Miley Cyrus’ Racy Pictures Hit The Web (Again)

Want to see some new Miley Cyrus racy pictures? Or is the shock value completely gone since we are talking about the former Disney Princess. Miley is aging. She’s rebelling. She’s being a teenager and doing things to get attention – negative or not. The new set of racy Miley Cyrus pictures aren’t really cr-azy, but they’re getting press nevertheless.

The Superficial has the shots. Basically it’s Miley in a cut up dress with a girl hovering over her and pretending to lick Miley Cyrus’ breasts. No need to worry though because Miley has all her clothes on.

It looks like they are at a club which I still don’t get because I thought you had to be 21 to go to clubs. Can’t these establishments get into trouble? Why have laws if they blatantly can disregard them? Just for us regular folk? UGH!

So are these Miley Cyrus racy photos crazier than the bong scandal? Her father didn’t like that video leaking. Wonder what he will think about these new shots?

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Octomom Nadya Suleman Facing Eviction. Again.

We may be about to ring in a new year, but some things don’t change. Octomom Nadya Suleman is again facing eviction: this Friday, if she can’t come up with a $450,000 balloon payment. It was originally due October 9, according to her landlord, Amer Haddadin.

“I think they have money, but they are hiding the money,” Haddadin said.

Apparently Nadya’s father worked out the deal with Amer for the house, since Nadya wasn’t able to get a traditional loan from a bank (she was unemployed). Nadya’s father transferred the deed from his name to Nadya’s and her attorney’s, Jeff Czech, in August.

The only thing Jeff had to say when contacted by USA Today was that Nadya has been making her $4000 monthly payments.

At this point, I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t some kind of publicity stunt. Why keep giving her all these chances, with that type of money outstanding? But I can’t figure out what they’re getting from all the publicity.

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Woman Accusing Lindsay Lohan Of Battery Drops Charges

Well, Lindsay Lohan must be breathing easier as she gets ready for Christmas. The former Betty Ford Center worker, Dawn Holland, who wanted to press charges for criminal battery, has changed her mind and now refuses to cooperate with any criminal investigation, according to her attorney.

Dawn Holland, who told TMZ earlier this week how Lindsay ripped a phone from her hand causing a severe sprain, now says Lindsay should not be prosecuted.

Holland’s lawyer, Keith Davidson, tells TMZ, “Dawn will not continue to press charges against Lindsay, nor will she be assisting any further in the investigation or prosecution.”

And this is interesting … we asked Davidson how his client would respond if she’s subpoenaed, and he said, “She won’t.”

Davidson says Holland and Lindsay share a common bond — they’re both recovering addicts, Holland does not want “in any way shape or form to do anything that would violated Lindsay’s probation or cause an arrest.”

Davidson says, “A crime has quite simply not been committed by Ms. Lohan.”

Hmmm… wonder what led to the about-face? Well, it did sound like a scuffle that got out of hand.

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Lindsay Lohan And Betty Ford Worker Battle It Out

This is getting REALLY ugly. The Betty Ford staffer who got into a scuffle with Lindsay Lohan gave an interview to TMZ, claiming the actress injured her badly enough that she had to go on worker’s comp. TMZ has a copy of the incident report here.

The worker, Dawn Holland, was then fired for giving the interview; Betty Ford claimed she violated confidentiality rules when she spoke to the media.

Meanwhile, Lindsay says SHE is the victim here. She says she was out getting her hair done. (Since this all went down at about 1 am, her hairdresser must keep some interesting hours.) However, Radar Online reports Lindsay could get 6 months in prison just for refusing to take a breathalyzer.

If you want to know more about this trainwreck, then click on the continue reading link below the thumbnails.

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Report: Scarlett Johansson Treated Ryan Reynolds Badly

Sources on the set of “Green Lantern” are dishing that Scarlett Johansson was treating Ryan Reynolds badly and he was open about the fact that they were having problems.

The set source shared that Ryan was:

“open on set that he and Scarlett [Johansson] were having problems.”

“would say that she treated him badly. It never seemed like she made him a priority.”

“She was disconnected and disaffected” about the split, the source says. “It was harsh.”

We’ve already read the stories about Scarlet screaming on the phone, and Ryan turning to an ex because he’s so devastated, so who knows what’s really going on in private.

I really hope this isn’t a sign that the divorce is going to get ugly where the “blame game” is concerned. Crossing my fingers that this is just a rumor started by someone who really ISN’T in the know.

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Chris Brown Gets Diploma After Completing Domestic Violence Classes

Chris Brown obtained a diploma after completing his court-mandated domestic violence classes after assaulting Rihanna. He tweeted:

i have enough self respect and decency to be proud of accomplishing this DV class.. Boyz run from there mistakes.. Men learn from them!!!thx

The judge told him:

“Of all probationers I’ve ever had, and I’ve had thousands of probationers, no one has ever done a better or more consistent job than you have,” Judge Patricia Schnegg told Brown. “And I really want to commend you for taking responsibility, and for actually working diligently to complete all of the things the court has required of you.”

Chris even put a picture of his diploma on twitter:

 I'm done with class on Twitpic

Do you feel it’s time to forgive and forget where Chris is concerned or will your view of him forever be changed? Do you believe him when he says he’s a “great guy“?

Breaking News: Lindsay Lohan Facing Criminal Battery Charges?

Earlier this morning I told you about how Lindsay Lohan had been moved partly due to a run-in with one of the Betty Ford staffers. Turns out that “run-in” resulted in a call to the police for “hand-to-hand battery,” according to TMZ. And the staffer wants Lindsay charged with criminal battery.

Apparently the confrontation occurred after Lindsay returned to the center 10 minutes after her curfew.

Lindsay claims when she walked into the BFC — a female staff member was “unfairly” scolding her about the situation  … and demanded the actress take a drug/alcohol test. We’re told it was during the heated exchange that the woman “put her hands on Lindsay.”

Lindsay claims she told the woman, “Take your hands off of me” and then “pushed back.” 

As we previously reported, local police received a call at 1:03 AM for “hand-to-hand battery” — and LiLo was named as a suspect. The staffer wants LiLo prosecuted for criminal battery. 

We’re told Lindsay feels the staffer has had it out for her for a while … and with LiLo reaching the end of her stay at the clinic, the actress believes the staffer was looking for a final confrontation.

If things were bad enough that the police were called, then that’s NOT a good sign. Whether the staffer had it in for Lindsay or not, if Lindsay hadn’t gotten physically aggressive, things wouldn’t have escalated. {Sigh}

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