Scarlett Johansson Heard “Screaming” On Phone Days Before Divorce

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds may have been one of the most under-the-radar couples in Hollywood (which is especially amazing when you consider that they’re both A-list actors), but that isn’t stopping the speculation about what led to their shocking divorce announcement.

Us Weekly reports Scarlett was heard arguing on the phone just before her split from Ryan was announced.

Wearing a baseball cap, Johansson looked “miserable,” the observer tells the new Us Weekly.

“She was screaming into her phone, referring to someone as a ‘jerk.’ She looked really pissed off.”

Now, I think it’s important to point that this could be anything. It may have been a work matter, an argument with a friend… who knows?

Yet sources claim Scarlett is the one who was most unhappy in the marriage.

“Scarlett has been unhappy for a while and wanted the separation,” a source tells Us, explaining that the couple’s busy film schedules kept them apart for too long.

I can see long separations taking their toll in a marriage. I’m still sad about this split, though. I’d hoped these two would make it.

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Montana Fishburne Poses For Another Sexy Photo Shoot: BlackMen Magazine

Just when you thought Montana Fishburne learned her lesson, a racy photoshoot gets released by BlackMen Magazine showing the porn star in sexy lingerie and provocative positions. Holy photoshop BTW.

Why can’t this girl stop promoting herself in such a sexual manner? She has to want more for herself, right? I won’t post them here, but if you want to see the set be sure to visit ONTD.

Lawrence must not be pleased that his daughter did the shoot, but it is a step up from her XXX video.

Are Rihanna And Matt Kemp Having Problems?

With all the celebrity divorces going on, I don’t want to hear about one more celebrity couple calling it quits! It sounds like Rihanna and Matt Kemp aren’t quite at that point, but apparently things are looking shaky due to busy schedules that keep the couple apart, according to E! News’ Marc Malkin.

“Their schedules were difficult, but they made it all seem so easy being together,” says a pal of the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder.

“He loves her very much and I honestly believe she loves him a lot,” says another source. “How this plays out no one, not even them know at this point.”

A Rihanna confidante concurs, but says no one would be surprised if the romance fizzled because the singer is “still very much a kid.”

Plans to spend the holiday together apparently were nixed… by Rihanna, if this “source” is to be believed.

“I don’t think it’s him,” says another insider. “He would never pull the plug. Before he would leave training to be with her. Something has changed.”

Well, sometimes relationships fizzle out. That’s all part of the dating life ;).

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David Arquette Says He’s Not Really Having A Nervous Breakdown

So a couple of days ago David Arquette told Howard Stern (and the world) that he was having a nervous breakdown. Now he’s backtracking a bit on that confession via twitter.

It is being reported that I’m having a Nervous Breakdown. I assure you am not. This stemmed from a joke I made on The Howard Stern Show and like many things in the Media it was mis-reported and sensationalized.

I always speak my mind and I really don’t care what people that don’t know me may say – I’m a good person with a huge heart

I thank those that have been on my side during this rough time…

It does sound like David is struggling to cope with his split from Courteney Cox. Maybe he just shouldn’t give interviews right now?

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Julia Stiles Denies Breaking Up Michael C. Hall’s Marriage

When celebrities get divorced, rumors are inevitable, I guess. I told you about ‘Dexter’ star Michael C. Hall and his co-star (and wife of two years) Jennifer Carpenter getting divorced. Now another one of their ‘Dexter’ co-stars, Julia Stiles, is having to deny rumors that she is the cause of the rift.

I have absolutely nothing to do with the split between Michael and Jennifer. We are good friends and enjoyed working together,” Stiles tells in a statement.

“This is a personal matter between them, and we should respect their privacy. Although I too prefer to keep my private life private, I felt compelled to dispel the rumors I was somehow the cause for this matter.”

I don’t blame Julia for wanting to clear the air on this one. Who wants to be accused of being involved in the break-up of a marriage?

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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt: Wedding In India

Brangelina are tying the knot… again. It’s one rumor after the other – this time placing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in India. Today’s reports claim that the pair will celebrate their love through a Hindu ceremony in Jodhpur, India. Mind you, we all know that Angelina is BUSY promoting her new movie, ‘The Tourist’. As if she has a moment to plan a wedding!!

We just saw Katy Perry and Russell Brand marry in India. It’s not so far fetched to believe, except this rumor is about Brad and Angie. We’ve heard it a million times over.

I bet even when it actually happens we still won’t believe it. :)

Fact Or Fiction: Natalie Portman Upset Over Mila Kunis Award Nominations

Rumor has it (according to the National Enquirer, so consider the source) that Natalie Portman is all kinds of jealous over the acclaim that Mila Kunis is receiving for her role in ‘Black Swan‘. A source says:

This was supposed to be Natalie’s BIG role, so she’s totally upset that Mila is getting so much praise,”

Natalie’s confident about her performance, but she clearly didn’t expect Mila to be getting so much Oscar talk.”

They’re even comparing the situation to when Beyonce was thought to be “the” big performance of ‘Dreamgirls‘ and Jennifer Hudson wound up stealing the show:

“Natalie knows that the Best Actress category is more competitive and Supporting Actress honors usually go to an unexpected newcomer – like Mila,” said the source. “It’s like when Jennifer Hudson stole every single scene from Beyonce in Dreamgirls. And look what happened there – Jennifer walked away with the Academy Award!”

What do you think? Is the media just TRYING to drum up a diva fight? I don’t see either of them as the type to care about awards and whatnot, just doing their job. Fact or fiction?

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