Kim Kardashian’s Crying Kim Tee On Sale Now

crying kim teeOh my word. I thought I’d seen everything, even when it came to the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian recently admitted she’s producing a book of selfies that will come out next April. If you want some specific selfies of Kim, and want to wear them, then you don’t have to wait that long: the “Crying Kim Tee” can be yours for $55. RELATED: Kardashian sisters are willing to block filming of upcoming season of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’

Robert Boris created it. The t-shirt consists of six pics of Kim crying. Kim’s oldest brother, Burt Jenner, posted a pic on Instagram with the caption:

My new favorite shirt…

On Robert’s site, it says the shirt is 100% polyester, handcrafted, and a full cut and sew. Make sure you want it before you buy it: there are NO exchanges or refunds for this item.

This seriously beats all. Fifty-five dollars for a t-shirt of nothing but pics of a crying Kim Kardashian? Seriously? Well, what do I know. I bet the shirt will sell like crazy, even if it’s only a gag gift for a bunch of people. She has to be getting a cut of this, since they’re profiting off her likeness. At least, that’s my guess. Time to ‘fess up…

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Photo Courtesy of Burt Jenner