Paris Hilton Dresses Down For A Meeting

Paris Hilton was spotted leaving a business meeting in LA yesterday afternoon. This is what you’ve gotta love about the entertainment industry (or being an heiress): you can dress like this for a Business Meeting!

Regardless of how the meeting went, Paris was surely comfortable. And it’s convenient; she could head straight to the gym if she wanted.

Photos by FameFlynet

The Kardashians Attend Easter Services

The Kardashian clan celebrated Easter by attending an Easter service yesterday. Kim Kardashian kept it rather short (but not indecently so, right) with her pleated skirt. No sign of Kanye West.

The only Kardashians missing were Khloe and Lamar (they’re probably in Texas) and Scott Disick (although Bruce Jenner seems fine giving a too-adorable Mason with his shades a lift).

Photos by CPR/FameFlynet

Nicole Richie & Harlow Enjoy The Park

It looks like Nicole Richie had a low-key Easter: here she is at the park with Harlow. Harlow played for a bit, and the mother-daughter duo looked at the sculptures. Aren’t those sculptures wild? I can see where a kid would have fun looking at them!

Maybe Joel Madden and Sparrow did some guy bonding stuff while Nicole and Harlow enjoyed their girl time?

Photos by RODIFF/FameFlynet

Tori Spelling Arrives Back In LA

I know Tori Spelling has said her fourth (and unexpected) pregnancy has been her easiest one yet, but I still don’t know where she’s getting her energy! Here she is returning to LA after attending a book signing in New York City.

In addition to her book, Tori is also promoting a new show she’s hosting on TLC. And she has a baby at home. Plus two older kids. Now I’m ready to lie down and take a nap- LOL.

Photos by BJJ/FameFlynet

Hot New Song: Kanye West ‘Mercy’

Never say Kanye West doesn’t know how to generate press: he shocked us yesterday declaring his love for Kim Kardashian on his new song ‘Theraflu’ (and the Theraflu people, just so you know, are NOT happy their name was used as a title for his song), and now that we’re all buzzing about a possible Hot New Hollywood Couple (Kanye & Kim), he releases another new song, ‘Mercy.’

I’m sorry, but the whole Kanye and Kim thing just screams PR stunt to me, but how knows? It’s not like I know either one personally ;).

Bethenny Frankel Strolls Solo

Yesterday we saw Bethenny Frankel out with her family for a stroll: today she’s out alone. Maybe she’s on her way to a meeting or something, but even if she isn’t, there’s nothing wrong with taking some “me” time!

I’m loving Bethenny’s dress (especially the border!) and the coat. Like the purse but I’m not sure I’d have chosen those shoes to wear with them (although I like them just fine on their own). They just seem kind of “heavy” or clunky for that outfit. What do you think?

Photos by Teach/FameFlynet

Paris Hilton Touches Down At LAX

Paris Hilton was spotted arriving back in LA after vacationing in Sydney, Australia. She and Ashlee Simpson both attended the launch of Marquee Nightclub at The Star.

Paris may have been #5 on Forbes’ list of the Top Ten Overexposed Stars, but we’re seeing less and less of her these days, it seems. Something tells me Paris won’t allow that to be the case for long if she has anything to say about it!

Photos by BJJ/FameFlynet