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O Magazine Has Celebs Model Hot Fall Trends

PicMonkey CollageReady for fall? Ready or not, it’s coming! I love fall because of the cooler weather and because all the new fashion trends come out. If you’re a fashionista, this is the BEST time of year. Oprah’s magazine, O, had celebs model some of the hot new trends for fall and dish on their own preferences. Celebs Laverne Cox from ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ Katharine McPhee from ‘Scorpion,’ Caitlin Fitzgerald from ‘Masters of Sex,’ Analeigh Tipton from ‘Love Story,’ Emily Wickersham from ‘NCIS,’ Tracee Ellis Ross from ‘Black-ish,’ Eiza Gonzalez from ‘From Dusk Till Dawn,’ and Jessica Lucas from ‘Gracepoint’ played model for the day for O. RELATED: Katharine McPhee files for divorce.

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Oprah, Steven Spielberg & Helen Mirren
Facebook Chat About Their Movie ‘Hundred-Foot Journey’

oprah steven spielberg & helen mirren 100 foot journeyHave you heard about the movie ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’? I haven’t, and I don’t know how that’s the case! Oprah and Steven Spielberg produced the movie, and Helen Mirren starred in it. The premiere was last night (check out the gallery for a pic of Oprah and Stedman Graham on their way to the event). The movie is about a culture clash between two different restaurants (a French one and an Indian one) and how the people running them overcame their differences. Yesterday Oprah, Steven, and Helen had a Facebook chat about the film, and INO has the deets in case you missed it ;). RELATED: Oprah and Helen Mirren sat down for a chat for ‘O’ magazine.

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Rocking A Cat Suit For ‘O’

oprah o magazine september 2014 (6)Spring may feel like the time of new beginnings, but I think most of us really think that time occurs in the fall. How many years do we spend starting a new school year in the fall? It’s just ingrained in us by the time we’re adults. I think Oprah Winfrey, and the people at ‘O’ magazine, must feel the same way. The September issue of ‘O’ is all about personal makeovers, and Oprah challenged herself in a new way by donning a cat suit. RELATED: Oprah wants you to be ready for your breakthrough moment.

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Sat Down For A Chat In O Magazine

OPR080114_115The August 2014 issue of O magazine is going to be chock-full of good stuff (as usual) ;). In addition to talking about breakthrough moments, Oprah sat down with actress Helen Mirren. They chatted on a wide range of topics. I’m sure this conversation never got boring; Helen gives funny and interesting interviews. RELATED: Oprah wants you to be ready for your Breakthrough Moment in August issue of O.

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O Wants You To Get Ready For Your Breakthrough Moment

oprah o magazine august 2014 (1)I will shamelessly “out” myself here: I LOVE the inspirational tone of O magazine. It seems to get on some people’s nerves, but not mine. Oprah’s magazine is one of the few that I subscribe to because I know I’ll actually read every issue. For those of you who don’t subscribe, the August 2014 issue of O magazine is about to hit the newsstands, and it’s about Breakthrough Moments.

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Declutter Your Life With O Magazine

oprah winfrey o magazine march 2014 (1)

Are you ready to declutter your life? What better time to clean house than while doing your spring cleaning? Oprah Winfrey is ready to show you the way in the March 2014 issue of O magazine! Oprah did this process last fall when she held that huge auction. It was an EPIC downsizing: the auction raised over $600,000 for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy College Fund. She talked about the experience in O.

On realizing what’s important in life: “When you’re coming into your own, nobody ever teaches you how to ask for less. But over the years, you begin to make distinctions; you start to focus on what’s important, and you start to realize what’s superfluous. You realize that a single piece of art that really speaks to you can be far more powerful than a wall filled with “important” works, that a meal eaten with feet up and pajamas on is usually a lot more pleasurable than any fancy-schmancy food at a black-tie gala, that good conversation with an old friend beats just about everything – that less actually is so much more.”

On how she felt seeing her belongings auctioned off: “I’ll admit that I did feel a midlevel anxiety attack coming on as I paced up and down the lush lawn of the polo grounds, saying my goodbyes. For just a split second, I considered bidding on my own folk-art needlepoint rug with the lovely leaf design, but knowing what you need is more than knowing what you want. And what I need is dogs and books, light and space. Instead of feeling walled in by stuff, I want to feel surrounded by calm.”

I need to make sure I get this issue. I have some clutter of my own to clear out this spring, and I know I get too attached to my “stuff”- LOL. The March issue of O magazine hits newsstands on February 18. How about you: do you hold onto too much or are you quick to toss unused things out?

Photos Courtesy of O magazine


Your Year To Shine With O Magazine!

oprah winfrey jan 2014 magazine (4)

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve heard a lot of people saying it lately: 2014 is going to be THE year. It seems like everyone I know is waiting for 2013 to end to bring on the new year! The people at Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine seem to feel the same way, too! The January 2014 issue has been dubbed Your Year To Shine. Oprah has a big year: she’s turning 60 in January. Oprah also announced her new 2.0 Book Club pick: ‘The Invention of Wings’ by Sue Monk Kidd. Here are some of the thoughts Oprah shares in the January 2014 issue of O:

On turning 60 years old on January 29th: “I’m alive. Healthy. Strong. I’m turning 60, and – please don’t take offense – I no longer have to be concerned about what anyone thinks of me! I’m turning 60, and I’ve earned the right to be just as I am. I’m more secure in being myself than I’ve ever been.”

On what she considers her highest achievement in the past 60 years: “Never shutting my heart down. Even in my darkest moments – through sexual abuse, a pregnancy at 14, lies and betrayals – I remained faithful, hopeful, and open to seeing the best in people, regardless of whether they were showing me their worst. I stayed open to believing that no matter how hard the climb, there is always a way to let in a sliver of light to illuminate the path forward.”

On what makes The Invention of Wings extraordinary: “Sue Monk Kidd has written a conversation changer. It is impossible to read this book and not come away thinking differently about our status as women and about all the unsung heroines who played a role in getting us where we are.”

What she took from the book: “I came away from the book with so many layers of empathy, gratitude and understanding of the path that had been paved for me, as an African American woman, daughter of a maid, great-great-granddaughter of a slave, and as a woman in the culture of America.”

Sue Monk Kidd on how she decided on the title, The Invention of Wings: “I was interested in how my characters could invent their own freedom, their own voices in the world – their wings.”

The new issue of O magazine will hit newsstands on December 17th. I’ll be picking up a copy!

Photos by Ruven Afanador