Out As Host Of The X-Factor

Nickelodeons 26th Annual Kids Choice Awards

What’s good news for Mario Lopez is bad news for Khloe Kardashian.  The reality star and the host of Extra were both named hosts of The X-Factor last year, but unfortunately Khloe won’t be returning this season.  In a statement released today, producers of the show announced that Khloe would not be back;

 “Khloe Kardashian will not be returning to co-host The X-Factor. We really enjoyed working with her and wish her all the best in her future endeavors,”

Simon Cowell also released a statement saying;

“I’m thrilled Mario is back for Season Three of The X-Factor. Hosting a live show and keeping the judges – especially Demi – in line, is not an easy job, but Mario is a pro and we are glad he’s coming back,”

If you watched the show I don’t think this will come as much of a surprise.  After all, Mario was quite good but Khloe rarely looked comfortable up on the stage.  I’m just looking forward to hearing who the new judges will be since Britney Spears and L.A. Reid have both left.  I hope they get it right and some great talent up there.  I do like Demi Lovato but I am anxious to see who the new replacements will be!



Looking To Sister Kourtney For Baby Advice

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Out With Friends In Beverly Hills

Kim Kardashian is expecting her first child with Kanye West this summer and while she might be a first time mother to be, she at least has someone very close to her to give her some guidance – her sister Kourtney.  Kourtney has 2 kids, Mason and Penelope, with Scott Disick, and she has become Kim’s go to advice giver for all her pregnancy related questions.

For Kourtney’s birthday yesterday, Kim wrote a blog post to her sister to commemorate the day;

“Happy Birthday Kourt! You have always mentored me even if you never knew it. You’re my big sis and I look up to you so much! I probably harass you now with all of the baby questions I ask you but it’s because you are so good at it. You are such an amazing mom, sister & best friend! I idolize YOU! (sic)”

Awww that’s so cute.  I’m sure that Kim is thankful every day that she has her sister to turn to for advice. Especially since she has a lot on her plate and her fiance doesn’t seem to be around too much!



Officially Divorced!

Kardashians Celebrate Kourtney's 34th Birthday

Kim Kardashian must be so happy today because she is officially a divorced woman!  The reality star, who has endured a very long divorce process with her now ex-husband Kris Humphries, had her divorce granted in today’s divorce hearing and according to TMZ Kris walked away with nothing!  Here’s what the website is reporting;

– Kris gets NO money from Kim.


… he had previously demanded $7 mil


– Kris dropped his demand for an annulment based on fraud.


– Each party will pay their own attorney’s fees.

I can’t even believe this entire divorce proceeding lasted this long, especially since the marriage only lasted 74 days! I’m sure both parties are happy to finally have it over with, although  it seemed that Kris was hanging on for some reason. Maybe he just liked being in the spotlight?  At least now it’s finally over!



Hot Guy Of The Day
Olympic Swimmer RYAN LOCHTE

Exclusive... Ryan Lochte Waits For His Car

Remember Ryan Lochte? He was ready to take over the crown from Olympic legend Michael Phelps in the Olympic Games of 2012. Ryan got off to a great start but then fizzled a little. He’s still a phenomenal swimmer with multiple gold medals, however, so his 2012 Olympic performance deserves full respect! And Ryan’s certainly not hard on the eyes, either, is he?

During the Olympics and right afterwards, rumors started swirling about Ryan’s plans to go Hollywood. He even filmed a cameos for ‘90210‘ and ‘30 Rock.’ Then Ryan filmed a reality TV show in Miami called ‘What Would Ryan Do?‘ He’s back in LA to promote it. Are you ready to find out ‘What Would Ryan Do?’


Photos by Parisa/FAMEFLYNET

Gives Us A Peek Of Her Baby Bump

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Out With Friends In Beverly Hills

Kim Kardashian was spotted out with some friends in Beverly Hills today and she gave us a little peek at her baby belly!  The reality star wore a pair of jeans with a navy blazer and navy lace tank underneath that showed her belly.  I can’t be certain but it also looks like Kim is wearing regular jeans instead of maternity jeans.  That can’t be comfortable!

Is it just me or is it nice to see Kim out with some girlfriends? It seems that we only ever see her out with her sisters or Jonathan Cheban so it’s nice to see her having some time with just the girls.



The Reality Star Visits The Doctor

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Visits Her Doctor

Honestly Kim Kardashian has the most bizarre baby bump I think I’ve ever seen. Some days it looks like it’s big and other days not so much!  Maybe it’s because she wears such different styles of clothing?  Today I find that it doesn’t look that big at all!

Kim was spotted leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills today and in some of the shots, taken from the front on, she really doesn’t look very pregnant at all!  I do like this look on Kim though and I like that she’s starting to wear some colour. All that black and white was getting a bit boring!



Looking Forward To Having A Son!

Jessica Simpson and Eric Take Maxwell To Seafood Lunch

It’s been all about the girls for Jessica Simpson, growing up in a house with 2 girls and having her daughter, Maxwell, but that’s all about to change soon when the Fashion Star host welcomes her son in a few months.  

Jess opened up to People Magazine about how excited she is to have a son and some of the very cool boy things she received at her shower.  Jess explains;

 ”I’m so excited to have a son. He got all these cute vintage cars and I got a lot of little leather jackets I can’t wait to try out … I didn’t grow up with a brother and I think the unknown is really exciting. I can’t wait to have that connection with our little man.”

I’m sure Jess will find a pretty big difference between her daughter and her son. And I’m sure fiance Eric Johnson will be thrilled that he will no longer be outnumbered:)  I can’t wait to see Jess’s little guy!


Photos by Stoianov/FAMEFLYNET