the 15th, so it’s not that…

Well, check out this clip of Taylor singing in ‘The Giver.’ I’ve been curious about this movie ever since I first heard about it. Do you plan to check it out in theaters, wait for streaming or DVD, or pass on it altogether?




  1. Fin says

    Nit picking a little, but it’s not her debut acting job. She’s acted in several movies and TV shows before.