ENTER TO WIN: What You Wear, Can Make A Difference…Compassion Brands

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Compassion Brands is a collective of socially conscious executives in fashion design, retail, the arts and philanthropy, who aspire to enlighten engage and empower our global community through fashion, to bring about a transformational and positive cultural change on important social issues.

By developing and marketing their cause related fashion brands they fulfill one very significant goal; to bring awareness and support to charitable causes, through positive messaging fashion! Compassion Brands platforms a revolutionary shift in  charitable funding!

Compassion Brands was created to build consciousness around bullying and its ever present lasting negative effects on children, teens, and adults. Compassion Brands is on a mission to help end bullying by designing  items signifying the brands goal of putting an end to bullying forever. The jewelry not only creates awareness behind this epidemic, but Compassion Brands also donates proceeds from every item sold to the anti bully movement. Compassion seeks to make what you wear, make a difference, truly making it fashionable to be compassionate!

Compassion Collage 6-26-14

To find out more, check them out on Twitter & Instagram – @antibullyinfo

One (1) lucky INO reader will receive the following:

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ENTER TO WIN: The Beautiful And Eco-Friendly Soma Water Filtration System


Ensuring you and your family drink plenty of water (especially with summer fast approaching!) is essential… and what better way to do it than with a super chic water filter that gives back. Cue Soma.

Soma is the beautifully designed, 100% biodegradable water filtration system and glass carafe.  The glass is also drop-proof and easy to hold – great when you have little ones who want to pour

Soma3 And…the taste…Soma’s filters are made entirely from biodegradable materials, including coconut shells, silk, and a plant-based casing. Proven to reduce aesthetic chlorine, taste and odor. Plus, it’s so much better for the environment!

Stylish, sustainable and a gift that gives back, also conveniently priced at $59, Soma looks great on dinner tables, kitchen counters, or even in your fridge!

To find out more, visit Soma:

Soma2 One (1) lucky INO reader will receive their own Soma!!

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ENTER TO WIN: The Ring and the Crown Pack incl. Makeup Kit, $50 Sephora Gift Card, and the Book #RingandtheCrown


Magic is power, and power is magic…

Once they were inseparable, just two little girls playing games in a mighty castle. Now Princess Marie-Victoria, heir to the mightiest empire in the world, and Aelwyn Myrddyn, a bastard mage, face vastly different futures.

Quiet and gentle, Marie has never lived up to the ambitions of her mother, Queen Eleanor the Second. With the help of her Merlin, Eleanor has maintained a stranglehold on the world’s only source of magic. While the enchanters faithfully serve the crown, the sun will never set on the Franco-British Empire.

As the annual London Season begins, the great and noble families across the globe flaunt their wealth and magic at parties, teas,and, of course, the lavish Bal du Drap d’Or, the Ball of the Gold Cloth.

But the talk of the season is Ronan Astor, a social-climbing American with only her dazzling beauty to recommend her. Ronan is determined to make a good match to save her family’s position. But when she falls for a handsome rogue on the voyage over, her lofty plans are imperiled by her desires.

Meanwhile, Isabelle of Orleans, daughter of the displaced French royal family, finds herself cast aside by Leopold, heir to thePrussian crown, in favor of a political marriage to Marie-Victoria. Isabelle arrives in the city bent on reclaiming what is hers. But Marie doesn’t even want Leopold-she has lost her heart to a boy the future queen would never be allowed to marry.

When Marie comes to Aelwyn, desperate to escape a life without love, the girls form a perilous plan that endangers not only theentire kingdom but the fate of the monarchy.


Melissa de la Cruz (www.melissa-delacruz.com) is the author of many best-selling novels, including all the books in the Blue Bloods series: Blue BloodsMasqueradeRevelationsThe Van Alen Legacy, Keys to the Repository, Misguided Angel, Bloody Valentine, Lost in Time, and Gates of Paradise. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and daughter.


Check out the book trailer here:

One (1) lucky INO reader will receive the “Glam of Thrones” Prize Pack:

  • Glam makeup kit & $50 Sephora Gift Card
  • copy of The Ring and the Crown

Prizing value $105.99

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ENTER TO WIN: Swisse Wellness Gift Basket

1302_SWISSE_00762 HR_V3

I would love to let you in on Nicole Kidman’s favorite beauty secret. It’s called  Swiss Wellness and it’s making a big splash in the US!! Swisse was created out of a passion for wellbeing and natural medicine by founder Kevin Ring in Melbourne, Australia in the 1960s. It’s the #1 selling multivitamin in Australia!

Nicole is the Swisse Global Ambassador and as such, endorses the entire range of fabulous productsNicole has been quoted saying that the [Swisse Hair Skin Nails] daily supplement has “literally changed [her] hair” and she told Shape in the March issue that because of the product her “hair and nails are stronger than ever.”

Seems to me if it’s good enough for Nicole, it’s good enough for me…LOL!


Swisse’s current CEO, Radek Sali, inspired by his father Professor Avni Sali’s visionary leadership in the world of integrative medicine, furthers Swisse’s scientific foundations as he spearheads the company’s vision for the future.

Under Radek’s leadership, Swisse won the Australian Business Review Weekly Award for the Most Successful Private Business of the Year in 2012, and has cemented Swisse’s place as a market leader in the wellness industry. At the forefront of integrative health in Australia, Swisse is now taking its products and philosophy to the world.

Welcome to Swisse!!!

To find out more, check out Swisse online:

All Front HR

One (1) lucky INO reader will receive a Swisse gift basket worth close to $100, including:

1.       Swisse Women’s Ultivite F1 ($12.99)

2.       Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails ($18.99)

3.       Swisse Ultivite + Energy Effervescent ($12.99)

4.       Swisse Ultiboost Appetite Control ($23.99)

5.       Swisse Ultiboost Wild Krill Oil ($21.99)

6.       Swisse Ultiboost Inner Balance ($19.99)

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Images courtesy of Swisse and MWW

ENTER TO WIN: Jord Wooden Watch

Jord Wood Watches Logo

Are you looking for a new watch? Do you want something very unique, very special, and timeless? If you are looking for all of this, and at a VERY affordable price point, look no further than Jord wooden watches.

I can tell you first hand that the creators of Jord Watches felt that it was about time someone delivered an unconventional answer to age-old wrist candy. JORD watches are designed to take people back to nature and away from today’s metal & rubber. The makers want to challenge the norm by making unique time pieces as a focal point for everyday fashion. You will be unique, trust us!

Since it’s inception, Jord has become obsessed with using natural materials to offer a unique fashion flare. The wood watches are one of a kind, premium quality time pieces, hand-crafted with sustainable materials from all over the world. This obsession shows in all the models they produce.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 2.23.56 PM

I love the watch myself.  It’s got a great feel to it, it’s so different than metal and leather. Plus, you have a very good change that you will be the only one at the party that night with the wooden watch…and people will notice and ask about it. It’s very distinctive looking for sure…sophisticated yet earthy. It’s a real head turner. I’ve been asked so many times where I got the watch from. It’s a really special piece.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 2.24.10 PM

Not sure how the look and feel of a wooden watch would be? Check out how people are loving their Jord watch by using #JordWatch on Twitter and Instagram or by visiting woodwatches.com/hashtag!! Also, check out all the different models Jord offers at woodwatches.com/shopYou can also follow Jord online on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram as well.

One (1) lucky INO reader will receive the Sully Series Cherry and Maple watch (seen above). It’s a great piece and the colors of the woods really pop!! Sorry for any confusion with the giveaway prize. I apologize.

ENTER TO WIN: Pure Natural Diva Botanicals

Websize full line
INO is  thrilled to share a hot new find; Pure Natural Diva Botanicals – a line of 100% Botanical  Natural Perfumes (http://pndbotanicals.com) and elegantly organic bath & body care.
This brand new line of organic perfumes (http://pndbotanicals.com)  has been featured in  Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Parade.com,, and Just Luxe.   Brand Founder Tania Reuben was called a “Maverick” by  Fragrantica.com.
WHIPPED Horizontal Pics
The Benefits of Natural Perfume & Synthetic Free Scents
Why the clamor for 100% natural perfumes? Consider these facts about conventional perfumes:
  • Conventional synthetic perfumes are formulated using an array of over 7000 unidentified chemicals..
  • Clinical Studies have found that workers in the perfume industry are among the groups with the highest rates of occupational asthma.
  • Synthesized ingredients are a very real health concern.  They are only tested for their effects on skin without taking into account respiratory, neurological, or systemic effects.  This is the industry standard.
  •  Most conventional perfumes contain Diethyl phthalates, a known environmental toxin and suspected hormone disrupter.
  • The neurotoxic properties of synthetic musk found in most conventional perfumes  have earned their ban in Japan since the 1980’s.
  • America has the number one rate of cancer in the World; anything we can do to minimize our exposure to possible toxins is an important step towards health and wellness


The Pure Natural Diva  Scents
The Pure Natural Diva line of organic perfumes consists of 4 scents, Pure, Natural, Diva, and Elixir.
  • PURE is sensually uplifting, like sunny day in a mixed field of lemongrass and Lavender. Notes include uplifting cassie, soothing chamomile, lemon, lime and an Egyptian neroli.
  • NATURAL is fresh and inviting: Imagine a picnic in a rose-bordered citrus grove.  Notes include a hint of clary sage, exalting pink grapefruit, Moroccan rose, and soothing ylang ylang.
  • DIVA is full of soul—sultry and mysterious.  Notes include natural musk derived from Ambrette, sinfully smooth New Caledonian Sandalwood, blended together in a lusciously robust Vanilla.
  • ELIXIR wakens the senses, like a lingering morning with an ocean view.  Notes include aphrodisiacal vanilla, a hint of oakmoss, exquisite osmanthus, married with rejuvenating pink grapefruit and red mandarin.
Organic Botanical Body Care (http://pndbotanicals.com)
The Pure Natural Diva Body Care line harnesses the power of natural ingredients to deliver skin nourishing goodness – scented in Pure, Natural, Diva or Elixir.
Favorites from the lines include;
  • QUENCH organic body lotion
  • WHIPPED organic body butter
  • POLISHED organic sugar scrub


Pure Natural Diva is  giving one lucky INO their choice of any single item in store up to $100.  
Pure Natural Diva is dedicated to creating beautiful effective perfumes & fabulous organic body care without compromising health and wellness – a worthy mission indeed.
Check out PND online!!
One (1) lucky INO reader will receive any one item from PND valued at up to $100!!!

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ENTER TO WIN: The House of Marley Headphones #LiveMarley


Pop superstar and Aussie heartthrob Cody Simpson has returned with “Love,” a heartfelt single featuring Ziggy Marley, and there’s not a sweeter tune we could be playing right about now. It’s a great vibe, with a smooth reggae love song thing going on. Great beat and guitar. Really great listening, good happy song.

Not only do we really love the song, we love the House of Marley headphones Cody is rocking in the new music video! It’s easy to rock Cody’s look with the Smile Jamaica in-ears or the Positive Vibration on-ears.  The Positive Vibration on-ears are really great…sound, look, and feel.  The soft ear-cushions and robust 50mm drivers provide comfort and powerful sound. Crafted from recyclable aluminum, steel and canvas and designed to keep material out of the waste stream. You can’t really go wrong with any House of Marley gear (audio systems, bags, watches), though…especially these awesome headphones!

To find about more about the House and all of it’s product, check out The House of Marley online!

HOM Positive Vibration

One lucky INO reader will receive their very own Positive Vibration On-ear Headphones in Mist (MSRP $69.99)!!!

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