Report: “Jersey Shore’s” Mike “The Situation” Has A Shady Past?

This week’s issue of Star is reporting that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino had a run in with the law before he landed his gig on “Jersey Shore”.

According to the tabloid, he was pulled over and arrested for possession of marijuana. They also report that the reality star was struggling financially before he was hired for partying at the Shore. The actor and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant reportedly had judgments totaling over $12,000 with various creditors.

I guess I don’t find it TOO shocking or anything. Almost everyone is struggling financially when they are just starting out on their own and now he can certainly afford to clear up his past obligations.

The “full story” is available in Star’s print edition, so they didn’t give too many details beyond this. I wonder if Mike will respond to the claims? I’m kind of surprised this didn’t come out in the first season of the show when they were gaining in popularity.

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Kevin Federline Defends Britney Spears Against Bodyguard’s Accusations

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about Britney Spears’ former bodyguard’s lawsuit against the singer. The bodyguard alleges sexual harassment, emotional distress, and even physical abuse against her two sons. Well, Kevin Federline, the father of her two children, has come out in support of his ex-wife.

Federline, 32, isn’t buying it. His attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told the Associated Press that Flores’ “allegations are a product of economic motives…They are as baseless as they seem.”

Kaplan added that Federline — who had Flores’ claims looked into — would have intervened earlier had he suspected any wrongdoing by Spears.

The bodyguard’s intent to sue was leaked to the press months ago, Kaplan points out.

“I think that the timing of this and the nature of the allegations speak for themselves,” he told the AP.

This is quite something, given the heated custody battle Britney and Kevin went through over their sons!

The bodyguard makes some pretty outlandish claims, which you can read here.

What do you think of all this? I feel badly Britney has to deal with it: she’s been doing so well, this is the LAST thing she needs!

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Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Britney Spears

A former bodyguard has filed a sexual harassment suit against Britney Spears today.

Fernando Flores claims that the pop star repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances toward him.

“She was wearing a white lace, see-through dress. She walked over close by [Flores], intentionally dropped her cigarette lighter on the floor, bent over to retrieve it and thereby exposed her uncovered genitals to [Flores].The incident caused [Flores] shock and disgust.”

Fernando claims Britney said: “You know you liked it.”
The lawsuit further claims: “In addition to exposing herself to [Flores], Spears engaged in numerous sex acts in front of [Flores].”

He also claims that he witnessed several incidents of abuse against Jayden and Sean Preston. He says that once Britney demanded him to give her his belt and she:

“savagely hit the small child [her son Sean Preston]” with the belt.

He also claims that she fed both boys crabmeat even though they are allergic and then refused to let anyone seek medical attention for them.

Oh boy. Just when things start going smoothly and quietly for Britney…..

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Brooke Mueller To Star In Reality Show With Paris Hilton?

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s estranged wife, is reportedly going to be taking part in a reality show with none other than Paris Hilton! Now that, to me, is one of the oddest couples ever!

The cable reality show will be of the lifestyle theme whatever that means – and is said to be starring Mueller, Hilton as well as others.

Mueller has had a bit of a rough go lately, after being arrested over domestic violence charges and receiving treatment for alleged substance abuse. Hilton was just arrested in Las Vegas for alleged substance possession. Doesn’t really sound to me like this is a match made in heaven!

Mueller’s rep told TMZ that she’s currently in an

“intensive, physical fitness program in Southern California

” adding that she is not in rehab or any type of

“stress management facility.”

Mueller has stated that;

“Mentally, I feel really clear and spiritually, I feel really connected. I’m doing good.

“I want to put my priorities straight, and to focus on doing the next right thing in front of me. As long as I do the next right thing, I’ll be all right

“I’m hiking, listening to music, reading, going to bed early – and waking up early and just being healthy. And juicing. I love my juice bar.”

Why is it that everybody seems to be getting their own reality show lately? Do you really care about Brooke Mueller? Anybody?

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Scott Disick Writing Tell-All Book About The Kardashians

In Touch Weekly reports that Scott Disick, the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s son and her on-again/off-again boyfriend, is now penning a tell-all book about life with the Kardashian clan. Now Scott reportedly is finished smiling for the cameras and dealing with the “controlling” Kris Jenner.

“He has vowed not to sell out Kourtney personally, but he doesn’t mind talking about the rest of the family,” the insider shares, adding that these days, “he really can’t stand to be in the same room with Kris.

“He wants to break away from the Kardashian brand and do his own thing,” the insider explains.

And what would “his own thing” be? Need I even ask? In addition to possibly writing a tell-all book, Scott wants to do his own reality TV show. He reportedly thinks his “wild party boy lifestyle” will be entertaining.

It’s more entertaining when you aren’t a FATHER, Scott. What do you think? would you be interested in reading Scott’s tell-all book or watching him in his own show? I think he should have a chat with Jon Gosselin, myself.

You can read the entire story in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, which is on newsstands now.

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Will Robert Pattinson Make A Cameo On Entourage?

Will Robert Pattinson appear on HBO’s hit show Entourage in the show’s finale as a client of Jeremy Piven’s character, Ari Gold? That’s the rumor that has been going around!

Apparently, the actor best known as Edward Cullen in the hit Twilight Series, has already filmed scenes for the show’s finale! If its true, he’ll join Eminem and Christina Augilera, who have already confirmed that they’ll be making appearances in the finale.

I would love to see Ari Gold and Pattinson appear together! Entourage has been having a fantastic season, and the addition of Pattinson would be a perfect series ender! I wonder if he would have any interaction with Adrian Grenier’s character of Vincent Chase?! I think it would be great if Ari was trying to get Vince a role in ‘Breaking Dawn’!

Pattinson hasn’t confirmed if he’s going to be appearing on the popular show, but he does admit that he likes to stay busy.

“I just want to work as much as I am now. I like working all the time because I spent so many years before ‘Twilight’ just doing stuff for two or three months of the year. The rest of the time I’d do nothing, or I’d just have tiny little jobs.”

What do you think-  do you think he’ll make a cameo on Entourage?

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Fact Or Fiction: Did Elin Nordegren Attempt Suicide Over Tiger Woods’ Cheating?

Was Elin Woods suicidal after the breakup of her marriage to Tiger Woods? The ENQUIRER is reporting that a source close to Elin said that not only did her husband’s cheating almost drive her to suicide, but that it also caused stress-induced vomiting, insomnia uncontrollable crying.

Thankfully, through intense therapy sessions and the love of her two adorable kids that she was able to get through such a tough time.

The source also says that

Elin was devastated,

and that

“She began staying home, seeing no one and weeping all the time. She had nannies take the children out so she could sit at home and cry,

Well, if I found out my husband was doing what Tiger was doing, I think I’d be pretty upset too! But not sure if I believe this one or not – given the source. Elin seems to be a pretty strong woman so while I see her being upset, I’m not sure if I buy it that she was suicidal. What do you think?

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