Fact Or Fiction: Bethenny Frankel Goes Into Premature Labor

Whether you love ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ cast member Bethenny Frankel or hate her, I’m sure none of us wishes this story is fact. Radar Online is reporting that she went into labor yesterday, although her due date is still a few weeks off.

A source close to her husband Jason Hoppy confirmed the news. Frankel’s anticipated due date was a few weeks away.

It is the first child for the couple who were married in March.

Well, if she’s only a few weeks early, then Bethenny should be far along enough that everything will be okay. Hopefully!

I guess we’ll know soon whether or not this is fact or fiction :)

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Jennifer Aniston Eats Baby Food To Stay Thin

It seems Jennifer Aniston is the latest celeb to work with trainer Tracy Anderson to stay in shape. Anderson, who also works with Gwyneth Paltrow, has developed a diet that involves eating 14 servings of baby food a day followed by a healthy adult dinner. Jen has reportedly lost 7 pounds in the past week as she films ‘Just Go With It’ in Hawaii. Says Anderson of the diet,

I developed a cleanse where you can still eat and it’s a lot of puree foods. I was very careful about the foods I chose to put in it. When you do these liquid cleanses I felt a responsibility to come up with something. Liquid cleanses do help you lose weight but you will gain more the next week. I wanted something where you can eliminate toxicity, break bad habits but still have your digestive system going. That is when the baby food cleanse was born.”

Whatever Jennifer is doing it certainly seems to work, she always looks amazing! But, some of these diets do seem a little extreme. What do you think of the baby food diet?

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New Couple Watch: Charlize Theron And Keanu Reeves?

Reports have surfaced that Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves were spotted together, looking cozy, at Bouchon restaurant in Beverly Hills.

As the two walked out of the restaurant they were seen in a snug embrace and then tenderly swapped some cheek kisses. In an intimate gesture, Charlize’s hands were wrapped around Keanu, under his jacket. TMZ has the photos here.

So what do you think, new couple or just friends?

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Fact Or Fiction: Michael Lohan Seeking Conservatorship For Lindsay Lohan

According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, plans to seek a conservatorship for Lindsay. Lindsay reportedly refuses to see her father, even though she’s currently in New York City herself (here she is doing some shopping with her mother, Dina Lohan).

As for a possible conservatorship, Lohan is telling people he’d gladly serve as the conservator but is open to someone else assuming that role.

Michael Lohan also says he does not want his daughter to go to jail. As TMZ first reported, Lohan is on the fast track for a jail cell because she has squarely violated the terms of her probation. A court day of May 20 looms for Lindsay.

Michael wants Lindsay in rehab but not a traditional, group facility. He wants to go the Brooke Mueller route — a private home with lots of doctors. What Michael isn’t factoring in — that type of rehab is bocu expensive and Lindsay is broke.

Lindsay does seem to be struggling, but I wonder if things are at the point where a conservatorship is appropriate (it’s what Britney Spears has)? And although Michael may truly be well-meaning, this sounds like another misguided attempt at trying to get Lindsay help that’s more likely to make things worse.

IF it’s true. What do you think: fact or fiction?

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Report: Kristin Cavallari Seen Doing A Line Of Coke

Us Weekly is reporting that Kristin Cavallari was seen doing a line of coke. Even though this claim has been addressed by ‘The Hills’ reality star, the rumor will not die.

Earlier this month, after a night of dinking at Night Vision’s Oasis event at Coachella in Indio, Calif., Cavallari, 23, joined 37-year-old actor Jason Statham and several others for a late-night spin in a golf cart, the new Us Weekly reports. “They got pulled over by the cops and were told to go home,” recounts a Cavallari acquaintance, who tells Us Weekly that throughout the music festival weekend, the star “was drinking and partying. I saw her do a line of cocaine.”

What do you think about the report? Do you think Kristin would openly do drugs like this KNOWING she is a public figure and the news could spiral out of control? Or is this a made up story by a magazine trying to sell subscriptions?

A few other sources stepped forward and added:

“The dudes she hangs out with are all party promoters – and they’re party animals.”

She’s been sucked into the Hollywood scene. She’s surrounded by the leeches who enable her.”

Is this story fact or fiction?

Hot New Couple Alert: Abbie Cornish And Josh Hartnett?

It seems while in New York filming ‘The Dark Fields,’ actress Abbie Cornish is spending some quality time with Josh Hartnett. The pair were spotted together on Saturday night at Warren 77, a bar owned by New York Ranger, Sean Avery. It was reported that the pair looked cozy and stayed until 1am before leaving together.

What do you think of these two together? Do you think it’s too soon for Abbie to be moving on after her split with Ryan Phillippe?

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It’s Been A Few Days… Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Planning A Small Wedding

I can’t blame these rumor starters. It’s actually been about a week since we’ve heard anything regarding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s upcoming nuptials. I mean… a girl needs her rumor fix early in the AM right?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are planning a small wedding.

Mmmmmmnnnnnnn hhhhhhhmmmmmnnnnn

The couple are reportedly determined to shield the event from the public and have decided to opt for a low-key affair in order to avoid accusations of wasting money. A friend of the couple told OK! magazine:

“Brad and Angelina are exceptionally private people, and they pride themselves on being humble and not wasting money. So some over-the-top, beachfront affair with hundreds of guests isn’t going to happen.”

Well, Brad did spend $1 million with Jen so I would expect him to do the complete opposite with Angie, but that doesn’t make me believe this marriage rumor one bit. What do you think? Where’s there is smoke there’s fire? Or is this one truly made up?