Clubbing In Miami

Exclusive... Underage Miley Cyrus Sneaks Out of the Club in Miami

Miley Cyrus is enjoying a vacation on the east coast in Miami. Here she is leaving Cameo nightclub. At 20, Miley isn’t quite old enough to technically gain admittance to the 21+ club, but something tells me no one was turning her away! She and friends reportedly stayed there for hours.

When these pictures were taken of Miley leaving the club, it was 5 am. Eyebrows raised earlier in the day when Miley was photographed smoking what looked like a joint on the balcony of her hotel room. You can see some of the pictures in the gallery. Whatever Miley was smoking, it looks like she’s enjoying her little vacay. Fiance Liam Hemsworth doesn’t seem to be with her. At this point, however, I’d assume those two are together unless they actually say otherwise!


Photos by Dasha/FAMEFLYNET

More Than A Little Tardy To The Party!

Rihanna Performing Live At The United Center

Here’s Rihanna performing in Chicago on Friday evening. The performance may have gone well, but the earlier part of the day- not so much. Did you hear about Rihanna’s appearance at a Chicago school? The teens at Barrington High School ‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond’ contest the singer sponsored, and part of what they won was a personal appearance from Rihanna.

Twenty five hundred students waited for Rihanna for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. When she finally did show up, she merely said, “Thank you guys for coming and waiting.” Can you believe it? One student held up a sign that read:

 “90% of life is just showing up! We’re talking to you, Rihanna!”

Another told the Chicago Tribune newspaper:

“It’s one thing to be fashionably late. This is just rude. Our lives don’t revolve around a pop star,” junior Patricia Halle, who coined the afternoon “the survive Rihanna event.” “Our school worked hard to win this. She should be more respectful.”

Another student called Rihanna “pathetic.” And once she finally DID get there, guess how long she stayed? Sixteen minutes. Rihanna needs to remember who made her a star: the kids turn on you and it’s OVER.



GERARD BUTLER Setting the Record Straight On Brandi Glanville, New Girlfriend

'Olympus Has Fallen' Screening In NYC

Gerard Butler has a new movie coming out called ‘Olympus Has Fallen.’ Here he is at a NYC screening for the movie. This also means Gerard’s making the press rounds. One thing Howard Stern asked Gerard about was Brandi Glanville.

If you recall, Brandi revealed Gerard was the most famous guy she’s slept with, calling him “an 11 out of 10″ in bed. When Gerard was asked about Brandi, he asked, “Who’s Brandi Glanville?” OUCH. So Gerard explained to Howard that he met Brandi at a beach party and they “had a little fun” one afternoon. Fast forward to Gerard being approached by a paparazzo.

“I’m walking down the street and this pap … says ‘Brandi Glanville says you’re great in bed!’ You know what I said: ‘Who’s Brandi Glanville?’ because one, I didn’t know her last name, and two, I didn’t know she was a celebrity and I didn’t know she was going to … tell people about it!”

So it did happen and that’s why Gerard didn’t know who she was. Now, however, Gerard said he’s happy with girlfriend Madalina Ghenea. He even brought her to the Vanity Fair Oscar party last month.

“I met her here in New York, and we hung out all night, didn’t even kiss, tried on my hat collection. I said, ‘I’m coming to visit you in Milan,’ and three days later, I was at her door in Milan. She was like, ‘Whoa!’”

Gerard wouldn’t say if he was ready to settle down,  but he did call her “amazing.” Hmmm…




Date Night With The Hubby

Mel B & Stephen Dine Out At Mr Chow

Mel B and her husband, Stephen Belafonte, enjoyed a date night with dinner at Mr. Chow’s in Beverly Hills. Mel B is the other new judge on ‘America’s Got Talent‘ (along with Heidi Klum). She got off to a rocky start at their auditions in New Orleans. Mel B told a popular New Orleans brass band, Lagniappe, that she didn’t like brass music. It did NOT go over well with the home crowd: they booed her! Mel later said about the incident:

“We all get booed. If you say no or you don’t like it, everybody jumps on you.”

The Big Easy wasn’t so easy on Mel B. She’s probably relieved to be back in California!



Kim’s Miscarriage Scare

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Heading To The Four Seasons Hotel

This sounds SCARY! The New York Post reports Kim Kardashian began to feel ill while flying back to LA from Paris. Kim has been enjoying Paris Fashion Week with Kanye West. Kim is said to have called her friends as soon as she landed, and they rushed her to the doctor. An insider dished:

“Kim started feeling ill on the plane from Paris, and called friends as soon as she landed. She was rushed to her doctor Tuesday night in tears. She thought she was having a miscarriage.”

Everything was fine, thank goodness. No matter what you think of Kimye, you wouldn’t wish something as tragic as a miscarriage on them! Kim was sent home a little after midnight when it was determined she and the baby were fine. A source explained:

“Kim’s not respecting her pregnancy. She’s running around, working out seven days a week. She’s working with two different trainers to control her weight, including Tracy Anderson and a pregnancy trainer.

“She’s scared that her a** is as big as a couch and is going south. But she is having a very rough pregnancy, and doctors have ordered her to slow down.”

If this is all true, then hopefully Kim will listen to the doctors. Ultimately, you can lose the weight after the baby comes. She has a tough figure to dress while pregnant. That needs to be respected!






Story Behind Justin’s “Worst Birthday Ever”

Justin Bieber On A Night Out In London

So why was Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday the “worst birthday ever“? He had a party planned at London’s Cirque du Soir club but left right after arriving. Apparently there was a VIP area reserved with him, and the servers were wearing “Happy Birthday Justin” t-shirts. It turns out Justin didn’t just have a change of heart, however. The club refused to admit everyone in his part (reportedly a 14-year-old Jaden Smith). The club explained:

“We, like all clubs in London, operate a strict age policy. As a few of the members of the party were under the suitable age of 18, the security team at Cirque Du Soir, London, clearly explained this rule and refused entry to the club for anyone who could not provide us with adequate proof of age.

“We are very sorry, and understand it’s his birthday, but our hands are tied with local authorities and rules we need to follow as club to keep our license. We clearly didn’t want to give him the ‘worst birthday.’ He is a friend and previously was always welcomed with open arms.”

Well, that does make sense. It’s too bad.


Photos by FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET

Oscar Dress Drama

Anne Hathaway Grabs Lunch With Her Husband

Anne Hathaway has just wrapped up a triumphant awards season with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Yet I don’t remember seeing an Oscar winner face such backlash! First, everyone keeps making fun of Anne’s acceptance speeches. And the dress drama.

USA Today reported that Anne “freaked out” when she discovered Amanda Seyfried’s dress was very similar to the gown Anne planned to wear, which was designed by her good friend Valentino. So Anne chose to wear the Prada dress at the last minute. Valentino’s people had already released a press release stating she would wear their gown. Oops. This switch caused so much drama, Anne released a statement to People.

“It came to my attention late Saturday night that there would be a dress worn to the Oscars that is remarkably similar to the Valentino I had intended to wear, and so I decided it was best for all involved to change my plans. Though I love the dress I did wear, it was a difficult last minute decision as I had so looked forward to wearing Valentino in honor of the deep and meaningful relationship I have enjoyed with the house and with Valentino himself. I deeply regret any disappointment caused.”

Let Anne enjoy her victory in peace! Here she is having lunch out with her husband, Adam Shulman.