Celeb Blind Item: Who Suffers From Agoraphobia?

Blind-Folded-Man17This celeb sounds like she’s seriously suffering. Hopefully she gets some help: her agoraphobia sounds debilitating. Get the deets after the break.

She calls it stage fright. There is some of that to be sure because she can freeze in front of a camera. It is one reason she hates doing awards shows or anything requiring her to read a teleprompter. She is surprisingly enough ok on talk shows because she is not required to say anything, she only has to respond. Getting her to the talk show is an entirely different matter. It takes her hours. Once she finally gets there and gets inside she can fake it enough and use enough mind tricks to make it through the ordeal, but when she leaves, she becomes a sweaty, exhausted mess and drinks herself to sleep. She is an actress. She used to be A+ list. Rarefied air that she had. Academy Award winner/nominee. For a time, she was the number one choice for almost every movie role available. She could still be that choice and she still has A list name recognition, but she has suffered the past five or six years with actually leaving her own house. It is rare she can manage and when she does it is usually with her boyfriend by her side. She prefers to be alone with him, or just alone is fine with her too. She has an assistant to go shopping for her and do the day to day things so she doesn’t have to leave the house. Meetings with her manager or agents or anyone else is by phone or they come to her place. She has dated some of the biggest names in Hollywood. All this used to be managed more effectively. There is talk that her boyfriend likes to have her under his control and maybe had made things worse for his benefit. One thing that has surfaced is that she has a tough time filming anything because of the crowds and the stage fright. She has finally been convinced to give it another try, but it might fizzle like her last two projects when she couldn’t even make it to the set.

Goodness; I genuinely feel badly for this woman. Any guess as to who this is?

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights