New Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape

OMG! I can’t imagine what Kendra Wilkinson is going through, but at least she has the experience of having had to deal with this once before. Radar Online reports that a NEW sex tape of Kendra is about to be sold. This time, she’s with another woman.

Unsurprisingly, the ex-boyfriend who sold the first sex tape also made- and is now selling- this one. Kendra and this woman apparently were hanging out with their boyfriends when it was filmed.

“Kendra and Taryn [Ryan] started fooling around and then Kendra wanted the light turned off,” the source told “But the camera that was recording them had night vision, so it looks like the Paris Hilton porn tape. Everything is completely clear.

“The girls are laughing at first, and the guys are encouraging them to kiss each other. They started kissing while giggling and then things got hotter.”

Kendra’s probably been waiting for this to happen ever since the guy sold her out by selling the first tape. Remember last spring when there were rumors about another sex tape? With a woman named Taryn? I wonder if this is it.

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Fact Or Fiction: Camille Grammer Invited To Kelsey Grammer’s Wedding

When I first saw this, I thought: who would seriously think Camille Grammer would get an invite to soon-to-be ex-husband Kesley Grammer’s wedding? Yet Pop Eater claims it may happen.

Kelsey is said to be so eager to have his kids at his wedding to Kayte Walsh that he’s willing to invite their mother to the ceremony, according to Camille’s friends.

“Camille is an amazing human being,” a friend of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ beauty tells me. “For her, it’s all about her children. She’s willing to put her personal hurt aside to be a great mom.”

Camille reportedly has come to grips with the fact that Kelsey plans to marry someone else and that Kayte will be a part of her kids’ lives.

But I don’t know… the fact that it’s Camille’s friends who are the sources for this story make me wonder if Camille is actually angling for an invite. But WHY put yourself through something like that after all that’s happened?

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Carrie Underwood Is Not Pregnant Says Rep

Have you heard the rumor that Carrie Underwood is two months pregnant with her first child? Well, her rep made an announcement this morning shooting down the story.

“I can share she’s not pregnant.”

Come on people! Carrie and Mike Fisher JUST got married! The press should give her a break.

Fact or Fiction – Has Eddie Cibrian Hired An Image Consultant?

This one I can believe! I guess Eddie Cibrian has had enough of the bad press that his relationship with LeAnn Rimes has created for him and has decided to hire an image consultant to change things. A source told Us Weekly;

“He’s tired of being portrayed as a philandering sleaze

“He made Eddie get rid of his Porsche and buy a Prius,” says the insider.

The source also says that he wants Eddie to spend more time with his kids with his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville;

“Instead of going to a Lakers game with his buddy, the consultant insisted he bring a son.”

Well call me crazy but should someone really have to tell you to spend more time with your kids?! A Cibrian source has denied the report. I wonder if this is why LeAnn has recently locked her twitter account? She used to be very public and tweet constantly but she has since made her account private – I wonder if the two things are related?

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Ex-Employees Post Alarming Pictures Of Jesse James

Last year a photo of Jesse James dressed in a nazi hat surfaced and sparked controversy, but the uproar faded off quickly. Now some former employees of Jesse’s West Coast Choppers posted unflattering shots on their Facebook page of the ex-boss in more nazi/Hitler inspired photos. You can see the new photos here.

In one pic, James grins and sits in a convertible alongside a pal who gives the infamous “sieg heil” salute; another image features a children’s book character, Flat Stanley, dressed as Adolf Hitler.

A source close to James said:

“He’s into history,”

“The swastika deal is to scare people. It’s part of biker culture.”

Uh, I know plenty of men who are into WWII history who wouldn’t dream of taking photos like these.

Thoughts? I’m sure Michelle McGee will have to throw her two cents in in 3…2…1…

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Hot New Couple Alert – Is Scarlett Johansson Dating Jason Sudeikis?

Wow! This is quite the couple! Scarlett Johansson, who recently announced her split from her husband Ryan Reynolds, and Jason Sudeikis, who also recently split from girlfriend January Jones, were spotted having a cozy double date with Sudeikis’s SNL castmate Will Forte and a date!

Life & Style reports that the foursome was spotted at a Santa Monica pub and that Scarlett and Jason were definitely acting like more than friends!

 “It definitely looked like a double date!” an eyewitness tells Life & Style.

“Scarlett and Jason were flirting and making lots of eye contact. He reached across the table twice to grab her hand.”

But, of course Scarlett’s rep is denying that the couple is dating, stating that;

 “After hosting Saturday Night Live three times, they’ve all become friends.”

Well I am sure that they are all friends, but I do think that they’d make a really great couple! What do you think – do you think that they’re dating?

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Kelly Osbourne Is Friends With… Who?

OMG! Kelly Osbourne has a new friend: Elle Schneider. How do Kelly and Elle know each other? Elle is the person Luke Worrell, Kelly’s ex-fiance, cheated on Kelly with.

And I’ve intentionally used the word “person” to describe Elle because Elle was a pre-op transsexual at the time of the affair. Elle was born Reynaldo Gonzalez. Kelly reportedly discovered the affair from Luke’s twitter page, and she’s ended up bonding with Elle.

Elle said: “I spoke to Kelly about two days ago. Every time we talk on the phone, it will be for 40 minutes to an hour … Kelly contacted me on 25 December – she had read Luke’s private messages to me on his twitter page and wanted to let me know he had been lying to me, just like he had lied to her.”

Elle reportedly met Luke at a club.

“I was open with Luke, I told him I was born a boy. He didn’t mind – in fact it turned him on more. He told me I was beautiful. It was only when I took my clothes off that hew saw I had a penis. He wasn’t fazed by it – he was very complimentary.” [sic]

Once Kelly contacted Elle, Elle broke things off with Luke.

“From the moment I met him he was telling me he loved me and wanted us to get married. At the same time he was professing his love to me, he was doing the same to Kelly. I think the way he has treated her is terrible. The way Luke lives his life is completely toxic.”

I guess she didn’t google Luke to find out about him? Luke’s engagement to Kelly wasn’t exactly a secret!

This makes Kelly’s twitter tirade a bit more understandable, don’t you think? I mean, being betrayed hurts no matter what, but this… this must’ve added an extra dimension to it. I wonder if Luke will have anything to say about this?

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