Academy Awards Producers Trying To Shake Things Up

The producers of the Oscars broadcast are trying to shake things up this year. Yesterday at a nominee’s luncheon, organizers shared some of the changes with the crowd.

First, they want nominees to write TWO speeches. They are trying to do away with those “thank you to everyone” type speeches where the winner thanks their agents and makeup artists and obscure cousins twice removed. In an attempt to keep things fresh and interesting, they want the winners to give a speech about what winning the award means to them. When they get backstage, they will be recorded giving the “second” speech thanking their managers, etc. The second speech will be posted on the web and the winners can use them how they wish – Facebook, website, email, etc.

Second, there will be NO musical performances of nominees for Best Original Song. Instead, they will be featured throughout the broadcast in video clips with their respective movies.

Will you miss those thank you speeches? Would you rather hear about what it means to them to win? What about cutting out performances of the songs? Will either of the changes get you to watch the awards? Or will they make you decide not to watch?

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Beyonce’s Dad Ordered To Pay $8,000 Per Month In Child Support

Back in October, news of a paternity scandal involving Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles, made headlines. He was rumored to be the father of an unborn child with a woman named Alexsandra Wright. Just two months later, Tina Knowles filed for divorce.

Well, the rumors can most likely be considered true. The baby – a boy named Nixon – was born February 4th and today a judge ordered that Matthew start paying $8,200 per month in support, plus 100% of medical costs. According to TMZ, the DNA tests aren’t scheduled to be taken until March 1st. Matthew isn’t denying that he’s the father and he had even given Alexsandra $10,000 back in January to help cover some of the expenses.

It’s nice that he’s stepping up and helping the mother out, but can you imagine how painful this must be for Beyonce’s mother? They were married for 29 years.

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Kevin Smith Declares He’s DONE Arguing With Southwest Airlines

Kevin Smith declared he was DONE with the whole Southwest Airlines debacle, noting the following on twitter:

In a current home page poll, 58% of responders are on @SouthwestAir’s side! Guess it’s time I shut up about it. Last blog en route.

Here’s some of what Kevin wrote on his blog:

Lots of folks still telling me to stop crying and lose weight – as if that’s what this was all about. Easier to tell the lie about the whiney Fatso than the truth that someone at Southwest f**ked up. “Sure, someone f**ked up, Lardo” You’re saying. “You and your fat gut! This is YOUR fault because you’re fat!”

Once again: I know I’m fat. The point of all this? I’m not too fat for Southwest Air, yet someone deemed me so. *sigh*

Kevin said someone named Linda from Southwest Airlines called him and offered a sincere apology.

In fact, Linda admitted (without urging) that the whole situation was handled really badly, and that the blog write-up was in error.

Linda told me that, before I got anywhere near the plane (remember: I was hoping to get on standby), they were having a space issue on board with another passenger who’d purchased two seats, and they were having a problem moving already-seated passengers to accommodate this person. Enter me, who – Linda admitted – WAS NOT A PROBLEM. She fully acknowledged that I wasn’t bounced by the Pilot… BECAUSE THE PILOT PROBABLY DIDN’T EVEN SEE ME.

According to Linda, with the melee surrounding boarding and finding a second seat for the other passenger, the Pilot called for a quick settlement of any outstanding issues so that they might take off. And even though I was already planted in my arm-rest lowerable, seat-belt-buckleable seat, I got the hook.

So the Pilot DIDN’T bounce me because I couldn’t fit in the seat. In fact, it sounds like the Pilot had very little to do with bouncing me at all. And Linda said she just found this out today, as they gather info from all involved.

Kevin also wrote that “clearly the notion of me going on Larry King scared the s**t out of somebody over there.” Kevin said he also told Linda that Southwest needed to admit he WASN’T “too fat to fly.”

Linda wrote this, where she admitted the following:

The communication among our Employees was not as sharp as it should have been and, it’s apparent that Southwest could have handled this situation differently.

Kevin wasn’t happy because Linda didn’t admit that he wasn’t actually too big to fit in the seat and therefore shouldn’t have been asked to leave the plane. However, he’s ready to put the whole incident behind him.

Something tells me Southwest Airlines just lost a customer. I think this highlights what I talked about earlier: the need for the airlines to come up with a clearly articulated policy and guidelines for when a customer needs to buy two seats. What do you think?

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Charity Foundation Stands Up For John Mayer

Not too many people are in John Mayer’s corner this week, but a charity has come to his defense. The Isaac Foundation shared on their blog today, that they feel John Mayer is:

“kind, caring and compassionate person” they have come to “respect.”

The Isaac Foundation is a charity that raises money for children with a rare enzyme deficiency known as MPS VI. John has donated generously to the foundation and spent time with the little boy that the charity is named for.

The charity’s founder said:

“I don’t care what Playboy magazine writes about the man, and I don’t care what John says to the journalists that write what they do about him,” writes founder, Andrew McFadyen. “In America, it’s all part of the game. I know he has said things that turn people off. I know he’s said things that make him sound like someone you would never want your children around – ever,” McFadyen writes. “But I also know the person that he truly is and the good things he tries to accomplish with the celebrity status he’s achieved.”

He asks us to take into consideration the good John has done in the world:

“Write what you want about John, think what you will, but before you hand down your verdict on what kind of person he really is, please consider the good he has done in his life.”

What do you think? Will the fact that he’s done some charity work help to smooth over the backlash from the Playboy interview?

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Report: Tiger Woods Got Joslyn James Pregnant Twice During Affair

The NY Post has written quite a story this morning!! Joslyn James is claiming that during her two year affair with Tiger Woods… he got her pregnant twice.

In case you can’t keep up with the amount of women who stepped forward, Joslyn was the porn star. She said using condoms “was never talked about” and their sexual intercourse was “never protected.”

James is insisting that she miscarried the first child and aborted the second. When asked why, she said:

“I just didn’t want to ruin anything.”

Joslyn says the miscarriage brought her closer to Tiger.

Actually, the day I was going to tell him, I had a miscarriage,” she said. “After I lost the baby I didn’t want to talk about it.”

The miscarriage actually fueled her desire to be with Woods, the porn star claimed, explaining, “I got more emotionally attached.”

And how does she feel about Tiger’s WIFE?

“I feel bad for [Elin],” she said. “She didn’t deserve this, and she didn’t deserve being humiliated.”

The full interview will air tonight on Inside Edition. What do you think? Is Joslyn telling the truth?

Family Member Sheds More Light On 911 Call For Alec Baldwin

Don “Skip” Basinger (Ireland’s uncle) spoke to People about the now infamous 911 call. Apparently, Ireland and Alec Baldwin were arguing on the phone (she was in LA and he was in New York).

Ireland was talking to her dad and they got into an argument,” says Skip Basinger. “He got upset. She tried to call him back and she couldn’t reach him, so she called 911.”

“It was a simple little thing, a misunderstanding,” Basinger says about his niece’s decision to call for help. Baldwin and Ireland “talk all the time,” he says.

“Ireland calls him, he calls her. Ireland loves her dad. But kids and their dads are always arguing. Have you ever tried to raise a [teenager?]“

I don’t think 911 calls are the norm when raising a teenager, but okay…

What Don doesn’t say (what occurred during the argument), makes me suspect the rumor that Alec threatened to take pills may be true. That’s why Ireland was scared when she couldn’t reach him again and called 911. Perhaps.

Don also had this to say about Alec:

“After the incident with the voicemail, he learned to restrain himself.”

The incident with the paparazzo (you can see video here) would suggest otherwise, but okay.

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Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren Are Living Separately

Although Elin Nordegren did pick Tiger Woods up from rehab and they spent some time alone, now they are staying in separate houses “just miles apart,” according to Radar Online.

“You don’t get over that kind of betrayal in just a few months,” one source who knows Elin told

“Tiger has had follow up care,” one source told us. “He spent time with Elin but they are not living together and it’s a slow process and there’s no guarantee things will work out.

“The kids have been going back and forth between homes.

“Elin called off the divorce but that doesn’t mean she’s forgiven him,” one source close to her told “He’s home and they are not living together. That says it all.”

I don’t blame Elin for struggling with this. The betrayal is bad enough, then add in the sheer number of women AND the very public nature of it all, and I can see why Elin would need to think long and hard about what to do.

Does anyone else think it’s time for Tiger to stop hiding and bear some of the burden of all the paparazzi scrutiny his family is having to endure? Then again, maybe him doing the school run would just make things TOO crazy.

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