There Are Some Impressive Perks To Working For Oprah

Oprah Winfrey’s “O” Magazine is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary and to show her staff just how much she appreciates them, she gave them all a pretty nice bonus.

Each staff member got an iPad and a leather case engraved with their initials AND a check for $10,000. Every staff member received the gifts – no matter how long they’d been there. Darn, I forgot to send in my resume last week!

A spokesperson for the company said:

personal gifts to the staff from Oprah to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the magazine.

Where can I get a job with perks like that?

What’s the nicest bonus you’ve ever been given on the job? Do you know anyone with an overly generous boss?

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Charlie Sheen’s Wife Leaves LA With Their Twin Sons

People is reporting that Charlie Sheen’s wife, Brooke Mueller, is so stressed out over everything that’s going on with the actor that she’s taken their twin boys and moved about an hour outside of Los Angeles.

Brooke is close to having a nervous breakdown over all that is going on with Charlie, so she took the boys to live in a rental house away from Los Angeles,” the source tells PEOPLE. “She is still taking outpatient help with her addiction problems and would have totally relapsed if she had not gotten out of town.”

Another source reportedly confirmed to People that Brooke is again seeking treatment. Brooke is said to be deciding between two homes to stay in: one in Laguna Beach and the other in Santa Barbara.

Things aren’t going well between Brooke and Charlie, according to one source.

“Brooke often throws down the phone when she speaks to Charlie,” the source continues. “Brooke is totally stressed and needs to stay away from him and L.A. and start a new life.”

I can’t even IMAGINE how crazy things must be around Charlie and Brooke right now. Hopefully they’re able to become stable for the sake of their kids.

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More Diva Like Behavior For Lady Gaga

What’s up with all the negative stories coming out about Lady Gaga lately? Is she breaking? Or is the media ready to take her down?

While dining at ‘Asia de Cuba’ with about 20 friends, the singer flipped out when someone in the restaurant took her picture.

“Gaga became noticeably upset, pushed her security team out of the way to confront the shutterbug and demanded he delete the photo,” said a witness.

The guest ended up deleting the photo to please her. What do you think? Does Lady Gaga have a right to her own privacy in public places? Or should she have just let her fan take the picture?

Chris Klein Arrested For DUI

UGH! COME ON Chris Klein!! Call a CAB. Why is this so difficult for people to understand?!

Chris is the latest celebrity to get busted for a DUI. On Wednesday, he was pulled over by cops and failed the sobriety test. This isn’t the first time either. In 2005, he plead guilty to DUI and was sentenced to five years probation and a $1,800 fine.

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Brooke Mueller Refuses To Get Less Child Support Than Denise Richards

TMZ has obtained documents pertaining to the possibly-happening divorce of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller. The 41 page document outlines some of the ways that assets will be split.

Brooke will get several bank accounts, a $1 million payout for her share of their house, about $700,000 in a lump sum, and 50% of the money they received for selling baby pics to Getty images.

In addition to that, Brooke will receive $55,000 per month in child support and a clause in the paperwork says that she will never receive less than what Denise Richards is paid in support.

Also, there is additional language that prevents them from ever airing any dirty laundry:

“not to disclose to any media sources personal information relating to Charlie’s sexual affairs or alleged drug usage.” For his part, Charlie agrees not to talk about Brooke’s alleged drug use.

They are also not allowed to talk badly of each other in front of their children.

TMZ also notes that Charlie has a watch collection valued at over $5 MILLION dollars that he will retain in the divorce. WATCHES worth $5 MILLION? Wow!

What do you think of the agreement? According to TMZ the paperwork is signed by Charlie but has yet to be filed in court. It’s a good thing he signed on for more seasons of Two & a Half Men – he might need the paychecks to keep up his support agreements. Yikes.

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Perez Hilton Could Face Child Pornography Charges For Posting Miley Cyrus Picture

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton might be in some legal hot water over an indecent photo he posted of 17-year-old Miley Cyrus.

Miley was snapped climbing out of a car when one of those famous “skirt oops” moments happened. These shots aren’t quite so scandalous anymore, but given the fact that Miley is a minor, Hilton might find himself in a heap of trouble. He then posted the shot on his site and all heck broke loose.

Jeffrey Douglas, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney says that Perez (real name Mario Lavandeira Jr.) might face child pornography charges and calls the posting of the pic “suicidal”.

“We’re not talking about a misdemeanor,” he said. “You don’t have to know what the definition of the law is; all you have to do is knowingly distribute the photograph.”

The attorney told People that even if the shot is photoshopped, as some have thought, it won’t clear him of any wrong doing.

“That is still a crime, and it is punishable just the same,” says Douglas, adding that even clearly manipulated images of a child’s head Photoshopped onto an adult’s body, for example is punishable under the law.

According to People’s article, Perez posted a video on his site this afternoon to defend himself.

In a video posted on his Web site Tuesday afternoon, Perez Hilton addresses what he calls the “fake” controversy. “Sure I like to be controversial,” he says, “but I don’t want to go to jail.” He then adds that Cyrus was “clearly” not showing anything inappropriate.

Whoa. I wonder what Miley’s camp has to say about all of this.

What do you think? Should charges be filed against him?

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Hot New Couple Alert: Jamie-Lynn Sigler And Mark Sanchez

Back in December the rumors were circulating that Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara had split, but reps wouldn’t confirm or deny. The rumors must have been true because Jamie-Lynn went public this weekend with her new beau, New York Jets player Mark Sanchez.

Mark spoke to InTouch about Jamie-Lynn backstage at the Tony Awards:

‘Things have been going well. She’s just a sweetheart. We have our own commitments, and then when we get our own time together, it’s great”

Mark shared a few of the couple’s favorite things to do in NY:

We’ve been to a couple of Yankee games, and we went to see Fences last night.”

So, there we have it – official word of their new couple status.

I wonder if this means Jamie-Lynn won’t be back on ‘Entourage’ this season? We won’t have to wait long to find out, the new season starts in just two weeks.

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