Paris Hilton Kicks Off The New Year With A Shopping Spree

Paris Hilton may have changed things up in 2012 by going from blonde to brunette, but otherwise, she’s maintaining the status quo. She was spotted indulging herself on a shopping spree. Hey, I don’t blame her: if you have the resources, then why not?

Paris’ rumored boyfriend, DJ Afrojack, was spotted with her, but it looks like he was doing his best to stay in the background and avoid being photographed ;). (You can see him in a couple of the thumbnails.)

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Brad Goreski & Rachel Zoe’s War Of Words Heats Up

Brad Goreski and Rachel Zoe have a war of words going on. Rachel’s former assistant now has his own reality TV show, ‘It’s a Brad Brad World.’ When Brad visited Wendy Williams, he told her that his baby gift to Rachel (an Hermes tower of toys) didn’t even merit a thank-you note from his former boss.

Rachel, meanwhile, reportedly retweeted this before the premiere of Brad’s show:

“@Bravolebrity1 @SD0927 I am sure @mrbradgoreski show will fail but @rzrachelzoe will continue to be a star in business and personal life.”

The tweet was later deleted, according to WWD. However, Brad’s show premiered with over one million viewers, while Rachel’s third season premiere got 976,000 total viewers. If this continues, expect Rachel Zoe’s and Brad Goreski’s war of words to continue…

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Kim Kardashian To Make A Cameo On ‘Last Man Standing’

Kim Kardashian is returning to acting with a cameo on Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing.’ Apparently Tim’s character’s daughter is a huge fan of reality TV stars, so she’ll encounter one of the biggest by running into Kim!

This, Barbie dolls, a new magazine… the Kardashians are not slowing down in 2012.

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Is Rachel Zoe Expecting Baby #2?

According to Radar Online, sources are saying the reason Rachel Zoe is staying so covered up on the beach during her St. Barts vacation this year is because she’s pregnant with her second child.

“Rachel is just past the three month mark so she’s hardly showing yet at all. She’s thrilled, but, quite frankly a little shocked! She didn’t think she would fall pregnant a second time, let alone so quickly!

“Both her and Roger are really, really happy though, and Rachel is hoping for a little girl this time round, although more than anything she just wants another healthy, happy baby.”

I thought she might be covering up to avoid speculation about her weight, but this is a much better reason! I guess we’ll find out soon enough if this story is true or not ;).

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Are The Kardashians Planning To Launch Their Own Magazine?

According to this story, the answer is yes. The Kardashians reportedly are close to signing a deal with American Media Inc to have their own magazine. Well, Oprah’s done it, right? (I kid, I kid)

“This is a Kardashian idea. They have been reaching out to several media outlets.”

Of course it’s their idea ;). You have to admit, they are taking full advantage of their position as probably THE most popular reality TV personalities out there right now! But I can’t really blame them: who wouldn’t take advantage of these opportunities? It looks like there isn’t as much of a Kardashian backlash as there seemed last fall.

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Kyle Richards Offers Controversial Relationship Advice

Kyle Richards is branching out from reality TV personality (she’s on ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ along with her sister, Kim) into author, which includes advice-giver. She has some interesting advice about what you should do if you’re unfaithful.

“If you cheat once, don’t tell. You get a free pass.

“I’ve seen circumstances with people that I know are in love with their spouse and they made one mistake and I said — this is somebody that I know, nobody that anybody knows here, ‘Listen, if this really was a one time mistake, and you did not put this person in jeopardy,’ I personally think you should deal with it with yourself and with God and not go and say: ‘Honey look what I did,’ because I knew that this would ruin their relationship and their life. And I can tell you that many, many, many years later they’re happy and together and she did make that mistake and she has to carry that and live with that.”

Actually, this isn’t new advice, and I think a lot of people would agree with it. It’s the “free pass” part that probably rubs people the wrong way.

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Miley Cyrus Punk’d Khloe Kardashian (Video- Parental Advisory & NSFW)

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Parental advisory and NSFW: there’s no swearing, nudity or extreme violence, but the topic is probably not the best for a conservative work environment or little ears ;)

Remember Ashton Kutcher’s practical joke show ‘Punk’d’? It’s BACK! This clip has Miley Cyrus playing a joke on Khloe Kardashian. They persuade Khloe that a guy gets his, um, private parts stuck in his zipper and… hilarity ensues- LOL.

Do you think you’ll watch?