TLC Wins Injunction Against Jon Gosselin

Maybe Jon Gosselin skipped court yesterday because he saw the writing on the wall? TLC won an injunction against him yesterday, which prevents him from making “unapproved and paid interviews” with other media outlets.

Here’s TLC’s statement:

“We are pleased with the Court’s ruling today. The Court has validated our view that Mr. Gosselin has a valid, binding contract and that he has breached it repeatedly. Step one — getting the court to order Mr. Gosselin to comply with his contractual obligations — has been accomplished. Any further breaches going forward will be violations of a court order. We look forward to the next phase of the litigation, which is to pursue our claim for damages resulting from Mr. Gosselin’s numerous breaches.”

Well, a contract is a contract. Something tells me by the time TLC is done pursuing their “claim for damages” Jon is going to REALLY be hurting (financially, at least).

Does this seem fair to you?

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Michelle Duggar Gives Birth To Her 19th Child

NINETEEN. I can’t even wrap my brain around it. Michelle Duggar gave birth to her 19th baby last night after an emergency C-section, according to a TLC rep.

“The most important thing right now is for Mom and baby Josie to get as much rest as possible,” added the rep. “The family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes during their recovery.”

Josie Brooklyn weighed in at 1 pound, 6 ounces (so tiny!), and is in the neonatal intensive care unit. Michelle had been hospitalized earlier for a gallstone and recorded this iPhone message earlier this week.

I sincerely hope everyone does well.

But I can’t stop thinking… 19 kids!

Jon Gosselin Skips Court Hearing Today

Jon Gosselin was due to be in court today for a hearing in the lawsuit that TLC filed against him – but he failed to show. TLC’s Edward Sabin didn’t have anything kind to say in court about the dad.

Sabin said his star’s extracurricular activities (ranging from Vegas pool parties with bikini-clad babes to promoting his Hollywood Rebel clothing line) was not only “embarrassing” but “it made the show look bad and was like “pouring oil on the fire” of the bad publicity engufling the once family-friendly reality show.

Jon’s attorney had said that his client planned to be there. So far there’s no word on why he didn’t show. Perhaps he was watching his DVR’ed recording of Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009, since it featured soon to be ex-wife Kate? Doubtful, I’m sure. lol

The matter will now go before a jury. The trial date has been set for April 19. Jon is countersuing, claiming that TLC:

took advantage of him and made him sign an overly restrictive contract, harmed his reputation and violated Pennsylvania’s child labor laws.

I must admit that I’m curious how this will play out. I wonder if Jon will end up having to pay TLC a chunk of money?

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Sneak Peek – Real Housewives Of The OC

I always love when I get reality show sneak peeks emailed to me. I’ve stopped watching them all, so this gives me a 30 second recap of what I’m missing. The Real Housewives of Orange County is all new tonight and the day has finally come for Lynne and her daughter to go under the knife. The two are both anxious for their surgeries, will each procedure go smoothly?

And it’s a meeting of the frenemies when Tamra and Gretchen sit down to try and bury the hatchet. But when Tamra presses Gretchen about past rumors that she refuses to let die, will Gretchen walk out on her? Or will the two finally find civil ground?

Tune in tonight @ 10/9c.
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Kourtney Kardashian Has A Thing Or Two To Learn About Parenting

Well, in all honesty, didn’t we all have a lot to learn when we had our first child? Kourtney Kardashian is no exception, according to what Kim and Khloe said about her on ‘The Rachael Ray Show’ (airing this Thursday).

Kourtney was like, ‘I’m so excited. I don’t have to cook for five years!’” her little sister Khloe, 25, jokes…”And I go, ‘What do you mean?’ She’s like, ‘I’m gonna breast feed.’ I go, ‘For five years?’ She has, like, no idea!”

Breast-feeding for five years… yeah, Kourtney has a thing or two to learn- LOL!

Kim admitted Kourtney hasn’t been the most nurturing person in the past.

“Kourtney was never the type that I ever would think would ever want to have kids,” [Kim] tells Ray. “She owns a kid’s clothing store, and if a kid would come in she would be like, ‘Where’s your mom? You need to go find your mom and come in with her.’ She didn’t understand it and she wasn’t that nurturing.”

But now Kourtney’s changed, according to Kim. That happens. Haven’t any of you seen those people (women and men) who you could NEVER imagine as parents do a complete 180 when they have kids?

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Death Threats Against MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’

Just when you think losing a few advertisers was a big deal… the death threats start to come.

MTV has come out with a new show all about the Jersey Shore and people are not happy about the way the kids are represented. The Italian-American group UNICO (who also had HUGE issues with The Sopranos) have sunk their teeth in ‘The Shore’ and are making enough noise for companies like Dominos Pizza and American Family Insurance to listen. Both advertising companies have pulled their spots from the show.

But that’s just the least of it. The MTV NY offices are receiving DEATH THREATS.

Even a writer over at the NY Post says the show is unfair.

“['Jersey Shore' furthers] the popular TV notion that Italian-Americans are gel-haired, thuggish, ignoramuses with fake tans, no manners, no diction, no taste, no education, no sexual discretion, no hairdressers (for sure), no real knowledge of Italian culture and no ambition beyond expanding steroid- and silicone-enhanced bodies,” blasted NY Post critic Linda Stasi on Monday. “Would that programming ever have been allowed if the group were African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Jewish people?”

‘Jersey Shore’ pulled in over a million viewers during it’s debut. Did you tune in? What do you think about the concept?

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Kate Gosselin’s New Reality Show

Kate Gosselin clearly isn’t giving up her dreams of reality TV stardom despite the end of her show ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8.’ She was spotted by a local news crew in Raleigh, NC, shooting a “test segment” for a potential show with TLC.

Check out the news segment below:

So, serving food… what kind of show could this be? Kate tries out “regular” jobs now that she’s a single mom? It sounds like her kids aren’t a part of this one.

Would you be interested in watching Kate in a new show?

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