Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Open To Adoption

Jennifer Love Hewitt is “open to” adoption. This is probably the longest that the actress has been single since we’ve first started following her. Wonder why the interviewer decided to ask the 31 year old about starting a family?

When asked if she would adopt alone, she said: “I’m absolutely open to it!”

Jennifer says she is enjoying being single, but rather be in a relationship. She told In Touch Weekly magazine:

“I feel like as a person, I am better as a couple. But I am learning a lot about myself.”

At least she’s being honest. Did you get to catch Jen in ‘The Client List’ on Monday? What did you think? I taped it and haven’t seen it yet.

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Kate Winslet Films In Italy

Kate Winslet and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were spotted in Italy today as they filmed a few scenes in Sardinia.

Can you imagine having to run through those cobblestone streets with HEELS on? These women make it look so easy. And I swear Kate looks better with each passing year. So unfair! ;)

Doesn’t it seem like Italy is “the” place to be this summer? It’s seems every celebrity is there working and/or playing.

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Amy Winehouse Watches Damian Marley Perform In London

Amy Winehouse was snapped as she watched Nas and Damian Marley perform at the Hammersmith Apollo in London today.

The thing with Amy is that in one shot she looks totally “fresh” and alert and then in the next three photos, she looks completely out of it, doesn’t she? It’s just the oddest thing with her. Maybe the photogs just hang around long enough to get those shots of her looking loopy?

Are you hoping Amy gets back to recording music soon? It seems like forever since we’ve heard anything new from her!

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Lindsay Lohan’s Mug Shot: Smirking? Likely To Only Serve 2 Weeks

Lindsay Lohan’s mug shot from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was released online this afternoon and I’m just curious – do you think she’s smirking? It seems most of the celebrity gossip and news sites are calling it a smirk, but I’m not sure I see it?

So, let’s dish about this. Does it look like a cocky smirk? Do you think she’s amused by the ordeal? Or is the partial smile just an attempt to not have an awful-looking mug shot hit the web? It’s certainly better than her original one from back in 2007. ;) I didn’t realize until today that it was almost exactly 3 years ago that Lindsay got the DUI from which this probation violation stint in jail is stemming from. It was July 24th. Weird.

Updated to add: A spokesman says that Lindsay will likely only spend approximately 2 weeks in jail, instead of the earlier estimate of 23 days.

Department spokesman Steve Whitmore says Lohan is likely to be released on Aug. 1 or 2. The projected release date reflects all the credits Lohan is likely to receive.

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Pink Receives Gift From A Fan At Her St. Petersburg Show

Pink is currently touring Europe and at last night’s stop at Tuborg Greenfest in St. Petersburg, a fan gave her a beautiful portrait.

I love that Pink took the time to accept the gift and to really look at it, including showing it off to the crowd. I’m sure performers are bombarded with gifts from adoring fans all the time, so for her to pay special attention to it is pretty cool.

I’m trying to read the inscription on the back. It something along the lines of ” Thank you for your music, for all you do for your fans. U’re the best ____ in the whole world. I love you, _____”.

Awww. That’s so nice. I wonder how many celebrities keep gifts from their fans?

Have you seen Pink perform live? I have a feeling it’s AMAZING.

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Ashton Kutcher Attends The Australian Premiere Of ‘Killers’

Ashton Kutcher hammed it up on the red carpet in Melbourne last night at the premiere of ‘Killers’.

Ashton was flying solo last night. His co-star, Katherine Heigl, is currently tied up working on her next film, ‘One For the Money’, in Pennsylvania. Mrs. Kutcher, aka Demi Moore, wasn’t available to escort him down the red carpet, either. She’s scheduled to start shooting ‘LOL: Laughing Out Loud’ alongside Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene today. Demi did tweet her well wishes to him:

hubby @aplusk have a great premiere tonight 4 the Aussie opening of Killers. Wshing that I could be there with you baby! Miss and love you!

Have you had a chance to see this movie yet? What’d you think??

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