Report: Tish Cyrus Had An Affair With Bret Michaels

Oh no, here we go. I was hoping that this divorce wouldn’t get messy, but Us Weekly is reporting that the reason behind Billy Ray Cyrus filing for divorce after 17 years of marriage to Tish Cyrus, is because she cheated.

They’re reporting that an affair between Tish and Bret Michaels happened earlier this year when he grew close to the family after working with Miley on their duet “Nothing to Lose”.

“Billy Ray was completely unaware of what was going on,”

Bret’s rep said:

“There has never been an affair or a fling,”

Tish’s camp is also denying the claims. But their source insists:

“It was a professional relationship that turned into something more.”

According to the magazine, Billy Ray filed for divorce after learning of the fling with Bret, plus one other affair.

I had high hopes that these two would work things out or at least divorce quietly without any crazy stories coming out….

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Uma Thurman’s Stalker Scare

Forget the paparazzi: I think the worst thing about fame for celebrities are the stalkers! Uma Thurman is being frightened by a former mental patient (Jack Jordan) whom she got a five-year protection order against to keep him from contacting her. Unfortunately, he’s calling again, reports E! News.

According to a police source, Jordan phoned the actress twice last week, once at her residence, reaching her assistant both times and warning Thurman that her boyfriend “was not good enough” for her and that she should “marry” him instead.

“Uma had a criminal complaint prepared against this guy and filed on Oct. 31,” says a police source. “No arrests have been made, but he is wanted here. If he shows, he’s getting locked up.”

In 2007 Jordan was arrested when he was found outside Uma’s apartment; during the subsequent trial, Uma tested he sent her emails and “threatened suicide” if she dated other men. His attorney said he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Jordan avoided going to jail when his family in Maryland agreed to care for him, including getting him treatment, and he was supposed to stop contacting Uma.

Hopefully no one gets hurt!

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Why Demi Lovato Decided To Seek Help

You know things must have been pretty serious for Demi Lovato to leave her tour with the Jonas brothers for treatment for “emotional and physical issues” (rather than working with someone while she continued to tour or waiting until the tour ended). Sources close to her are providing more details about what her problems are.

Citing a person familiar with the situation, the Associated Press reports that the Disney star — who split from tour partner Joe Jonas earlier this year — indeed had self-mutilation issues.

She also showed signs of having an eating disorder, reports the AP.

“She needed help before a smaller problem got worse,” an insider tells Us. “She is doing OK.”

Adds the source, “She has been forced into showbiz from a young age and that puts tremendous pressure on someone … everyone is really happy she is getting help.”

A couple of years ago Demi talked to Ellen DeGeneres about how she had to be home-schooled when bullying at school got out of control. Poor girl!

Hopefully Demi’s able to get the help she needs before things get worse.

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Report: Charlie Sheen Filing For Divorce

People magazine is reporting that Charlie Sheen will file for divorce from Brooke Mueller on Monday. It wasn’t clear if they meant today or next Monday. I don’t think anyone will be surprised at this news.

They’ve been living apart since April and both sought treatment in rehab following their Christmas debacle in Colorado. Brooke and Charlie share 1-year-old twins Max and Bob.

I wonder if this will shift the focus away from the hotel incident of last weekend? I’m also curious to see how these proceedings play out. Hopefully they’ll be able to settle things amicably.

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Charges Filed Over Katy Perry And Russell Brand’s Wedding

Well, not everyone considered Katy Perry’s and Russell Brand’s wedding a joyous event. Some people apparently thought it was too loud.

E! News reports that officials in India have filed charges over the wedding. Katy and Russell are in the clear, but managers at the Aman-i-Khas hotel (which is where the wedding was held) are facing legal charges for breaking the district’s rules regarding loud noise after 10 pm.

Officials said today that Perry and Brand, who decamped from India for a honeymoon in the Maldives this week, are off the hook for any transgressions. But the resort management now faces penalties that range from a fine to jail time.

Goodness! If it’s a fine, then I wonder if Katy and Russell will help the managers pay it? I guess you could argue that it was the hotel’s responsibility to be aware of and follow the local laws regarding noise.

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Capri Anderson Plans To Sue Charlie Sheen

Forget the $12,000 Charlie Sheen supposedly still owes Capri Anderson for the evening in New York City. Something tells me Capri (the woman, alleged escort) wants a whole lot more than $12,000 at this point.

TMZ reports that Capri plans to sue the actor.

Sources close to Anderson tell TMZ … she believes Charlie was acting so crazy in his hotel room at The Plaza Hotel on Tuesday morning — that she felt her life was in danger … and she also felt like she was being held in the room against her will.

As we previously reported, Charlie tore the room apart — busting a chair and causing damage to several hotel items. Capri ended up locking herself in the bathroom and calling hotel security.

Capri claims Charlie also threatened her in the hotel room, although she made no mention of this to NYC cops when they interviewed her about the incident.

FYI — law enforcement sources tell us officials have no plans to file charges against Charlie.

I doubt the hotel will press charges since Charlie’s agreed to pay for the damages to the room, so that takes care of criminal charges. I’m guessing Charlie’s going to settle this out of court. What do you think?

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Is Lindsay Lohan The Victim Of A Double-Standard?

Producer Richard Sullivan, who’s been trying to launch a project called ‘One Night with You’ with Lindsay Lohan, has had trouble getting it off the ground because he can’t get the starlet insured, he tells Radar Online.

“It’s amazing,” says O’Sullivan. “Lindsay hasn’t shot anyone. Charlie Sheen actually has. He SHOT Kelly Preston.”  (Sheen and Preston were engaged at the time and the 1990 incident was ruled an accident.)

“Lindsay hasn’t been keeping entire prostitution rings in business. Charlie has. Lindsay hasn’t destroyed personal property like Charlie has. Still, Lindsay’s a pariah and yet when Charlie does it, it’s just ‘boys being boys’.”

OMG! I’d completely forgotten about the 1990 incident with Kelly! Twenty years later, Charlie Sheen’s still getting into trouble.

Richard says he’s a fan of Charlie’s and wishes him well, but the differential treatment is getting to him.

“Lindsay did one thing that could have hurt someone else,” says O’Sullivan. “She drove drunk. It was a stupid, stupid thing and she knew it. Anything else you can point to regarding her behavior is casebook ‘victimless crime.’ She isn’t hurting anyone but herself. Yet media outlets will sit and do round table discussions about her like she’s single-handedly destroying society.

“Meanwhile, Charlie’s given a pass, makes nearly two million bucks a week, and everybody loves him. God bless him, he’s a good soul, but jeez, people, don’t be hypocrites about it. He’s a middle-aged man with five kids. Lindsay’s barely out of high school.”

I have to admit, I have wondered why the whole hotel fiasco hasn’t been investigated as a probation violation. But if there’s nothing about avoiding drugs in the probation agreement, then what happened wouldn’t be a violation.

And remember ‘Georgia Rule,’ when the producer had the publicly blast Lindsay for calling in sick? Charlie shows up to work. I also think Charlie’s got an amazing “team” around him to do damage control. And starring on the most successful comedy on TV at the moment (‘Two and a Half Men’) surely protects him, too.

But what do you think: is there a double-standard at work here?

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