One Is Sexier Than The Other

Oh to be the girl that handles craft services. Imagine seeing these sexy mugs three times a day. Y-u-m-m-y!

Here’s Josh Duhamel, Shia LaBeouf and Tyrese Gibson shooting a scene for ‘Transformers 3′ in Chicago. I FORGOT that Josh and Tyrese were part of the franchise. It’s like two additional cherries on top of it all.

During the day, R. Kelly was photographed hanging out with the crew – particularly Tyrese. Random occurrence? Or does the singer have a small cameo in the film?

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Welcome To The Gun Show

When did Eric Dane get so diesel? Here he is showing off his muscular arms and some ink after working out at a local gym in Los Angeles. I never noticed his tattoo before… or his bulging veins. Wonder if he’s getting a little extra help in the work out department…

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Morning Links With Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz attends Matt Leinart’s 4th Annual ‘Bowling With The Stars’ held at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley in Hollywood. (

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Ryan Phillippe Grabs Lunch And Heads Back To His Trailer

Helllloooooooo Ryan Phillippe! Y-U-M!

Here the actor is taking his lunch break on the set of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’. It looks like he grabbed some food and then headed back to his trailer to enjoy it alone. You don’t usually see this side of filming despite the fact that one actor after another admits how isolating it all can be.

Too bad he isn’t friendly enough with Matthew McConaughey to eat with him during these breaks. The pair just started filming – perhaps things will change after a few days of bonding.

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Hot Guy Of The Day: Matthew McConaughey

You know what’s missing (and not missing)? A bandanna, toothbrush and a sweaty bare chest.

How do you like to take your Matthew McConaughey? Here he is filming a scene for ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ on location in LA. I will take him cleaned up AND on a jog. :)

A lawyer conducts business from the back of his Lincoln town car while representing a high-profile client in Beverly Hills.

The movie also stars Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillippe.

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The World Rejoices – Brad Pitt Shaves Off His Beard

When I woke up this morning, I just KNEW something great was going to happen. I didn’t know WHAT. I didn’t know WHEN. I didn’t know WHY. I just felt it in my bones.

Then I saw this set of pictures and I knew it just happened. Brad Pitt… shaved his beard.

{the crowd goes wild}

And now he looks like his brother… LOL! Just teasing.

Here he is on the ‘Money Ball’ set in Los Angeles, California. Do you miss his long beard? Or do you like a clean shaved Brad?

Photos by INF

Orlando Bloom Watches World Cup Game With Friends In Germany

That hair! What is going on? Buzz that cut baby! Buzz it! :)

Orlando Bloom was photographed watching the World Cup 2010 match between Germany and Spain at Cafe am Neuen See in Tiergarten, Berlin. Looks like it was THE place to be for the game. What a crowd!

For a while my friends had World Cup fever… but once the USA lost it all ended. I completely understand that we are the minority as soccer is a sport loved by most nations.

Are you still watching the games?
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