Scott Disick Gets Free Liquor On Streets Of Miami

Scott Disick was handed free bottles of liquor today as he left his Miami hotel.

Since he’s reportedly scouting locations to open a club, I wonder if these guys just wanted to get some “samples” of their liquor in his hands for consideration? If that’s not the case, we all better head to Miami – there’s free booze in the streets, ya’ll! Kidding! LOL!

What do you think of Scott’s clothing choice?

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Meet Baby Josie Duggar

On TLC’s ’19 Kids and Counting’ people will get to see how the Duggars youngest baby, little Josie Duggar, is doing. Josie was born at just 25 weeks.

She looks so big to me,” Michelle says as she prepares to hold her baby.

“Josie weighs 2 lbs., 3 1/2 oz.,” the nurse in the NICU says. “She is 47 days old and she eats breast milk that mom has pumped and we have, and she gets it continuously at six milliliters an hour, which is about a teaspoon an hour.”

I’m glad to hear Josie’s doing well. Do you watch the Duggars on TLC?

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Spencer Pratt Asked To Take A Break From ‘The Hills’ To Obtain Counseling

While things are going unbelievably well for Heidi Montag, things don’t seem to be going so well for her other half, husband Spencer Pratt. First he was let go as Heidi’s manager. Then he announced yesterday that he was leaving ‘The Hills’ to pursue a career in cyber crime. (Talk about random!)

Then a source close to ‘The Hills’ told Us Weekly that isn’t exactly true. Spencer isn’t leaving the show. Here’s what happened:

“All of that stuff about him leaving The Hills to fight cyber crime is not true,” the insider insists.

“He is leaving The Hills for 6 weeks because he was asked to.”

The source explains that Pratt, 26, recently “flipped out” on the show’s set after a female producer made a request to which he objected.

“He got so crazy that he screamed at [her], ‘I should kill you for even asking me to do that!'” the source recounts.

The producer reportedly filed a complaint with the show’s top-level producers, who then supposedly threatened to fire Spencer from the show.

Spencer’s team reportedly offered the following compromise:

“the show agreed that Spencer would leave The Hills for six weeks to do anger management training once a week at home. If he completes it, he can return to the show.”

If this Us Weekly story is true, then I guess the cyber crime story was supposed to explain Spencer’s absence? Then what- he would’ve had a change of heart and come back to ‘The Hills’? It sounds like something’s going on with Spencer.

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Kristin Cavallari Parties With Friends

Man – Kristin Cavallari loves short dresses, doesn’t she? We just saw her getting her tire fixed wearing a black mini yesterday afternoon.

These pictures are from last night’s excursions where the reality star was seen partying with friends after slipping into something more appropriate for clubbing.

Kristin certainly has the legs to pull off this look. Have you stopped wearing minis? Once I hit 30, I let this look go.

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Kate Gosselin Goes Tanning With Tony Dovolani

Guess there’s more to winning ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ than meets the eye. It’s not all about rehearsing numbers, it’s about looking the part as well. Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani were spotted arriving at the local tanning salon in Reading, Pennsylvania. By the looks of Kate’s skin… this wasn’t her first time.

The reality mom has moved rehearsals closer to home to ensure she gets to spend as much time as possible with her children while competing. Wonder what they think about mom getting on a new reality show?

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Heidi Montag Shoots A Scene For ‘Just Go With It’

I can’t believe Heidi Montag is getting work in real films. Imagine how many actresses would DIE to work alongside Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman? WOW – Heidi sure knows how to ride a wave.

Here is the reality star shooting her cameo for ‘Just Go With It’ at El Matador Beach in Malibu. Spencer Pratt sat with the crew as his wife got through the scene.

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Kristin Cavallari Gets Her Flat Tire Fixed

Kristin Cavallari was seen getting her flat tire fixed at the BMW store in Beverly Hills earlier today. The reality star looked quite casual in her flip flops and black tube dress. Nothing spruces up an outfit like the Alexander Wang Coco Mini Studded Bag though right?

She’s been carrying this particular bag for quite some time now which isn’t typical for a celebrity. We’re so used to seeing this group switch out accessories every week – forget about once a year.

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