Eva Longoria Is Returning To TV For ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Eva Longoria Leaves Her HomeFormer ‘Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria is returning to her TV roots! She’s going to appear on the show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ for a three-episode arc. RELATED: Eva Longoria hits the shops with her boyfriend.

Eva is going to play a defense attorney, Sophia, who will go up against Andy Samberg’s character, Jake Peralta, in court. According to Watch with Kristen on E!, Sophia also catches Jake’s eye. This isn’t good news for the burgeoning relationship between Jake and Amy. Since Eva’s only doing three episodes, however, I’d guess there probably isn’t great cause for alarm for the Jake – Amy shippers ;).

Former ‘Closer’ star Kyra Sedgwick is also doing a guest stint on the show as a long-time rival of Captain Holt’s (played by Andre Braugher). I still like to watch old ‘Closer’ episodes; Kyra was amazing in that role! I’m sure it’ll be fun to watch her on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ too. It sounds like this show is pulling out all the stops in terms of stunt casting. I’ve never seen the show, although I’ve heard good things.

It sounds like season two is going to shake things up. At the end of the first season, Jake left to go undercover. Andre dished to E! about how season two is going to start.

The brash young Detective Peralta returns from his undercover duty hoping that the squad and everything will still remain the same, and in the course of his undercover work, the NYPD has gotten a new commissioner. So things are radically changing and Holt is on the cutting edge of this. So the old, stodgy captain wants everything to change and the young, brash detective wants everything to stay the same.”

Sounds intriguing! I just may have to check out ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ this fall. If you’ve watched the show, what do you think?