Morning Links With Kate Moss

Kate Moss looked all smart and business-like in her black blazer yesterday as she made her way through Central London.

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Emmy Rossum Goes Incognito In LA

With her black skinny jeans, striped tee and sunnies, Emmy Rossum tried to keep herself ‘under the radar’ as she picked up a few snacks and some water at a local liquor store in Los Angeles yesterday (June 27). The actress chatted away on her cell phone as she paid for goods and then continued on her way.

I have to hand it to her, she certainly looks amazing these days!

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Paris Hilton Treats Her Golden Locks To A Touchup

Nice job on the fashion front Paris!

Paris Hilton looked cute and sophisticated yesterday (June 27) as she made her way into a salon in Beverly Hills for a hair appointment. The socialite wore a red summer dress, sky high heels and over-sized sunglasses, while carrying a Chanel handbag. The entire outfit looks so put together and chic – thumbs up!

Although she didn’t work the cameras like she usually does, Paris didn’t seem to mind the photographers – in fact she looks as though she is completely oblivious to their existence, lol!!

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Nicole Kidman Takes Baby Faith On Her First Trip Home

Awww!! We finally get a glimpse of the new addition!

Nicole Kidman and her beautiful little girls were spotted arriving in Sydney Australia earlier today. This is the first time we’ve really had a real, good close-up of Baby Faith. What a little doll! Her big sister Sunday Rose is the mirror image of her mama don’t you find?

This is Faith’s first trip to Australia. I’m sure she’ll be completely doted upon and spoiled by Nicole’s family ;). No sign of daddy Keith Urban, but I’m sure he’ll end up meeting up with his girls later on.

In recent film news, Nicole is set to take over Sofia Vergara’s role in “The Paperboy” as the actress had to drop out unexpectedly.

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Richard Gere Meditates At The Borobudur Temple In Indonesia

Richard Gere paid a visit to the Borobudur temple in Indonesia earlier today. Accompanied by his wife and son, Richard toured the ninth-century Buddhist monument after a morning of meditation. According to the temple manager Purnomo Siswo Prasetyo:

“He meditated for 20 minutes this morning at the top platform and made a 45-minute tour to admire the details of the temple’s reliefs.”

The so-called temple mountain left a big impression on the actor who was ‘astonished’ with the grandeur of the spot which lies between two volcanoes about 40km north-west of Yogyakarta.

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Peter Andre & Claire Powell Head To The Mayfair Hotel

Accompanied by his manager Claire Powell, Peter Andre was spotted arriving at the Mayfair Hotel in London super late last night.

The hunky reality star is in the midst of gearing up for a busy week of promotional appearances before releaseing his new track “Perfect Night”. He has also been appearing on QVC almost everyday this week and had a crazy early wakeup call for Daybreak this AM.

I guess that explains the dark sunglasses, LOL!

Peter’s ex-wife Katie Price has been busy as well and is actually in the midst of launching her own TV show.


Coldplay Puts On An Awesome Show In Glastonbury

Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin put on an amazing performance during the group’s much buzzed about Saturday night show in Glastonbury, England.

Gwyneth Paltrow seemed to be just as excited about concert as regular Coldplay fans. I was following her updates on Facebook where she said:

“Its looking like its going to be a beautiful night at glastonbury!”

“Back f’ing stage at glasto! 40 mins til coldplay. elbow rocking it.”

“My man is about to go H.A.M.”

The Glastonbury Festival included many other fabulous performances including “U2″, Jessie “J” Cornish and more.

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