Audrina Patridge Signs On To Host Network

I thought Audrina Patridge was focused on building a feature film career? Apparently she’s keeping her options open: in addition to continuing with ‘The Hills’ and shooting her own reality TV show, she’s signed on to host apparently runs talent contests on the internet, as I understand it. It’s already given away $100,000 in cash prizes in contests for singing, filmmaking, comedy, and photography.

“There is so much undiscovered talent out there,” says Patridge. “I am excited to take part in such a dynamic platform that will give opportunity to so many.”

It sounds like a situation where, if you can’t make it out to Hollywood, then Hollywood can come to you via the internet. I guess the next big star could come from anywhere!

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‘Jersey Shore’ Season Two Location Finally Revealed

According to PopEater, the cast of MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ will be heading to South Beach for season two.

One person who isn’t sad to see them go is New Jersey State Senator Joseph Vitale. He shared these parting words:

“It’s good news for us, but bad news for wherever they end up going,” he told PopEater on Monday.
“If they are indeed moving to Miami, I feel badly for Miami. I don’t care how they live their lives and what they do, but when they insult people and Italian-Americans, it is pretty reprehensible. In New Jersey, we are proud of the products we export, but this is not one we are proud of,” he added.

Ouch. But I’m sure MTV doesn’t mind the criticism – any press is considered good press.

Do you think the show will still work now that they’ve left the Shore? I wonder if they’ll tweak the name at all now?

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Kate Gosselin To Release Third Book

Kate Gosselin has already had two books on the best seller’s list: Multiple Blessings and Eight Little Faces. She’s now gearing up to release a third, titled ‘I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family’.

According to People, the book will feature snippets from her journal, prayers and eight letters – one for each of her children.

Kate shared this in a statement:

Each day the thought crosses my mind that when they get older, my kids are going to look back and think about how they were raised,” Gosselin says in a statement. “I know they will have a lot of questions about things that may not make sense because they were raised so unconventionally. I don’t want them to grow up and wonder; I want them to know without a shadow of a doubt how much I love them and how much every sacrifice made was worth it for them.”

The book is set for release on April 13. Have you read either of Kate’s previous books? Will you check out the new one?

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Audrina Patridge Suffers Her Own Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction

This may not reach as many people as Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction, but it’s waaayyy more public than I’d want it to be! Audrina Patridge attended Maxim’s Super Bowl party in Miami yesterday in a “form-fitting black minidress” with ‘The Hills’ cameras in tow.

Here’s what happened, according to Hollywood Life:

The form-fitting black mini dress she wore to the event simply wasn’t able to contain her and her boobs kept popping out while MTV cameras were rolling! So did she tell them to look away while she adjusted herself? Of course not! She loved the attention and thought it would make for really funny TV.

By now, I shouldn’t even be surprised, but Oh My Goodness! Unfortunately, I don’t have the rights to any pictures from the event, but you can see Audrina on the red carpet at the party here.

You may have to tune in to ‘The Hills’ to see the actual event.

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Jon Gosselin And TLC Could Reach A Settlement

More information is coming out about why Jon Gosselin is willing to allow TLC to film his kids again, although I think we all knew this day was coming, didn’t we? Apparently, Jon was deposed by TLC a couple of weeks ago, and things did not go well. Radar Online reports that Jon “knows” he can’t win a trial.

“Jon, and his family, has been hurt badly in terms of money he has had to spend,” another source told “A trial will be very, very expensive for him.”

TMZ put it more bluntly, saying Jon was “too broke” to fight TLC. Which is generally why it’s a good idea to think twice before taking a company in court: they have very deep pockets.

However, this doesn’t mean TLC plans on starting up a new version of ‘Kate Plus 8.’ They reportedly don’t trust Jon’s offer to allow them to start filming his kids again anyway.

“For TLC this lawsuit wasn’t about getting the show back on the air,” a source close to the situation told “And they don’t want it to appear that it was.”

According to TMZ, TLC is insisting that Jon abide by his contract. Translation: he can’t appear on TV without their permission.

I just can’t help but wonder: what in the world has Jon been THINKING all this time? What were his so-called advisors thinking? This stupidity has just been mind-boggling!

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Kate Gosselin Celebrates Return To TV With A Night Out In NYC

Kate Gosselin was spotted enjoying a kids-free evening out in the city. I think a night with grown-ups only is in order when you take care of eight kids, don’t you? LOL

She had plenty to celebrate to: in addition to her own reality show, which she’s working on with TLC, she is returning to ‘The View’ as a co-host in March.

It looks like Kate also made some adjustments to her hair extensions while in the city, getting straighter hair. I’ve put a couple of pics with her wavy extensions in the thumbnails.

Which look do you prefer? I think she looks better with the straightened extensions. Maybe it’s just that these extensions look way healthier than the wavy ones, though.

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‘Jersey Shore’s’ Pauly D Offered $50,000 To Give Bride Away

Now this is just insane. According to Radar Online, ‘Jersey Shore’ castmember Pauly D was offered $50,000 to give a bride away. This bride wanted a COMPLETE STRANGER to give her away at her wedding. However, Pauly D declined the offer.

“We rejected the offer, because Pauly is a serious DJ and all the other cast members are doing lots of personal appearances but Pauly D is not necessarily doing the personal appearances because he feels he has a lot to learn as a DJ. He does not want to be doing stuff that is unrelated to DJ-ing.”

What?! The reason for rejecting the offer is almost as crazy as the request itself!

I guess it’s great that Pauly D is so focused on the craft of DJ-ing (does anyone know what the craft involves? I honestly don’t know), but to turn down a $50,000 appearance fee for it?

But the request itself is crazy. I guess (hope) the bride’s father isn’t involved in her life.

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