Mila Kunis Is Not Involved In Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel’s Split

I guess the speculation was inevitable, between Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake co-starring in the movie ‘Friends with Benefits’ and co-presenting at awards shows, but Justin is intervening quickly to put to rest the rumor that Mila is behind his split from Jessica Biel.

Mila had nothing to do with their break-up,” the source says. “In fact, no one came between them. They decided their relationship ran its course and it was time to move on.

“They’re not in a relationship,” the source says. “They star in a movie called Friends with Benefits but they’re just friends. That’s it. They are not together.”

I believe the source this time. Sometimes relationships really do just run their course! What do you think?

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Fact Or Fiction: Did Jessica Biel “Look The Other Way” When Justin Timberlake Cheated?

Now that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s reps have confirmed their split, the speculation is heating up. Did Jessica look the other way during Justin’s rumored cheating?

There was never any proof,” the source [tells People]. “When you’re in a relationship, you have to choose to believe the person or get out.”

A different source who knows the couple said Biel “looked the other way” when it came to Timberlake’s alleged cheating. The source says “it’s been a rough road” for the pair.

Yet the first source also said:

“It really was mutual. There really wasn’t a final straw. They’re just two people who realized they wanted different things in life and were headed in different directions. It was just easier to end it now rather than later.”

That’s part of dating, isn’t it? What do you think:

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Fact Or Fiction: Could Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Report “Destroy” Her?

Hmmm… I don’t know what to make of TMZ’s latest Lindsay Lohan story. “Sources” are telling TMZ that there’s some seriously devastating information in Lindsay’s probation report.

Multiple sources familiar with the probation report tell TMZ … the report — drafted after Lindsay allegedly took the necklace in January — contains something “shocking” and “devastating” against Lindsay.  The info has never been made public and our sources would not divulge specifics — only to say any judge who uses it to determine sentencing would probably throw the book at Lindsay.

Here’s what Lindsay’s attorney had to say to TMZ about these allegations:

“Judge Schwartz made it abundantly clear Thursday, on the record, that the probation violation, if proven, would be based on the theft allegation and nothing more.  If there was such ‘devastating’ information in the Probation Report, wouldn’t the allegations be based on that?”

I’m inclined to agree with the attorney, but at this point, NOTHING would surprise me about Lindsay or this case. What do you think?

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Christina Aguilera Still Out Drinking

WHAT is Christina Aguilera thinking?! Three days after she was arrested for public intoxication, she and her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, (yep, the one who was arrested on suspicion of DUI), went back to the same restaurant they had eaten at the night of her arrest.

Among the things they ordered: two bottles of wine.

She acted as if the arrest never happened,” a Mozza source tells Us. “When their server offered them dessert, they asked for more wine.”

When it was time to leave, “She seemed tipsy,” the observer notes.

Thank goodness they took a limo home!

Insiders reportedly are worried.

“She should see the arrest as a wake-up call, but she doesn’t. She doesn’t think things are that bad.”

Adds another source: “She’s nearly fall-down wasted nearly every night.”

Well, at least Christina is still working. I, for one, am worried about her. Are you?

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Is Ashlee Simpson Dating Someone New?

Ashlee Simpson is rumored to be getting over the end of her marriage with a new guy. She’s supposedly been seen “acting rather affectionately” with musician Craig Owens, according to E! News.

Craig is said to be a friend of Pete Wentz’s. Ouch.

Do you think it’s too soon? I don’t feel like I know enough to make a judgment, but I’m sure some of you have opinions ;).

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Celebrity Breakups: Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha, Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan

Well it was a big day for celebrity breakups! Us Magazine is reporting that both Ashley Olsen and Audrina Patridge are back on the market after breaking up with their respective boyfriends.

Ashley had been dating Hangover star Justin Bartha for two years, but according to a friend of the couple, “It’s over.”

That’s too bad – they were a really cute couple together!

In not so surprising news Audrina Patridge called it off with her Australian BMX racing boyfriend Corey Bohan over the weekend. The former Hills star is busy filming her new reality show for VH1 and sources tell Us that she might have already replaced Bohan when she met polo player Nic Roldan at 251 The Club;

“Major sparks flew between Audrina and Nic Saturday night, and the entire evening they couldn’t stop laughing and touching each other. Audrina seemed to be having the time of her life, dancing and mingling with guests, but you could tell she was especially focused on Nic.”

And it didn’t end there, apparently they met up the next day and;

“He gave her a private polo lesson at the International Polo Club in Wellington.”

Ah young love!

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Lady Gaga Opens Up About Drugs And Traumatic Experiences

Lady Gaga has made no secret of the fact that she’s used drugs but the singer has opened up to author Neil Strauss in his new book ‘Everyone Loves You When You Are Dead’ and reveals that she still worries about how much she used to do;

“Sometimes it freaks me out – or I should say it petrifies me – when I think about laying in my apartment in New York with bed bugs and roaches on the floor and mirrors with cocaine everywhere, and no will or interest in doing anything but making music and getting high.

“I’ve had such obstacles with drugs and rejection and people not believing in me. It’s been a very long and continuous road that I love, but it’s hard to just chalk it up to myself. I have to believe there’s something greater than myself.”

Strauss also revealed to that he asked Gaga if she had been through a traumatic experience in her youth;

“I asked her if she’d been through a traumatic experience when she was younger and she said yes, that it was when she was in New York and it was so terrible that she’d blocked it out.

“She said it was so horrible that she didn’t want it in her younger fans’ heads. I think she felt that if she opened up about herself, then it would define her and that’s all anyone would ask about.”

Huh, I find it odd that she’s worried about putting that in her younger fans’ heads but she’ll openly talk about her ‘drunk diet’ , losing her virginity and smoking marijuana. Must be a pretty traumatic experience!

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