Octomom Has Issues – But She Doesn’t Deserve This!

Ok, we all know that Octomom Nadya Suleman is a strange bird. But she is still a woman and… well, human. The way that some people try to take advantage of those who are down is just despicable.

Nadya is having trouble making payments on her house. It’s being reported that she owes $460,000. Steven Hirsch, President of Vivid Entertainment, sent the reality mom a letter saying he will pay off her debt if she starred in a porno. I mean, Nadya is a MOTHER! How dare he think that this is a reasonable request! It just makes me sick.

Octomom Nadya Suleman received a very nice letter from someone who says he is truly sorry her house may go into foreclosure and, he says, “I can only imagine the anxiety that this must be causing you and your family.” But this guy isn’t just talk … he’s willing to pay off her home if Octo stars in a sex tape.

TMZ has obtained a letter from Steven Hirsch, Prez of Vivid Entertainment
, to Octomom, in which he offers to pay off the balance due on the house — around $460,000 — if she’s willing to take it lying down.

Sleazy. Am I wrong to think this is just too much?

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Celebrities Including Shia LaBeouf And Audrina Patridge Ran The LA Marathon

Shia LaBeouf ran the Los Angeles Marathon in less than five hours yesterday. The ‘Transformers’ actor ran the 26.2 mile race to raise money for charity US VETS – which provides help and support to war veterans of all ages – finishing in four hours, 35 minutes.

We always see pictures of Shia out for a jog. It’s nice to see he took part in something like this.

Among the other celebrity runners were TV chef Gordon Ramsay, who completed the trek in three hours, 36 minutes, ‘Lord of the Rings’ actor Sean Astin – who crossed the finish line in five hours and 16 minutes – and ‘The Hills’ star Audrina Partridge, whose finishing time is currently unknown.

Speaking after the race, Audrina admitted she headed straight out for some of her favorite food as soon as she crossed the finish line at the Santa Monica Pier. She tweeted:

“i just inhaled a philly cheese steak from jersey mikes in weho…. amazzinggg (sic).”

Shia announced last month he was training for the marathon in order to help a cause close to his heart as his father Jeffrey fought in Vietnam and his paternal grandfather was a Green Beret.

Do you participate in your local marathons?

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‘Real Housewives Of New York City’ Filming

The cast of the ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ has been busy lately! The cast was spotted leaving a wedding reception in New York City yesterday afternoon. It looks like Bethenny Frankel stayed around to take a few extra pictures :)

Ramona Singer was also spotted doing some filming in the Meatpacking District yesterday. I don’t know if the shots of her alone were before or after the wedding, but she clearly had a lot to do yesterday.

What do you think of her dress?

Are you watching the new season of ‘Real Housewives of New York City’? How is it so far?

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Brooke Burke Enjoys Some Mother-Daughter Time

New ‘Dancing with the Stars’ co-host (and former winner) Brooke Burke was spotted out with her daughter, Neriah, at Cross Creek in Malibu yesterday afternoon.

It’s smart for Brooke to make time to spend with Neriah now; I’m sure things will get much busier once the season starts (although it shouldn’t be as bad for her since she isn’t competing). She seems to think the same thing:

I’m excited to spend some time with the dancers [and] to get back to the ballroom,” the season 7 champ — and newly minted DWTS co-host — tells PEOPLE at the premiere of Barbie in a Mermaid Tale. “And this time it will actually be a lot easier, which is a hard [thing] to say with live television.”

The promos for the new season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ are EVERYWHERE at this point! Now that the season is about to start, do you think you’ll be tuning in, or have you already heard enough about the contestants?

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Kate Gosselin Takes Her Daughters To See Taylor Swift Concert

Kate Gosselin was spotted taking her daughters to a Taylor Swift concert yesterday, with her bodyguard, Steve Nield, accompanying them. I’m guessing these are the twins, Cara and Maddy, but since they aren’t identified in the pictures, I can’t be 100% sure.

Kate’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ partner, Tony Dovolani was spotted sharing a laugh with Steve before he left. He and Kate must’ve been rehearsing earlier in the day.

I bet Kate and the girls had a fun time!

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Love It Or Hate It: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian isn’t just car-shopping in Miami: she’s also in town to promote QuikTrim Diet System (she’s their spokeswoman). Do you use diet systems like QuikTrim? Or QuikTrim itself? If so, what do you think of it?

Of course, there are more important questions, like, what do you think of Kim’s outfit? I’m surprised she’s wearing such a boldly-patterned skirt, but I think she carries it off. I wouldn’t wear that pattern or a skirt that short, but hey, it’s her style :) And the blouse is pretty, I think.

How about you: love it or hate it?

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Paula Abdul Passes On ‘Star Search’

According to The Daily Beast, Paula Abdul passed on ABC’s offer to host ‘Star Search.’ Because she wanted more money.

An ABC source confirms that the network is not moving forward with Abdul “at this time,” but says that “doesn’t necessarily mean” that the new Star Search won’t happen.

According to people familiar with the negotiations, ABC had made a rich offer to Abdul. Her decision to pass is said to have stunned network executives.

I’d be stunned, too. How many chances does Paula think she’s going to get? ‘American Idol’ seems to be doing fine without her. Maybe Simon Cowell’s made a better offer for ‘X-Factor’? For her sake, I hope so!

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