Kim Kardashian Dines At Dan Tana’s Restaurant With Friends

Kim Kardashian was seen leaving Dan Tana’s restaurant where she met up with Carla DiBello and Brittny Gastineau for dinner. The reality star wrote about the meeting on her twitter account.

She also uploaded to “untouched” pictures from a bathing suit shoot she worked on earlier in the day.

At a photo shoot w @NickSaglimbeni HOT HOT HOT! Not even retouched yet!

Click on the thumbnails to check out the pictures. Kim really does have a great body!!

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Audrina Patridge Filming ‘The Hills’ At Wenderland

Audrina Partridge always looks great. She really knows what styles look best on her and manages to work it with her selections. Here she is at Wenderland nightclub where she filmed a few scenes for ‘The Hills’.

It was recently announced that Audrina and Ryan Cabrerra (Ashlee Simpson used to date him when she had her reality show) are officially an item.

On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, The Hills star, 24, and Cabrera, 27, attended R&B singer Ray-J’s birthday party at Wonderland nightclub, where they made little effort to hide their affection for each other. “They never left each other’s side,” an eyewitness tells PEOPLE. “They were flirting all night and sipping from each other’s drinks.”

And just a few days earlier, on Sunday night, Patridge and Cabrera attended the Broadway musical Rock of Age.

“They had drinks at their seat. They totally looked like a couple. It was really cute. They were holding hands and her hand was on his leg. They were very smiley with each other, and joking around.”

Do long distance relationships ever work out in Hollywood? I’m sure everyone’s just having fun right now. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

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Brooke Hogan Shopping In Miami

It always amazes me how the paparazzi just seem to find everyone. Brooke Hogan has been flying WAY under the radar for the last few months. It seems the public’s interest in her has completely dissipated.

While visiting her local mall in Miami, Hulk Hogan’s daughter paid a visit to Victoria’s Secret to pick up a few accessories.

Just in case you were wondering if Brooke was still dating rapper Yannique Barker (aka. Stack$) – the answer is no. And if you had no idea she was ever with the man, join my club.

Brooke Hogan and Stack$ have split but remain friends. He was a big part of her life for a very long time, and she still cares about him and his family dearly. Brooke would like to thank her fans for their kind words and sensitivity during the breakup,” the rep said.

So Brooke is officially on the prowl.

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The Situation Says ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Is Irreplaceable

I disagree… but let’s go with his side of the story.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino
(I can’t believe I actually refer to this guy as The Situation) says contract negotiations for ‘Jersey Shore’ will come to an end this week. While he won’t discuss numbers, he says the cast is here to stay and no one can replace the magic they have.

Everybody has their own way of doing things and I can only really speak for myself and know that we are making a Season 2 happen,” Mike said to Billy Bush for Access Hollywood and his radio show, The Billy Bush Show.

“The numbers that were offered… I really can’t speak about numbers,” Mike told Billy. “But I believe everything is being worked out this week. I am being a gentleman right now and we are trying not to speak about numbers.”

As far as the cast of the hit MTV show – which sparked a media frenzy for their crazy lifestyle – being replaced Mike added, “I would have to say that is false.”

“I believe that the cast we have right now is irreplaceable and once you find that magic, it is hard to replace.”

If Lauren Conrad was able to be replaced on ‘The Hills’ and the show survived – I’m going to guess that swapping out Snooki and J-WOW won’t have such an adverse affect on ratings.

Will you still watch Jersey Shore if some of the original cast members don’t return?

PS – Click on the continue reading link below to see a gross Valentine’s video that one of the castmates made.
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Tyra Banks Looking For Plus-Sized Teens

Tyra Banks is continuing her crusade to make teen girls and women feel more confident about themselves. She announced the requirements for her latest modeling competition: it’s for teens between the ages of 13 – 19, they must wear dress sizes between 12 – 20, and they have to be between 5’9″ – 6’1″.

“I’ve always felt it was my mission to expand the narrow perceptions of beauty,” she told Us. “Through America’s Next Top Model, True Beauty and The Tyra Show, I challenge industry and universal standards by featuring and celebrating non-traditional beauty, and stressing that true beauty is both inside and out.

“I want young girls to realize that what’s considered plus-sized is the average American woman,” Banks said. “That woman is healthy, fit and beautiful. Adolescence is such an impressionable time in a young woman’s life, and I hope this contest helps teen girls discover their own beauty from the inside out.”

AVERAGE?! Okay, the average woman’s clothes size is between 12 – 20, but since when is the average woman at least 5’9″ tall???

Well, I give her credit for not making these tall girls starve themselves to be size twos or fours, at least.

What do you think of Tyra’s latest competition?

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ABC Makes A Generous Offer To Paula Abdul

If this TMZ report is true, then we may be seeing a lot of Paula Abdul soon! Paula has been offered quite a development deal.

ABC has offered Abdul a $1,000,000 development deal, with one catch — she has to appear on “DWTS,” sources tell TMZ.

She would even be free to appear on ‘The X-Factor’ with Simon Cowell (normally people under contract to one network can’t appear on another). It sounds like ABC really wants Paula on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

If this story is true, I have to wonder: what in the world does Paula have to think about? TAKE IT!

Do you want to see Paula compete on ‘Dancing with the Stars’? Or back to judging on ‘The X-Factor’?

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Jon Gosselin Makes It Too Easy

Over the weekend at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, Jon Gosselin visited the Talent Resource’s Sky Suite to load up on Jenny B Clothing. Just look at the shirt he picked up! That boy makes it too easy, doesn’t he?