Paris Hilton Declined Limo The Night Of Her Arrest

Before Paris Hilton’s arrest in Las Vegas, she did an interview with the local NBC affiliate and was offered a limo afterwards, according to E! News. Paris reportedly declined the offer, saying:

“My boyfriend [Cy Waits] will drive me.”

This falls into one of those head-slapping oops moments with the knowledge of hindsight. Apparently, the limo brought her to the interview and took her back Cy’s house afterward so she could change to go out.

“When the limo took her back to Waits’, she was asked if she wanted the limo to wait for her,” [Alicia Jacobs, entertainment reporter] tells E! “But Hilton said, ‘No, my boyfriend will be driving us tonight.'”

BIG mistake.

Although I have to say, looking at Paris’ mugshot (main picture above), she doesn’t seem too upset, does she?

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Snooki And ‘Jersey Shore’ Girls Party Hard Despite Lawsuit

Here’s Snooki, J-Woww, and Deena Cortese enjoy some mid-afternoon drinks with their bodyguard (that’s the guy in the black shirt). It looks like they got bored drinking out of glasses (or pretty drunk) and started drinking them off of J-Woww (take a look at some of the pictures below). Goodness!

They don’t seem at all worried about the lawsuit that was filed against them (and the rest of the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast) by a woman who’s suing them for assault, according to Radar Online.

The claimant, who filed her suit using her initials J.P., says that four security guards employed by the show threw her to the ground following a heated argument with Snooki.

J.P.’s attorney Eugene Lavernge of New Jersey says her chin was cut and she now has a scar from the incident, reported

The incident occurred last September, the same night Ronnie knocked a man unconscious. That man, Stephen Ortiz, is suing MTV and the show’s producers.

Something tells me they’re making so much money, these type of lawsuits are worth the risk. It will be really unfortunate if someone gets seriously injured, though.

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UPDATE: Breaking News: Paris Hilton Arrested

Paris Hilton was arrested last night in Las Vegas after being found in possession of cocaine, according to TMZ.

According to police, Paris was the passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over outside the Wynn Hotel. The driver was arrested for DUI (drug-related, not alcohol) and when cops searched Hilton, they found her in possession of a controlled substance.

Police say tests revealed the substance to be cocaine.

She was arrested and released on her own recognizance.

Oy vey. You know we’re going to hear more about this, so stay tuned…

Update: TMZ reports that Paris is using a defense similar to what she claimed in South Africa.

Sources who have spoken with Paris since her arrest on the Vegas strip late last night tell TMZ … she insists the purse — with what we’re told contained a small amount of cocaine — was not hers.

Paris has hired “powerful” defense attorney David Chesnoff to handle her defense. Although she was the only woman in the car when police stopped it, apparently there were other women in the car earlier that evening.

Yeah, ’cause women leave their purses behind all the time. Do you think Paris will manage to get away with this again?

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Lindsay Lohan Takes A Meeting

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is working hard to get her career back on track! She was spotted leaving a meeting at Fox Studios yesterday afternoon. That’s gotta be a step in the right direction, right?

People reports that Lindsay’s friends are worried about her recovery.

“Lindsay says she’s determined to stay sober and focus on work,” says a Lohan source. “[But] it’s too soon to tell what will happen. We’ve seen these moments of ‘purity’ before, but as soon as she gets a taste of the nightlife and the drama, she usually falls back into old habits fast.”

Hopefully Lindsay will stay away from the clubs and keep meeting with studio executives instead. She looks great, which I’d imagine impresses the execs.

And I can’t help myself… I COVET that purse!

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Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend To The Rescue

TMZ reports that Paris Hilton’s boyfriend, Cy Waits, is the one who was able to keep her intruder put as they waited for police on Tuesday.

According to the report, when Paris woke Cy up after hearing banging downstairs, he grabbed a gun and went to see what was going on. That’s when he found the intruder peering through the window, holding two large knives. He went outside, gun pointed, and made the intruder drop his weapons and lay on his stomach until the authorities arrived.

Paris is said to be grateful for what he did:

“Thank God Cy was there, he saved my life.”

Paris hired two new bodyguards and upped the number of security cameras around her house, too.

They are lucky that the intruder didn’t put up a fight – that could of ended pretty badly.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Granted Restraining Order Against Woman Who Claims To Be His Pregnant Wife

Leonardo DiCaprio must need another vacation already this week. First, he’s dealing with the court case of the woman who slashed his face and then fled for Canada, who now says the fight wasn’t her fault. Now he’s trying to deal with a disturbed woman who claims to be his wife and carrying his child!

A judge granted Leonardo a restraining order against Livia Bistriceanu, a woman from Chicago who believes she is married to him and carrying his baby. Leonardo’s statement:

Given this obsessive and harassing behavior, I am frightened of Ms. Bistriceanu and feel that my personal safety, and the personal safety of those around me, is in jeopardy,

has evidenced a willingness to make physical contact with me regardless of the consequences.

She has even reportedly traveled to Los Angeles at least twice in an attempt to meet him and sends him handwritten letters (which he gave the court).

I understand that some fans become a bit obsessive about their favorite celebrities, but this is downright scary.

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Playmate Admits She Made A Sex Tape With Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Stole It

This story just gets crazier and crazier by the day! Then again, this is Speidi we’re talking about- I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Playboy playmate Karissa Shannon admits she and Heidi Montag did make a sex tape together, reports Radar Online.

Karissa confirmed to, “there is a sex tape of me and Heidi,” emphasizing that Spencer was not present when they shot it. “It’s just me and Heidi, that’s it,” she said.

So how did Spencer Pratt get it?

“Me and Heidi were hanging out at her house in Malibu and he came over to pick up some stuff and he ‘accidentally’ took my camera,” Karissa told

“I talk to Heidi every single day and I tried to be there for her when she was going through her divorce, but now it’s starting to affect my life. Spencer had no right to steal my camera. There are other things on there that I don’t want to come out, including the video of me and Heidi.”

If it’s stolen property, then it seems like Karissa should be able to insist it be returned and Spencer certainly wouldn’t have any right to sell it. Right?

Although Karissa says she doesn’t want the tape to get out, she also admitted to one other regret.

“I don’t know, I just wish I’d done it [the sex tape] with Lindsay Lohan,” she quipped. “At least it wouldn’t be on the market right now!”

Huh? Well, that’s the last thing Lindsay Lohan needs right now, so I guess that’s actually a good thing!

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