Kate Gosselin: Victim Of Bad Botox Injections Or Tricky Camera Work?

Photos of Kate Gosselin that surfaced a few days ago had many people wondering if she’d had a little bit of work done. A doctor shared with Us Weekly that he thinks she’s the victim of botched botox in her face. Doctor Michael Olding, the chief of The George Washington University’s division of plastic surgery shared this:

she “has the typical appearance of Dysport or Botox poorly placed in the space between the brows where frown lines occur,” adds Olding. But because Gosselin didn’t have any injectables put in her forehead, “the lateral part of her brow is elevated in an abnormally high position, which my patients refer to as McDonald’s arches!”

And ScientificSkin.com weighed in as well:

“This is a bad injection technique with poor placement. The injections were done in a cookbook pattern with no consideration for her particular anatomy. Her outer brow is too peaked, which gives her a devilish appearance.”

I would tend to think that the doctor knows what he’s talking about, however if you look at other photos from the same set and even 2 days later – her expression is completely different. I think she was just raising her eyebrows and that coupled with the fact that her hair was pulled tightly back resulted in the speculation of botox. Her face looks natural to me in the rest of the shots. What do you think?

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Fact Or Fiction: Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement About To Be Finalized?

According to Radar Online, this is fact, but there hasn’t been any official word from Tiger Woods’ camp, so we’ll just have to wait. Time will eventually tell if Tiger and Elin Nordegren have reached a divorce settlement.

“They’ve agreed on all the major points,” one source told us. “It’s all been worked out privately. Both Tiger and Elin are very close to finishing the negotiations and filing and signing the paperwork.”

Radar Online reports that Elin Nordegren is set to receive a $750 MILLION settlement. Well, if Tiger can afford it, then why not?

“When they first started negotiating the divorce, it was very acrimonious,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “Elin had a lawyer in California who was very, very aggressive.”

But we learned that Elin switched attorneys months ago and that took much of the anger out of the negotiations.

“Things are now very civil between Tiger and Elin at least in terms of getting the divorce taken care of,” the source told RadarOnline.com.

“They don’t interact much at all anyone,” that source [said]. “The nannies take the kids back and forth between their houses. There’s virtually no conversation between Tiger and Elin but that’s an improvement from when all the conversation was angry.”

Well, if this is true, then I’m glad Tiger and Elin have found a way to let go of the anger (although Elin has every right to be angry). I’m sure it’s easier on the kids and easier for Elin to move on.

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Fact Or Fiction: Kim Kardashian Dating Another Pro Football Player?

Those Kardashian sisters sure like their professional athletes. Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian has moved on from Reggie Bush and is now “quietly” dating Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin. The two were reportedly spotted getting cozy several weeks ago at Casa Vega.

“They sat in the back drinking margaritas,” says a witness

Now several “sources” say they are definitely dating:

“They are dating,” says a source close to her, “but she doesn’t want to rush anything.” Another Kardashian friend tells Us, “Kim wants to date someone who gets her busy lifestyle.”

This might be good news for the Cowboys – the Kardashian women are being called “good luck charms” for sports teams since Reggie’s team won the Super Bowl while dating Kim and then just last week Lamar (Khloe’s husband) won the NBA championship!

Do you think it’s possible that Kim moved on already? She was just saying that her family wanted her to stay single for at least a year.

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Fact Or Fiction: Have Madonna And Gwyneth Paltrow Had A Falling Out?

Have long-term friends Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow had a falling out? Say it ain’t so!

They don’t speak,” says the insider. “I can’t tell you exactly why they had the falling out, but Gwyneth can be jealous and competitive.”

This “source” claims things started going downhill when Madonna split from Guy Richie, since she and Gwyneth have less in common (presumably since Gwyneth is still married to Chris Martin). Madonna’s rep, however, denies this story.

I’m not sure how that fits with Gwyneth being “jealous and competitive,” but these things do happen.

What do you think: fact or fiction?

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Fact Or Fiction: Did Katy Perry Diss Lady Gaga?

Hmmm… yesterday I showed you Lady Gaga’s much-hyped ‘Alejandro’ video. Apparently, Katy Perry also tweeted something that may or may not have been in reference to the video. Here’s the tweet:

“Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.”

People seem to feel Katy was talking about Lady Gaga’s new video, which included a lot of religious imagery. What did you think of Lady Gaga’s video?

To me it seems like Katy and Lady Gaga are two very different entertainers. Katy’s new ‘California Gurls’ video has her wearing a cupcake bra that squirts frosting, after all.

But what do you think: fact or fiction that Katy was dissing Gaga?

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Fact Or Fiction: Did Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM Bracelet Go Off?

Uh-oh. Radar Online is reporting that the judge will receive a report saying that Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet went off the night of the MTV Movie Awards.

“The judge will get a report from the SCRAM company and it will detail Lindsay’s alcohol level,” one source familiar with the situation told RadarOnline.com.

Part of the judge’s ruling forbade Lindsay from consuming alcohol, so if the report shows that Lindsay had alcohol in her system, then Lindsay would be found in violation of the court ruling.

Radar Online reports it’s possible the SCRAM bracelet malfunctioned, but people have told Radar that’s extremely unlikely.

What do you think: is this story fact or fiction?

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Tila Tequila Fakes Suicide Attempt? Or Was It Real?

Tila Tequila was rushed to the hospital this weekend for a “psychological rescue” after posting a disturbing video on her site.

According to RadarOnline, Tila posted a video showing her arm bloodied and indicating a “suicide attempt”. She even claimed to have multiple personalities and said that “Jane” is the one who did the damage to her arm. Several people who read her website called 911 and the LAPD sent an ambulance to get her to the local hospital. It reportedly took police, paramedics and fire rescue over FIVE hours to find her.

Tila wrote on her site when she posted the video:

“I blacked out and now that I just woke up from excruciating pains all over my body, there was blood and dope everywhere!” Tila wrote.

When she got back home, she was angry with those who called authorities and took her “stunt” seriously! Omg. You know what they say about the boy who cried wolf. Something is seriously going to happen to her and then NOBODY is going to believe it because of all the incidents like this. I can’t believe they released her so quickly!

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