Kara DioGuardi Weighs In On Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery

‘American Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi visited ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’ yesterday and talked about Heidi Montag and all the plastic surgery drama. Here’s what she had to say:

I think Kara makes an excellent point about the problem with over-valuing your looks.

Bonnie continues talking about it below:

Do you think Spencer Pratt is behind all this?

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Simon Cowell Signs $500 Million Deal With Sony

No wonder Simon Cowell left ‘American Idol’ (although I’m sure he could’ve stayed if he wanted). The new, two-year deal he signed with Sony allows him to set up his new production company, Syco TV, and sell two new shows to Sony (new to audiences here in the United States, at least), his ‘X-Factor’ and ‘Got Talent’ franchises. For $500 million.

“He is truly in the driving seat. He felt like an employee before, but now he has some real ownership and is thrilled to be side by side with Sony.”

I guess so! This deal is expected to increase Simon’s personal fortune close to the $1 billion mark. This reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker’s deal with Halston. There does seem to be a trend towards ownership: assuming risk and, if it all works out, enjoying the profits.

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Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon To Pose For Playboy

Playboy has confirmed to Us Magazine that Kelly Bensimon, star of ‘The Real Housewives of New York’, will pose nude for their magazine.

will be featured on the cover and in a 6-page nude pictorial in the March issue,” the rep tells Us.

Kelly was probably pretty comfortable during the shoot – her ex-husband, fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon, was the one to work with her on the photos.

She’s the first NYC “Housewife” to be featured in Playboy, but not the first to pose nude for photos. You might recall Bethenny Frankel’s “larger than life” nude photo in Times Square.

I give her credit, she looks amazing for 42, right?

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Is Snooki From ‘Jersey Shore’ Getting Her Own Show

Talk about moving fast! ‘Jersey Shore’ has only just become the latest reality TV hit, and one of the cast members, Snooki (aka Nicole Pilozzi) is already considering getting her own show.

“Definitely there is no set thing, but it has been talked about,” Snooki told UsMagazine.com at the GBK Gift Lounge at the Mondrian Hotel.

“I got offers from VH1 and other reality networks.”

If the show were to focus on, say, Snooki finding someone to date, she already knows what she’s looking for.

“A guy I can be real with,” she explained. “I love to be a dork; I love a guy with a sense of humor!”

And if she could have her pick of the men of Hollywood, Snooki would want actor Paul Walker. No matter that he’s been in a relationship for the last few years.

“I don’t care!” Snooki said. “It doesn’t matter. I will take him away. I will do the robbery.”

Would you watch Snooki on her own show? Are you watching her on ‘Jersey Shore’?

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‘Balloon Boy: Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ – Coming To A Theatre Near You

WHAT? WHY? Steven C. Barber is making a documentary entitled ‘Balloon Boy:Guilty Until Proven Innocent‘ and I am hoping not one single person will pay for a ticket. I mean, haven’t we already wasted enough time and energy on the Heene family hoax?

Apparently not.

Filmmaker Steven C. Barber is threatening us with a documentary on the Heene family’s high-flying hijinks called Balloon Boy: Guilty Until Proven Innocent, set to hit theaters later this year, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Although Richard Heene was locked up after pleading guilty to the hoax, Barber still believes the reality-TV-aspiring patriarch really thought his son was trapped in a wayward weather balloon that soared through Colorado skies back on Oct. 15, and hopes the film will prove the saucer-happy dad’s innocence.

I don’t even know why I am asking this … but will you see this film?

‘No Engagement Bet’ Says Kim Kardashian

There was a little rumor going around that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush bet their engagement on whether or not The Saints would make it to the Superbowl. How absolutely unromantic!

Ok, I’ll marry you ONLY if The Saints don’t make the Superbowl.

Can you imagine having that conversation? Luckily for Kim, the rumor is not true.

There is a story going around saying I made a bet that Reggie would propose if The Saints won the Superbowl. This is not true. I never made any kind of bet. A radio interviewer asked what I dreamed for in 2010 and I was hesitant and thinking about it and they said what about a ring… I said yes, a Superbowl ring for Reggie. Then they said that if he gets a Superbowl ring, I get an engagement ring, and I said “ok deal!” LOL. This was taken way out of context by a lot of media outlets, who are saying I made a bet with Reggie, which I didn’t. In NO way is that a bet I made with Reggie! If you listen to the interview you can hear exactly what I said! It bugs me how people twist stories when the interview is right there to hear for yourself. I just wanted to clear that up!

This is why I love that celebs have blogs. This rumor could have spiraled out of control – but Kim just killed it with one post.

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Heidi Montag’s Co-Stars Speak Out About Her Plastic Surgeries

Heidi Montag’s co-stars on ‘The Hills’ have spoken out this week about her admitted addiction to plastic surgery (she says she had 10 procedures in ONE day). Audrina Patridge says it’s a personal choice and hopes Heidi is happy.

“I haven’t seen how she looks, so it’s hard for me to comment on it, but these are her decisions, and as long as Heidi is happy, that’s all that matters,”

But she thinks the amount is a little much:

“I think it’s a case of, ‘To each their own,’ ” she told PEOPLE, “but 10 procedures in one day is a little much.”

Lo Bosworth also weighed in on the controversy, shehad this to say:

“I hope that girls don’t read the article, look at the decisions that Heidi made, and think that’s normal,” Bosworth tells PEOPLE. “She was quoted as saying that [practically] every celebrity in Hollywood has these procedures done, every day . . . And that’s just not true. I would never want young girls to read that and think it’s the standard that they need to be measured by.”

She’s not saying that she’s anti-plastic surgery, though.

If some wrinkles come across my face, sure, I’ll get a little Botox, it’s not a big deal,” she says. “I think you should do what you want to do to take care of yourself. I just hope that the girls who look up to us and watch us don’t look at what Heidi did as the only way to be successful and beautiful.”

Have you tried any plastic surgery? Would you do it again? I would be terrified of 10 procedures in one day; it sounds really risky.

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