Kate Gosselin Says Collin And Alexis Were Not Expelled From School

Kate Gosselin is opening up more about Collin and Alexis leaving their private school to be home schooled. Kate explains that they were NOT expelled.

The school would never use that word,” Gosselin, 35, tells PEOPLE. “[Collin and Alexis] were not expelled. [The school] did not feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided they should leave, for now.”

Whatever was happening, it must’ve been pretty bad for them to require private tutoring at home. So what was going on?

“They’ve been the ones to verbalize the most that they miss Daddy,” she says. “I could see that they’re the ones struggling the most. [Collin] was upset and saying things out of frustration – he’d crumple his papers and throw them on the floor,” she says. “Alexis was angry in a different way. She didn’t want to sit still. She’d get up and want to run around.”

The kids reportedly are seeing a therapist. Kate says she’s just focused on being a good mom.

“I’ve kept the stability, the income – everything that they know and love – “I’ve come through on that,” she says. “I am doing what my kids need me to do. That’s really all that matters.”

Hopefully this means those rumors of Kate being broke are false! I have to admit, I can’t IMAGINE having to deal with things so personal in the public eye. Even kids aren’t off-limits anymore.

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Jennifer Lopez Fighting Release Of Tapes Of Her Exposing Herself

Jennifer Lopez has probably burned a couple of effigies of ex-husband Ojani Noa at this point, but the guy just won’t go away. Radar Online reports the new ‘American Idol’ judge has attorneys back in court to block the release of more private videos that supposedly show the actress exposing herself.

“JLo is riding a scooter in public in Cuba, while talking to the camera and numerous by-standers, with her privates in as plain view asParis Hilton, Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan have in the past,” said Ed Meyer, a rep for Lopez’s ex-hubby.

“This is among other nudity on her part in the now 21 hours of home movies, that we have so far recovered.”

The tape does not contain full-on sex, but is said to grant a revealing glimpse of the singer, including her with “no underwear” and “vagina in plain view”, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Apparently, Ojani and Ed Meyer are planning to make a feature film of Ojani’s one-year marriage to Jennifer, and these home videos are part of it.

Jennifer’s attorneys reportedly are claiming the release of these videos violates the injunction she has in place, but Ed is arguing he (as a co-producer) isn’t bound to this agreement.


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Britney Spears In An Abusive Relationship With Jason Trawick (Report)

Sources are claiming that Britney Spears is in an abusive relationship with boyfriend Jason Trawick. Star Magazine is claiming that Britney’s former husband Jason Alexander has come forward to spill the beans in an attempt to save Spears from herself.

Jason Alexander!? How on EARTH does he know anything about Britney Spears’ relationship with Jason Trawick? Are we to believe that he is still close with his former flame?

“Britney is in an abusive relationship,” the entertainer’s first husband says in a detailed interview with Star. “She told me her life had turned into a nightmare.”

Jason also claims that Jason Trawick hit Britney Spears so hard once that he gave her a BLACK EYE. Talk about a scandal!

But wait there is more… are you sitting down? Because you need to be sitting down. Jason Alexander told Star that Britney got pregnant earlier in the year and aborted the baby because she wanted to focus on getting her career back on track.

Ok – let’s discuss. Is Alexander just trying to get paid? Is he using Britney to earn a paycheck? OR is all of this true and he’s really just trying to help out a friend?

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Lindsay Lohan On ‘Dancing With The Stars': Will It Save Her Career?

Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be part of next season’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ cast. Many people are actually hoping that the actress goes along with it because the reality show has done wonders for reviving public interest in failing careers.

Producers are a bit concerned about whether or not Lindsay Lohan can stay sober. She’s currently in the Betty Ford Clinic and the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ crew hopes she can keep it together until next season. Radar Online reports:

The producers were concerned about her erratic behavior, but they are taking another look at asking her to come on for the next season because she is doing so well at her sober living facility,” the source added. “The producers are aware that she would be available because she isn’t going to be filming Inferno.”

Will Lindsay Lohan say yes? If her team allows her to… then she will.

“Lindsay won’t be making any decisions about what she chooses for her next project without consulting first with her treatment team,” the source said. This wasn’t mandated by the court, her advisors or medical team, but Lindsay has taken that step herself, which is a very, very positive sign.”

We all know how well ‘Dancing with the Stars’ pays. Lindsay Lohan is in need of some work and some hard cash. What do you think? Will Lindsay take the role? Will you watch if she does?

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Christina Aguilera Meets New Boyfriend’s Family

Rumor has it that Christina Aguilera is getting serious with her new boyfriend Matt Rutler. The pair spent Thanksgiving together at Matt’s mother’s house in NY. Christina Aguilera’s son Max spent the holiday with his father, Jordan Bratman.

“This is the first Thanksgiving she was without Max. It was really hard for her and she was feeling sad, so she decided to go to the East Coast with Matt and a group of friends.

“Since his family lives so close, they decided to drop in for a few hours.”

Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler met on the set of ‘Burlesque’ – sounds very Brad and Angie doesn’t it? Wonder if this has anything to do with the pregnancy rumors? Wouldn’t that be scandalous!

The 29-year-old singer recently said she was ready for this change:

“I’m doing good – really, really good. Sometimes change is necessary. I’m entering a whole different chapter in my life now with the movie, and my son, and being a mother – the next evolution in my life. And it feels good – it feels really good.”

Here’s a pic of Matt if you are interested.

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Rachel Uchitel Says She’s A Love Addict

Remember Rachel Uchitel? She was the first woman named as a mistress in the Tiger Woods scandal. Then David Boreanaz. Since her reported $10 million settlement from the golf pro, she’s participated in Dr. Drew’sCelebrity Rehab‘ show, and now she’s talking publicly about her problem: she’s a love addict.

“It is the most common addiction in the world, yet it is also the addiction most commonly pushed under the rug because people don’t believe it exists,” Uchitel told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive new interview.

“People think it is a moral issue if somebody falls in love, all over the place. It is not, it is a disease and disorder; it is where you feel like you have a hole in your heart and you are waiting for a knight in shining armor to come and save you.

“But it is not an excuse for anyone’s behavior. You get stuck in relationships that are not right for you; you basically put a mask over somebody’s head and pretend they’re somebody who they’re not. In the end, you get disappointed when they don’t react the way you want them to.”

Now, granted, there are people who do this and have this problem, but to call it an illness? Seriously?! Tell me what you think:

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Mariah Carey Having Twins! The Singer Slips With News

Mariah Carey is having twins! The singer was being interviewed by Radio Disney’s Ernie D and used the word THEY instead of HE or SHE.

“I just hope that they don’t turn out hating Christmas!”

Mariah Carey COULD be trying to avoid saying the gender of her child of course, but most outlets are agreeing that this was a slip up.

What do you think? Did Mariah Carey just admit that she’s having twins with Nick Cannon? It’s definitely a possibility! Considering the fact that the singer – who announced her pregnancy last month - isn’t going to hire a nanny, I’d say she is going to have her hand FULL.

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