Robin Williams On ‘Sesame Street': Feel Good Video Of The Day

robin williams on sesame streetIf you’re feeling a little “fatigued” with all the coverage about Robin Williams after his untimely death, then I’m sorry: I’ll ease up after this. I just feel there’s been SO much attention paid to how he died (although the suicide prevention information is good), that we also need to remember how he lived. Robin was one of the celebs who was nice enough to appear on Sesame Street. RELATED: Here’s another feel good video with Robin Williams from when he won his Oscar.

In this clip, Robin was attempting to teach what the word “conflict” meant. He had the Two-headed Monster there to help. Well, the Two-headed Monster was supposed to help – LOL. Yet Robin still got his point across. Of course it’s funny. These are the things we should be thinking about and remembering when we think about him. Check it out; the video is only a couple of minutes long. It’ll make you smile.