Holly Madison In The Doghouse With Her Homeowners’ Association

holly madison in doghouse with hoa

It sounds like Holly Madison’s Homeowners’ Association where she currently lives in Las Vegas don’t view Holly as the sweet, innocent girl next door. Holly’s life-size doghouse has become such a point of contention, she’s decided to move.

“We’re selling this house. We thought of renting it, but we’re finished here. The HOA (homeowners association) here is so bad, I don’t even want to deal with them. They’ve come after me about the dumbest things. Sometimes it’s things that don’t even apply to the rules.

“I built this ridiculous, human-sized doghouse behind my house, and when I went over it with my contractor, he consulted the HOA on all their restrictions and whatnot. They keep fining me for having it painted pink. It’s a hundred dollars a month, or something like that. I haven’t been paying it. I just keep sending them nasty letters.”

Holly said the doghouse can’t be seen from the street and is a “temporary structure,” so it falls outside of their jurisdication. If the doghouse (which, I have to admit, doesn’t sound like the greatest thing to look at) isn’t visible from the street, then it doesn’t seem like it should bother anyone. I’ve heard some real horror stories about HOAs, however. It’s probably for the best that Holly’s moving: she doesn’t need this stress with a baby on the way!




Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Was A “Pleasant Surprise”

kim kardashian had fertility problems

Now we know Khloe Kardashian is experiencing fertility problems. Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t seem to have a problem. But it turns out Kim Kardashian has experienced fertility problems herself. Kim’s pregnancy was a pleasant surprise because of them. Kim told Savannah Guthrie on ‘Today':

“Khloe has been very open about her fertility issues and I think I was always really kind of quiet about mine, and I have similar issues, and so it was a pleasant surprise when so many doctors were telling me one thing and then the opposite happens. That’s an exciting moment, you can plan for things like that. So I think it’s just such a blessing knowing my circumstances.”

Kim said she’s in no rush to get married.

“It’s something that we talk about, but I think it’s just right now (we’re) focusing on the baby. What I’ve learned in life is — I was always such a planner, and … you think your life is going to be a certain way, and the best surprises just happen when you don’t plan.”

Very true!



NeNe Leakes Treats Herself To Some Goodies

nene leakes gets some snacks

Reality TV star turned TV star NeNe Leakes stopped by a convenience store for some treats in Hollywood. NeNe’s not eating like most actresses: it looks like the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ star picked up some Fritos and peanut M&M’s. Then again, this is NeNe. She’s not going to bow to peer pressure to be thin. NeNe’s the ‘New Normal,’ after all (okay, it’s a terrible pun, but I couldn’t resist).

Have you seen NeNe on ‘The New Normal’? I haven’t had a chance to catch the show at all, so I don’t know if her episodes have aired. From what I’ve seen in clips, NeNe seems to be very funny. If anyone has seen the show, share the deets!


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Nicole Richie Is A Workout Fashion Star

nicole richie chic after workout

Nicole Richie the workout warrior is right back on track after the holidays! Actually, I’m not sure she ever got off track, even with the holidays. Knowing Nicole, this girl did NOT. And as usual, Nicole is chic even after a workout. If anyone was meant to be a mentor on NBC’s show ‘Fashion Star,’ it’s her!

I’m looking forward to the new season of ‘Fashion Star.’ It’s set to premiere March 8. I saw it last season and was tempted to buy a couple of items! Being in the eastern time zone, they weren’t available right after the show, though, and often by the time I thought about it again, the item was sold out. Are you a fan of ‘Fashion Star’?


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Kim Kardashian Can’t Marry Kanye West But She Can Still Pledge Her Commitment

kim kardashian & kanye west planning commitment ceremony

What do you do when you can’t legally marry someone because you’re still married to someone else? If you’re Kim Kardashian, then you don’t need to let that stop you from having some type of ceremony/party! Kim reportedly is planning a commitment ceremony to her baby daddy Kanye West. A source dished to London paper The Sun:

“Kanye is very traditional. He’d have liked to marry Kim now they are having a baby. But with Kim still married to someone else, there is not much else he can do. It won’t be official like a wedding because Kanye wants that to be extra special when the time comes.

“But they will still exchange rings – they just won’t wear them on their wedding fingers. One of Kim’s friends is lending them his $11 million Malibu beach mansion and the entire bash will take place there. It’ll be a lot more low-key than a wedding.”

It seems like Kanye’s not too traditional, since Kim’s pregnant already. Well, hey, there’s nothing wrong with a commitment ceremony, right? But I can say one thing. If I were one of the guests who attended Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries (of course I wasn’t), and I had bought Kim and Kris a wedding gift, I wouldn’t buy another one!



Kim Kardashian Is Really On The Ball: She Knows Her Baby’s Name

kim kardashian wants to name her baby liv

You have to give Kim Kardashian credit. She is On The Ball! Kim may only be in her first trimester of pregnancy (which means she wouldn’t know her baby’s gender yet), but she already has the baby’s name picked out. Kim wants to name her baby Liv.

“Kim has liked Liv since she was a teenager, as she was a big fan of Liv Tyler. She fell in love with it all over again when she started hanging out at the club on her visits to South Beach.”

Apparently Kim is convinced she’s pregnant with a baby girl. Hey, the odds are 50/50, right?




Are Kanye West & Kris Jenner Clashing Behind The Scenes?

kanye west & kris jenner clashing behind the scenes

If Kris Jenner thought she had trouble on her hands dealing with Scott Disick, something tells me that will look like a cakewalk in comparison to dealing with Kanye West. As soon as I heard stories that Kim Kardashian and Kanye don’t want their baby on TV, I guessed that momager Kris and Kanye likely were having some major behind-the-scenes disagreements. Radar Online reports Kanye is determined to keep some space between himself and Kim and her mother, starting with purchasing the $11 million Bel Air mansion.

“Kris is desperate to be close to Kim during her pregnancy, so she hand-picked a property for her daughter and Kanye in Hidden Hills. The home was in a gated community, was very palatial and an ideal setting for them to live privately away from the media glare. She wanted to be able to visit Kim as often as possible and come and go as and when she chose to. Kris even suggested having her own key. But, Kanye laid down the law. He said ‘h*ll no’ to the idea and told Kim he didn’t want to live near her mom.

“Kanye and Kris haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye of late, and he thinks that’s because she’s always around him, meddling in his relationship with Kim. He feels his privacy has been compromised and wants a little space away from the family. And, more than anything, Kanye wants a little bit of quiet time with Kim alone.”

I bet the challenge here is Kim’s lucrative E! contract. But even if she’s agreed to essentially share her life for E!, Kanye can probably weigh in as the  baby’s father and refuse to allow the baby to appear on TV with her/his mother. I doubt Kris would be happy with that. However, something tells me Kris and Kanye have met their match in each other. Poor Kim!