Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Broke A Sex Swing On Their First Try Using It

OMG! This is a secret I’d take to my grave, but that’s why I’m not a reality TV personality– LOL. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom decided to spice things up in their Dallas home by creating a “chamber of love” after Khloe’s brother, Rob, moved out.

“Our relationship is phenomenal. We’re so in love with each other; he makes me feel so confident and sexy. I don’t see why there has to be an ending to the honeymoon phase, so I’m always trying to keep [our relationship] spicy and new. In my quest to have this passionate sex life with Lamar, I’m going to turn Rob’s old bedroom into a sex chamber of love.”

So Khloe did some shopping, and one of the items she bought was a sex swing, which she installed herself. The first time she and Lamar tried to use it, though, the swing fell from the ceiling. Oops.

“I guess I didn’t install it right. I’m not a handyman. I’m trying to push the limits and try something new.”

It doesn’t sound like anyone was hurt, thank goodness. But… OMG! I have to ask…

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UPDATED: Quote Of The Day: Chris Brown’s Pickup Line

Chris Brown reportedly attempted to pick up a woman last week with what has to be the WORST pickup line ever! The woman claims he approached her at the Lasio Professional Hair Care suite Grammy gift lounge on February 10 and asked:

“Can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you!”

Are you KIDDING me? Has this guy learned anything?! The woman also told Us Weekly that Chris and his friends then laughed and one said “That’s his new line!” Chris’s rep gave an interesting “denial” Us Weekly:

“I’d be surprised if Chris said something that stupid.”

You know what? Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised. Not in the slightest.

UPDATED:  Chris says this story is completely made up:

“That is absurd and absolutely not true. I did not say that nor would I joke about that.”

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Ryan Reynolds Accidentally Gave Denzel Washington A Black Eye

It sounds like the action scenes for ‘Safe House’ got intense! Ryan Reynolds confessed in an interview that he was pretty scared when he head-butted co-star Denzel Washington so hard that he gave Denzel a black eye.

“You get some injuries, and sometimes you’re actually making contact. You don’t want to be punching Denzel Washington in the face for 18 takes, but I did give him a black eye, which did not feel good.

“Shockingly, he was OK about it. I thought he was going to turn me into liquid or something at the end of the take. I thought, I’m going to be asked to leave. Not just the set … Cape Town.”

Nah- they had a movie to finish shooting, after all- LOL. Sounds like Denzel was a good sport about the whole thing :).

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Was Nicki Minaj Artistic Or Offensive At The Grammys?

Nicki Minaj may not have won any awards at the Grammys last night, but she’s still getting her fair share of attention. Her performance has people buzzing this morning.

She performed a new song, ‘Roman Reloaded,’ complete with a seeming exorcism of herself (levitation and all included!) Fox News called it so “20 years ago” when Madonna did it (and then Lady Gaga “resurrected” it two years ago), and ‘The View’s’ Sherri Shepherd tweeted:

Watching Nicki Minaj … didn’t know whether2 dance or pull out my Bible and lay hands on the tv… 2 old for the#Grammys…#HotinCleveland

What did you think of Nicki Minaj’s Grammy performance?

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Eva Longoria Got Into A Fender Bender

These pictures are of Eva Longoria leaving Ken Paves’ salon after getting her hair done. Eva looked great, but she probably wasn’t feeling great a few minutes after these pictures were taken: she got into a fender bender right afterwards.

Eva reportedly pulled out into traffic and hit the back of another vehicle with her BMW. Oops! TMZ said the other driver was “thrilled” when Eva gave him her phone number to arrange for repairs for the “minor scratches” his car sustained. Too bad for him Eva seems very happy with Eduardo Cruz ;).

Well, fender benders happen all the time. Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt.

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Quote Of The Day: Piers Morgan On Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance

I think it’s safe to say Piers Morgan is NOT a Madonna fan (along with fellow Brits Elton John and David Furnish). Here’s what he had to say about her Super Bowl halftime performance:

“That Super Bowl performance, it was like watching your mad drunken aunt at Christmas. “Is it just me? I keep reading all these celebrities tweeting, saying, ‘Wasn’t she awesome?’ No, she wasn’t. She was gruesome.”

Maybe it wasn’t Madonna’s best performance (although I liked it), but to call it “gruesome”? That’s just mean.

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Brandi Glanville Admits To Slashing Eddie Cibrian’s Tires

We all remember the drama that surrounded the revelations that Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes had an affair (while each was married to someone else), and Brandi Glanville, Eddie’s then-wife, was pretty vocal about how upset she was. Turns out she was more than just vocal. Brandi admitted to slashing Eddie’s tires on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reunion episode.

“I just took the tires and I put the knife into his motorcycles. Then I told him, ‘Don’t ride them, because you’re probably going to get hurt.'”

At least she warned him afterwards. Brandi hasn’t had the best luck with men, I have to say. What do you think of this latest revelation?

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