Octomom Nadya Suleman’s New Gig

Oh goodness. I feared this day would come, given Nadya Suleman’s dire financial straights and porn company Vivid Entertainment’s determination to get into business with her (to the point where the owner of Vivid Entertainment bought her house).

TMZ reports Nadya has shot a “fetish video” (you can see a picture from the video here).

TMZ has obtained the UNBELIEVABLE photos of Octomom whipping a grown-a** man dressed up as a baby in some kind of weird FETISH shoot. 

Octo — who STUFFED herself into an ultra-skin-tight corset — is crackin’ the whip on a guy named Tattoo … an L.A. radio personality featured on Rick.com

The eerily-erotic madness takes place all over Octo’s La Habra home … with Tattoo posing with her kids’ horsey and inside their play castle.

Nadya had publicly declared that she would not do pornography (and this isn’t exactly a porn video), but I wonder how she must’ve felt having to do even this. I mean, yes, she obviously had more kids than she could handle, but she’s still HUMAN.

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Fact Or Fiction: Christina Aguilera Passed Out, Drunk, In Jeremy Renner’s Bed

OMG! What is going on with Christina Aguilera these days? First there was the report of weird living arrangements, then the rumor that she got into it with her ‘Burlesque’ co-star, Julianne Hough, and today Us Weekly reports that Christina got drunk and passed out in Jeremy Renner’s bed.

This was after she showed up, reportedly uninvited, to the new ‘Mission Impossible 4′ star’s 40th birthday bash. Jeremy reportedly complained to people about it at a Golden Globes party after running into Christina.

“Someone comes and tells me she’s in my room,” he told pals at the Jan. 16 affair. “I run up and open the door and I’m like, ‘Um, hi. What are you doing?’ She just starts slurring. Her boyfriend [Matthew Rutler] was rubbing her back. Who comes to someone’s birthday party that they don’t know and gets in their bed?! My parents were there!”


Adds another source, “Christina was a mess at that party. She acted like a fool. Her boyfriend was shushing her and telling her to go to sleep.”

Now it should be noted that Jeremy’s rep told Us Weekly:

Aguilera “was enjoying herself, but she wasn’t in his bed.”

What is up?

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Fact Or Fiction: Did Christina Aguilera “Attack” Julianne Hough?

I find this so hard to believe! Yet E! News reports that Christina Aguilera got into a tiff with her ‘Burlesque’ co-star Julianne Hough at a pre-Golden Globes party over the weekend.

“Christina really got in her face,” an eyewitness told E! News, saying that Aguilera unleashed a verbal barrage at Hough.

Onlookers said Aguilera even grabbed Hough, leading the Dancing With the Stars hoofer to snap, “Don’t touch me!”

Before the two separated, Aguilera threatened to torpedo Hough’s burgeoning country singing career. Hough was said to be “visibly upset” by the incident, according to one insider. “The whole thing was troubling. People felt bad for Julianne.”

Goodness! Now, it should be noted that Christina’s rep called the story “nonsense.” Julianne’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment. Julianne’s boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest, reportedly wasn’t at the party.

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Are Brooke Mueller And Charlie Sheen Talking Reconciliation?

Okay, I know Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen have twin sons together, but after ALL that’s happened, is it even possible they could be considering getting back together? According to Brooke’s mother, the answer is: yes.

They’re talking about it constantly, and Brooke has been saying she and Charlie are trying to get back together,” Brooke’s mother Moira Fiore told Jose  Lambiet of the Palm Beach Post…

Mueller — who’s the mother of Sheen’s twin sons Bob and Max — “seems ready to give it another try,” Moira said. “Charlie’s been telling her that things have not gone well for him is because they broke up.

“I think he’s making her feel guilty and he wants to be with Brooke.”

Oh PLEASE. Things haven’t gone well with Charlie because he isn’t with Brooke? It couldn’t be all the drug use and partying that’s causing his problems?

Hopefully Brooke will be able to make a decision that will keep herself and her sons safe. At the very least, maybe Charlie will take Kirstie Alley’s advice.

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Snooki Is Still Alive And Well

Another day, another celebrity death hoax. ‘Jersey Shore’ star Snooki must’ve had a shock when her Facebook page became “flooded with condolences,” according to TMZ. Luckily, it’s not true.

Some people with a morbid sense of humor flooded the Internet this weekend with false reports that the “Jersey Shore” star kicked the bucket. But according to a rep — who spoke to Snooki this morning — she’s alive and probably drinking somewhere right now.

So all you ‘Jersey Shore’ fans can breathe easy :).

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Did Ricky Gervais Host The Meanest Golden Globes Ever? (Video)

That’s how Deadline Hollywood’s Nikki Finke described Ricky Gervais as the host of the Golden Globes last night (the “meanest Golden Globes ever”). TMZ called his Scientology joke “controversial.”

If you missed the show last night, here’s a clip of many of Ricky’s jokes. What did you think?

Camille Grammer Talks About Meeting Kelsey Grammer’s Fiancee

Given the situation (cheating allegations, move for a quickie divorce, and wedding plans), there’s NO way this meeting would’ve gone well. Camille Grammer talked about meeting her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer’s, fiancee, Kayte Walsh.

“It was interesting to say the least,” Camille, 42, told Andy Cohen Thursday night on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

Apparently it was when Camille was handing off their two kids for a visit. Kelsey notified her via text that Kayte would be present, according to Camille. Talk about unnecessary awkwardness!

“My girlfriend Diedre, who you saw on the show, says, ‘We have to go down and meet her.'”

And…? “She was nice, and we both said hello. She has a very strong handshake,” the former Playboy modeled quipped with a laugh. “It was uncomfortable. Kelsey looked shocked. The look on his face!

“It’s the first time I’ve seen him and her together. And with my children, that was uncomfortable.”

I guess so! How did Bravo’s cameras manage to miss that?

Camille admitted she’s unhappy with how she appears on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’

“I hate the person who I am on that show,” she tells Us. “She is a monster. I was preoccupied with my personal life,” says Grammer. “It’s difficult to raise children through texting.”

Did you watch Camille on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’? What did you think of her?

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