Lindsay Refused To Enter Rehab & Could Face Arrest Warrant

Lindsay Lohan Departing On A Flight At LAX

I don’t even know WHY I’m shocked. But I am. Really. Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to start rehab yesterday. She had an approved rehab facility in New York. Yet Lindsay refused to go when she found out that rehab did not allow smoking.

So Lindsay, being Lindsay, hopped on a flight and flew out to California to check into Morningside Recovery. Morningside allows smoking, apparently. However, Lindsay reportedly literally rolled up to Morningside in her SUV but Never Got Out Of The Car. Instead, she drove away. No, I am NOT kidding.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ they will seek an arrest warrant if Lindsay is not in rehab by dawn this morning. But Lindsay may still avoid arrest. Why? Because she supposedly got wonder-attorney Shawn Holley (who must be trying to make the case for her own canonization) to agree to represent her again. Shawn is said to be reaching out to law enforcement to avoid them issuing an arrest warrant.

Story developing…



Lindsay Loses Endorsement Deal

"Scary Movie V" - Los Angeles Premiere

The hits keep coming for Lindsay Lohan. The troubled starlet had signed an endorsement deal with Odaingerous clothing company. Yet the company has decided to nix the deal after Lindsay pled no contest in her latest criminal case about lying to police officers. The Odaingerous CEO told Radar Online:

“In light of the recent conviction of actress Lindsay Lohan, clothing and lifestyle brand, Odaingerous is officially withdrawing its offer for an endorsement agreement of actress Lindsay Lohan as the face of the brand. We wish her the best on her recovery and future pursuits.”

Ouch. Well, you can’t really blame the company. They were probably hoping Lindsay had really turned things around. Perhaps the upcoming stint in rehab will finally be some kind of wake-up call for Lindsay. You never know.



Bad Neighbors & Destructive To The Environment?

The Jolie-Pitt Family Go To Wicked In London 2 (USA & OZ/NZ ONLY)

Radar Online reports neighbors are NOT happy with famous couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Brad and Angelina have a beach front home in Santa Barbara. Brad was photographed teaching Knox how to drive a racing buggy while Maddox and Pax rode small motorbikes of their own. The problem? These things are extremely damaging to the California coast. A neighbor and environmentalist told Radar:

“I am not sure if it is illegal to drive on the beach in Santa Barbara County but it is certainly reprehensible. It is massively damaging to the environment and we’d hope the people who own houses on the shoreline acted more responsibly.”

Neighbors also complain that Angelina and Brad’s security team have kept them from the beaches, too. The President of the Gaviota Coast Conservancy said:

“I think they have some over-zealous security people who have legitimate concerns about their safety and paparazzi invading their privacy… but there have been incidents where people have been just going for hike and one friend was rudely accosted.”

Another neighbor said: “Neighbors have all complained because Brad started trying to keep them off the beach below his house there. This is a beach that is everyone’s and they’ve enjoyed it for years.”

The Santa Barbara council confirmed that the Gaviota Coast, where Brad and Angelina’s home is located, is considered protected habitat and vehicles are prohibited on the beaches. Both Brad and Angelina have spoken out for conserving the environment so, as some neighbors noted, they probably don’t know what they’re doing is harmful and illegal. Hopefully they get the message!



Jim Toth “Feels Awful” He Involved Reese In His DUI

Celebrities watch the Los Angeles Lakers play the Toronto Raptors

By now we’ve all heard about Reese Witherspoon’s arrest in Atlanta. I think it’s the cringe-worthy “Don’t you know who I am?” that makes this story so tough. Well, that and Reese’s squeaky clean image. Now word has it husband Jim Toth feels guilty about getting his wife involved in his DUI arrest.

“[Jim] feels awful that he involved Reese in the situation. He made a bad decision and it certainly made things worse that he dragged her into it. [He] has to pay the consequences, bottom line. He gets that.”

Jim reportedly is now thinking about alcohol in a different way.

“Jim has always been a big social drinker. A lot of his job is being social. He’s out to lunch or dinner almost every day of the week, schmoozing clients and taking business meetings. [The arrest is] just going to make the two of them stop and pause, and think about maybe how much Jim’s drinking plays a role in their lives – if it does or not.”

It’s great he’s taking this seriously. Yet I’m not sure he should feel so guilty about Reese’s arrest. If Reese had stayed in the car, she likely wouldn’t have been arrested. She’s apologized for her actions as well. It sounds like they’re respecting this as a wake-up call to be more careful about drinking and driving. That’s the important thing!


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Arrested On Disorderly Conduct Charge!

Celebrities Attend The Screening Of 'Mud'

OMG! Reese Witherspoon is the LAST actress I expect to hear about getting ARRESTED. But the ‘Mud’ star was arrested in Atlanta on disorderly conduct charges. Reese and her husband, Jim Toth, were pulled over when an officer noticed their car switching lanes erratically. Jim was driving and arrested under suspicion of DUI when he failed a field sobriety test (his blood alcohol level was .139).

Reese reportedly began yelling at officers, asking, “Do you know my name?” Then she got out of the car. The officer ordered her back into her car. When Reese got out again, the officer arrested her. She is said to have told the officer, “You’re about to find out who I am… You are going to be on national news.” Reese and Jim were both arrested before being released. Last night, Reese attended a screening of ‘Mud’ in New York City. She didn’t speak to the media but released the following statement late last night:

“Out of respect for the ongoing legal situation, I cannot comment on everything that is being reported right now. But I do want to say I clearly had one drink too many and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said. It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that was no excuse. I was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. I have nothing but respect for the police and I am very sorry for my behavior.”

Oh, Reese! Well, everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully they’ll hire a driver when they have an evening out next time. Thank goodness no one was hurt.


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Fashion “Misfire”?

Karolina Kurkova & Archie Drury Out In NYC

Model Karolina Kurkova was all smiles yesterday as she strolled the streets of New York City with her husband, Archie Drury. Yet it looks like Karolina had a rare fashion “misfire” here. Take a close look at the dress. Those are little guns on it. TMZ called out the model for wearing this dress out yesterday when one Boston policeman lost his life and others were seriously injured while pursuing the Boston Marathon bombers the night before.

Personally, I’m guessing Karolina never even thought about it. She may not have turned on the news that morning, so she wouldn’t have known what happened. I seriously doubt it’s any kind of statement on her part (although I have to wonder: why would someone even make a dress with guns on it anyway?). Do you think it’s an over-reaction to even notice this or is it an “oops” on Karolina’s part?


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Leaving Courthouse After Kris Humphries Misses Court Proceedings

Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries Divorce Proceedings

Yesterday Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were ordered to personally appear in court for a final attempt at settlement talks before their divorce goes to trial. Rumor had it there was virtually no way Kim and Kris were going to reach a settlement, but it actually was impossible. Kris didn’t show up for the hearing!

TMZ reported the judge “went nuclear” about Kris not showing up, saying he “mocked and disrespected the court.” Oops. Their divorce trial is scheduled to start May 6. Given how fast Kim filed for divorce, it does seem likely that she realized before their lavish wedding that she didn’t want to marry him. However, I think Kris will have a very hard time actually proving that at trial. What a mess.