Kristin Cavallari Grabs Lunch At The Counter

“Reality” starlet Kristin Cavallari and her friends were spotted leaving ‘The Counter’, a burger bar in Hollywood, this afternoon.

I have to admit that I’m a wee bit curious to see which former ‘Hills’ cast members continue to thrive in Hollywood now that the show is over. I know that Kristin mentioned wanting to be a producer and we all know that Spencer Pratt will continue to ride on his crazy train. Audrina Patridge is reportedly doing another reality show and is the new “Bongo Jeans Girl”, but what about the rest? Do you think their stars will start to fade?

Photos by INF

Rebecca Romijn And Jerry O’Connell Land In Austria Aboard The Life Ball Plane

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell were among the celebrities who landed in Austria this afternoon aboard the “Life Ball Plane”. They flew to Austria aboard the plane and are there to attend the Life Ball tomorrow night.

The Life Ball is held in Vienna and is one of the biggest charity events in Europe. The proceeds from the event are distributed to non-profit organizations supporting people with HIV or AIDS.

Patti LaBelle was also spotted exiting the plane. Tomorrow nights events will get a grand kick off with opening speeches given by Whoopi Goldberg and Bill Clinton.

What a great event – and a fun way to travel over there together!

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Afternoon Links With Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett and his girlfriend continue to enjoy the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival. (INF)

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A Fresh Faced Rebecca Gayheart Shopping For Billie

I’m telling you – sunglasses are a girl’s best friend. ESPECIALLY on those days where you didn’t get enough sleep.

Here’s fresh faced mom Rebecca Gayheart shopping for cloths and baby gear for daughter Billie Beatrice Dane in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. Loving that printed dress.

Photos by FAME

Jessica Biel Opens Up About Her Diet And Fitness Routine (And I’m Exhausted)

You always want to hear that celebrities work out three times a week and eat what they want. Well, at least that’s what I WANT TO HEAR. Jessica Biel opened up about what she does to stay in shape and… it’s a lot of work. LOL!

Every day I do something, whether it’s in the gym, the pool or hiking with my three dogs.”

Seriously? Every single day?

That’s not even the worst part of it all. Her DIET is just… impossible. The actress doesn’t eat bread, dairy, sugar, salt or much meat when she is working.

“Oh, it’s the worst! When I’m working and I eat healthily all week, I then give myself one day – usually Sunday – when I just eat what I want. You have to, otherwise your mind goes a little nutso,” she says.

She adds: “I’m not a perfect person who doesn’t mess up, eat bad, not work out – I do all those things.”

Would you EVER live like this? I guess if I was being paid millions of dollars per movie it would be a different story.

Olivia Palermo Vacationing In Sardinia, Italy

Olivia Palermo and boyfriend Johannes Huebl were photographed enjoying a relaxing vacation in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy. Looks like the pair joined several couples on a small boat ride around the Mediterranean.

The pictures looks so peaceful and serene. Now that’s a vacation! For the last few years, I’ve taken the kiddies to Disney and each time I come home DRAINED like I spent the week at boot camp. LOL!

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A Family Reunited

I covet Tori Spelling’s wardrobe.

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

She doesn’t seem like she is in the best of moods while stepping out with husband Dean McDermott and their son Liam in Beverly Hills. The reality star recently admitted that her kids are upset about Dean’s recent biking accident.

“It’s hard. It’s hard because Liam’s a daddy’s boy, so he wants Dean to pick him up and we have to explain that daddy’s sick, that he’s hurt, so he can’t get up.”

I wonder if it’s taking a toll on the bunch. Tori has to pick up the extra weight now that Dean can’t really help around the house. Do you think they look a bit disconnected? Or are they just upset the paparazzi found them?

Photos by FAME