Selena Gomez Struts Her Stuff In LA

Exclusive... Sexy and Single Selena Gomez Spills Gas

The newly-single Selena Gomez showed off her long legs in a long sweater, short-shorts, and knee-high socks. At first I thought Selena was wearing thigh-high boots, but nope, those are knee-highs. Clearly Selena isn’t sitting at home crying over what seems like her final split from Justin Biber. Good for her!

It looks like Selena may have been a little preoccupied, however. She spilled some gas while filling up at the gas station. Hopefully she didn’t get any on her clothes: getting that smell out is tough. I speak from personal experience.


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Now Chris Brown Is Brawling With Frank Ocean?

Rihanna and Chris Brown leave the Staples Centre together

Goodness, can’t Chris Brown just stay out of trouble? Chris and singer Frank Ocean got into a knock down, drag out brawl last night at Westlake Studio. It occurred last night at Westlake Studios. Chris was listening to an artist perform there. Chris’ people told TMZ:

Chris went to leave, Frank Ocean and his crew blocked Chris from leaving. The sources say Frank said, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.”We’re told Chris went to shake Frank’s hand … and that’s when one of Frank’s people attacked Chris.  Sources connected with Chris say one of Chris’ friends jumped in front and hit Frank’s friend.Sources connected with Chris say Frank then came at Chris … Chris pushed him away and they started brawling.

Police were called to the scene, but by the time they arrived, Chris had already left. Frank was interviewed and is being viewed as the victim. He tweeted:

got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol. i only wish everest was there.

cut my finger now I can’t play w two hands at the grammys.

There were no arrests, and no one is said to be interested in pressing charges, but police are still investigating.


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The Judge REALLY Won’t Be Amused With Lindsay Lohan This Time

Lindsay Lohan Is Making Good Progress On Her Probation

Remember Judge Stephanie Sautner? The judge who was NOT amused with Lindsay Lohan between her disrespectful fingernail messages and not following the terms of her probation? The judge who also told Lindsay she didn’t want to see her back in her courtroom again? Well, she REALLY won’t be amused this time. Lindsay’s case has been transferred back to her court.

And this time, Lindsay won’t have longtime legal ace Shawn Holley representing her. Instead Lindsay has Mark Heller, an attorney who’s not even licensed to practice law in the state of California (he had to have a a sponsor for that) and who was suspended from practicing law for five years for unethical conduct. I’m really beginning to think there’s a good chance Lindsay’s going to jail this time. Do you think so or will you believe it when you see it?



Shawn Holley Is OVER Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Is Making Good Progress On Her Probation

Attorney Shawn Holley has finally reached her limit. After being fired on her way to the courthouse to negotiate yet ANOTHER plea deal to keep Lindsay Lohan out of jail, Shawn finally has had enough of representing this client. The $300,000 Lindsay reportedly owes Shawn probably doesn’t help matters. Lindsay reportedly wants Shawn to represent her again, but Shawn isn’t having it, according to TMZ.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ … Lindsay has told Holley she made a mistake firing her and wants her back, but Holley has had it with Lohan — who still owes her a ton of money.We’re guessing Holley will never see her money, but Lindsay may have lost a lot more.

I don’t know WHAT Lindsay was thinking, hiring an attorney (Mark Heller) who was actually barred from practicing law for five years for unethical conduct! Lindsay might really spend some time in jail. In a way, this makes me think things do have a way of working out the way they should. Significant jail time is about the only thing left I can think of that might teach Lindsay a lesson.


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Beyonce Lip-Synced, Kelly Clarkson Did Not At Inauguration

beyonce inauguration

Now this is interesting… both Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce performed at President Obama’s inauguration yesterday. But now TMZ is reporting that Kelly is the only one who sang live. Beyonce reportedly lip-synced to a pre-recorded track. A spokesperson for the U.S. Marine Corps said it was standard procedure for a performer to pre-record a track, just in case of problems. Kelly chose not to use hers, while Beyonce opted to use hers at the last minute. The rep added:

“We all know Beyonce can sing … We don’t know why she chose to use the pre-recorded track.”

I can completely understand why singers would pre-record tracks. Who would want to stand before the world (literally) and have the microphone go out or something? But I’m surprised Beyonce lip-synced. I’m guessing nerves. Does it matter to you if a singer lip-syncs or not?




Lindsay Lohan Is A Serious Actress: No ‘Dancing With The Stars’ For Her

Lindsay Lohan At The Nozomi Restaurant In London

Lindsay Lohan may be having some serious financial problems, between the IRS seizing her bank accounts and owing at least one attorney over $300,000, but she still has standards. That’s reportedly why Lindsay turned down a $550,000 offer to do ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ TMZ explains:

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, the actress was made several offers to join the DWTS cast this upcoming season — offers that maxed out at $550,000.

But Lindsay — who still owes hundreds of thousands in back taxes — shut them down, telling friends she’d never consider doing reality TV … she wants to stick to films.

But there’s one problem — after “The Canyons” fiasco, she’s basically made herself unhireable. And as the saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers.

A rep for DWTS tells us, “We don’t comment on casting.”

At this point, if Lindsay could actually stick to the rigorous rehearsal schedule and perform weekly, she would probably impress a lot of people! And a paycheck is a paycheck. We’re not talking illegal activities here! Do you think Lindsay should do ‘Dancing with the Stars’?


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Ke$ha The All-American Girl

The RIAA Presidential Inaugural Charity Benefit

Ke$ha showed off her patriotic side last night at the RIAA Presidential Inaugural Charity Benefit at the 9:30 Club in DC last night. See how she’s dressed in red, white, and blue with USA on the back of her jacket? Clearly Ke$ha got into the Inaugural festivities! If you were in DC yesterday, it was probably hard not to feel patriotic.

Ke$ha’s been laying low for a bit after her ‘Die Young‘ debacle. The song was getting a lot of airplay on the radios before the Newtown shooting. Then, for some reason, Ke$ha decided to come out and say she was “forced” to sing the lyrics to that song. Unfortunately for Ke$ha, media outlets then found tape from an earlier interview where she talked about writing the lyrics herself. It’s not like ‘Die Young’ caused the Newtown tragedy to happen. Ke$ha finally clarified things.


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