Nicole Richie Uses A Pillow Shield At LAX

Nicole Richie was NOT in the mood for pictures when she arrived at LAX. The ‘Fashion Star‘ mentor attempted to hide behind her pillow. I’m guessing Nicole forgot about the cameras on the other side of her. It’s understandable: I bet it’s completely disorienting to be surrounded by the paparazzi like that.

Nicole gave her comfy travel outfit a chic edge with an animal print scarf. Say what you want about the former reality TV personality, but she has a great fashion sense! Are you watching ‘Fashion Star’? I admit, that Friday night time makes it tough for me to remember it, although I enjoyed the show last season.



KIM KARDASHIAN Rocking Her Baby Bump In Leather

Kim Kardashian Leaving Her London Hotel

Now if you don’t want to sacrifice leather for your maternity style, THIS is a good way to wear it. Kim Kardashian rocked her baby bump a leather top with black leggings and a jacket. She’s in London and went to see Beyonce perform. Kanye West must be working hard on his album in Paris not to have joined her!

Beyonce’s dazzling Londoners with the debut of her tour, the ‘Mrs. Carter World Tour’ (including an interesting encounter with Princess Eugenie, the younger daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York). I’m sure Kim enjoyed the show. She and Beyonce probably even got a chance to catch up backstage afterwards. What do you think of Kim’s outfit here? I’m a fan.


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KIM KARDASHIAN Parisian Vacay Is Over

Kim Kardashian Catches A Flight Out Of Paris

Here’s Kim Kardashian catching a flight out of Paris. She’s dressed her baby bump comfortably for the flight, and I don’t blame her! Kanye West reportedly flew Kim to Paris to visit him by private jet after she wrapped up her family vacation in Greece. The Greece vacation was filmed for ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ If the rumors are true that Kanye doesn’t want to appear on the show anymore, maybe that’s why he didn’t join them?

Kanye’s also said to be hard at work on a new album in Paris, so that could be why he didn’t join them, too. Papa’s got bills to pay with a baby on the way! Kim probably hated to leave. Who wouldn’t mind relaxing in Paris? Mama’s got bills to pay, too, however.



BETHENNY FRANKEL Surprised By Hostility In Divorce

Bethenny Frankel Lunches With Friends In NYC

Earlier this week we found out the judge had ordered a parenting evaluation in the divorce of Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy, since each one wants sole custody of their daughter, Bryn. Now Bethenny is opening up to People about her divorce battle, admitting things are getting pretty hostile.

“I really did think it would be amicable. I absolutely did. I wrote that entire statement [announcing the split, when Bethenny said she and Jason would “amicably parent” Bryn] myself. And every single word, I believed to be true.

“Someone said to me recently, ‘We see what we want to see.’ And I guess, at the time, that’s what I did.”

Seriously, Bethenny? She’s the one who filed the divorce papers first with a list of demands that surely ticked off Jason. What in the world was Bethenny seeing? Well, at least it sounds like she’s determined to turn this into a learning experience.

“The truth of the matter is, you go with your gut at the time. Whatever I’m going through now, I’m certain that I’ll learn something from it. When the clouds pass, I will figure out what the silver lining was.”

Bryn is a pretty remarkable silver lining!


Photos by Teach/FAMEFLYNET


The Animal Foundation's 10th Annual Best In Show Event

Whoa, mama! Did Holly Madison really give birth less than two months ago? You would never know she welcomed baby Aurora just last March! Holly was looking slim and trim at The Animal Foundation’s 10th Annual Best In Show event.

As you can see, Holly has her waistline back. She may have covered up somewhat with these adorable pooches, but there are plenty of pictures of Holly without the dogs. She is looking amazing.



KIM KARDASHIAN Kardashian Family Vacation In Greece Minus KANYE WEST

The Kardashians Vacation In Greece

Pictures of Kim Kardashian’s bare baby bump popped up on the internet when she stepped out in a bikini in Greece, but she kept herself covered up while out on a yacht. Kim is enjoying a Kardashian family vacation. The entire clan reportedly is there except for Khloe’s husband, Lamar Odom, and Kanye West. Lamar has a  good reason for not being there: he’s playing in the NBA playoffs. Kanye… well, who knows why he’s not there?

Kim looks like she’s having a good time with her nephew, Mason. Khloe, Kris Jenner, Kendall, Brody, and Kylie all seem to be enjoying hanging out on the yacht, too. Then again, who wouldn’t enjoy it? This looks like a fabulous vacation. Great way to kick off the summer (even if we still have another month or so of spring)! I bet they planned this trip early to be sure Kim could still travel.


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BETHENNY FRANKEL Furious Over Parent Evaluation

Bethenny Frankel & Bryn Stop For Ice Cream In The Park

Bethenny Frankel took advantage of an afternoon with her daughter, Bryn, to just hang out. The mother-daughter duo enjoyed some ice cream in the park. This may have been a quiet moment for Bethenny, but her divorce from Jason Hoppy is heating up. Each one wants sole custody of Bryn, leaving the judge with quite a decision. A source dished to Radar Online:

“A parenting evaluation has been ordered by the court to try and settle their custody issues. Bethenny is furious that her parenting style and methods are going to be questioned. Bryn is her whole life, and she doesn’t want anyone to assess her mothering skills.

“She does not want a complete stranger to come into her home and pass judgment on the way she nurtures Bryn. Bethenny has trouble trusting people she doesn’t know, and this is not making her happy.

“Bethenny isn’t going to give up her fight for full custody and neither is Jason. They’re both very stubborn and the court is going to have to make the ruling for them.”

I’m not sure any parent wants to participate in a parenting evaluation, but honestly, what did Bethenny expect? There’s no clear reason to give one parent sole custody over the other, so the judge doesn’t really have a choice. It’s too bad Bethenny and Jason can’t just work out an agreement like mature adults.


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