Madonna Travels With A Private Chef

Madonna flies with a private chef to cook her macrobiotic meals in the air. Can you imagine having someone with you at all times ready to prepare your meals at your will? SO JEALOUS!

On a recent Virgin Atlantic flight from New York to London, the 51-year-old reportedly splashed out thousands on bringing her own chef with her and booked up an entire aisle in upper class for her entourage. A source told the Daily Star newspaper:

“The cabin crew were given a dossier on rules and requirements. They weren’t allowed to walk down her aisle or ask her any questions, they had to go through her assistants. It was ridiculous. She took over the whole plane.”

What do you think about what Madonna did? Was it “ridiculous”? Or is it something you expect from a celebrity?

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Report: Zac Efron Spent Over $2,000 On Lap Dances

Highly unlikely – but ok.

The NY Post is reporting that Zac Efron spent more than $2,000 on lap dancers and vodka at a New York strip club. The actor, Corbin Bleu, and another friend spent the entire evening at Flashdancers Gentlemen’s Club on Broadway and didn’t leave until 3AM.

While girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens was home, Zac supposedly requested dances from three separate brunettes. A witness at the club told the New York Post newspaper:

“Zac came in Sunday night around midnight with Corbin and one other male friend, who paid for everything. They were seated in the VIP lounge behind the main stage. There was only a rail between them and the girls who were dancing.

“They ordered one bottle of Belvedere vodka and were enthralled with the dancers. They were interacting a lot with the girls and reaching out and showering money on them. There were three girls who Zac and his friends particularly liked and they asked to do personal dances at their table.”

“The girls were all slim pretty brunettes, a bit like Zac’s girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. They were two Americans, called Shannon and Brandi, and a gorgeous Brazilian called Raquel.

“Zac and the boys had a great time and left around 3am.”

What do you think? Would Zac do something like this right in the middle of his press tour for ‘Charlie St. Cloud’?

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Woman Demanding DNA Test From Michael Jackson To Prove Paternity

Why wouldn’t this woman do all of this while he was still alive? This man deserves to rest in peace.

Mocienne Petit Jackson
has filed papers with the Los Angeles County Superior Court requesting a DNA test to prove that she is the daughter of Michael Jackson.

She’s also requesting an inheritance check.

According to gossip website TMZ, her mother Barbara got pregnant when she was 17… and is Diana Ross’ sister.

Oh and then there’s the whole murder plot to cover up her birth.

However, Mocienne claims an elaborate cover-up plot was then hatched by Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, so the world would never know about the singer’s indiscretion.

She claims when she was nine, Katherine decided to fake an “abduction” of her in the hope of protecting Michael’s reputation.

According to Mocienne – who now lives in the Netherlands – all seven of her supposed abductors were then murdered after taking her to Belgium.

Can you IMAGINE if this turns out to be TRUE? Oh my word! What are the odds?

Michael Lohan Continues His “Crusade” To Help Lindsay

Oh Michael Lohan. What are we to do with you?

Michael reportedly is not giving up the fight to help his daughter, despite the fact that she doesn’t speak to him. It sounds commendable that he wants to help his daughter, but he truly goes about it in all the wrong ways. He revealed to a Nashville radio station that he’s reached out to Mark Wahlberg and Robert Downey Jr. to help her.

“My people are reaching out to Robert Downey Jr. and to Mark Wahlberg,” “I know both of them,” Michael continued. “Mark is a tremendous human being. Hopefully, they’ll see her before she gets out and she’ll get in this rehab and get off these prescription meds, and she’ll get her life back.”

Okay, a few things jump out at me. First, Michael Lohan has “people”? Second, WHAT is he doing on a Nashville radio station? And third, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Wahlberg? I mean, these men probably could try to help her, but it’s just so random of him.

Is this a true bid to help his daughter or is he just doing a little name dropping to get attention? And doesn’t he have other things to worry about like his domestic violence situation with his ex?

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‘Real Housewives Of NJ’ Teresa Giudice In Denial Over Assets Being Auctioned Off?

‘Real Housewives of NJ’ star Teresa Giudice’s bankruptcy proceedings seem to be suffering some miscommunication. The trustee in the court case has scheduled a public auction of some of Teresa’s assets to try to recoup some of the money owed to the creditors, but she insists this isn’t true (despite the auction already being listed with a full catalog on their website).

“The debtors are obviously not too happy that they will be holding the auction,” Harry Byrnes, a managing partner at A.J. Wilner Auctions, which was hired by the trustees, told E! News (just before Giudice said that the auction wasn’t happening).

But Teresa is adamant that there will be NO auction of her goods:

“The auction isn’t happening, [you] can’t believe everything you read,”

The auction catalog is still up, but the links now lead to a “page not found”, so it’s unclear what’s truly going on.

Some of the items listed include FOUR chandeliers, a suit of armor, a Foosball table, Sea-Doo Bombardier X20 Jet Boat, a big screen tv, and a plethora of furniture. With over $8 million in liabilities that they’re claiming in the bankruptcy, I’m sure these items won’t come close to fetching that kind of money.

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Leona Lewis Cancels Tour Because Of Heartbreak

Leona Lewis is apparently so upset over her breakup with long time boyfriend, Lou Al-Chamaa, that she had to cancel her tour plans.

Leona’s heart just wasn’t in the tour towards the end of the U.K. leg. She was upset, teary and heartbroken over her split with Lou.

“She’d been with him for 10 years. This was the love of her life. The last thing she wanted was to be on the road away from a support network of friends and family. She wasn’t up for it emotionally.”

That makes sense to me. She’s emotionally fragile right now. Leona probably wouldn’t be able to go on stage, sing love songs and pour her heart and soul into her music, without having a break down.

I wonder if her fans are angry or if they consider this to be an understandable reason for canceling.

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Fact Or Fiction: Inmates Sick Of Lindsay Lohan In Jail?

Although this doesn’t surprise me, I’m not sure if all the allegations the “jail source” makes are true, so I’ve decided to make this a “fact or fiction” post.

Maria Medina, a relative of someone else who’s staying at the same jail where Lindsay Lohan is being held, told People the other inmates are already sick of the high-profile prisoner.

“She’s not treated like if it was anyone else going to jail,” Maria Medina, a relative of an inmate at Lohan’s jail tells PEOPLE. “Like, if they even want to bring her new clothes or bring her anything, they put the whole facility on lockdown. It happens all the time.

“All the inmates are sick of Lindsay,” Medina says. “It’s almost like Lindsay Lohan’s here, but she’s not. Like if she even moves, they put the whole facility on lockdown. It happens all the time. For example, just yesterday [Friday], Lindsay had to go to the mini-clinic, and the whole place was on lockdown again.”

A sheriff’s spokesman denied Maria’s claims.

“It’s business as usual. Lindsay’s getting no special treatment,” he told PEOPLE on Saturday. He also said there is no such thing as “lockdowns.”

So I don’t know what to believe.

Regardless, Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells People Lindsay is doing better. She says her client’s outlook is “definitely more positive.” I guess the attorney would know. According to Radar Online, she visited Lindsay for five hours on Saturday. Lindsay had used up all her family visits, but I guess attorney visits are unlimited.

What do you think of Maria Medina’s claims: fact or fiction?

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