Lindsay Lohan’s Assistant Quits

This is not a good week for Lindsay Lohan. According to TMZ, Lindsay’s personal assistant, Elinore, quit yesterday – after just a few months on the job. The assistant cited being exhausted and overworked as her reasons for leaving.

According to the source, Lindsay would make Elinore stay with her for days on end and then blame her when things didn’t go the way she wanted. Also, the job reportedly didn’t pay very well, either. Yikes. You would have to pay me a LOT to deal with the crazy lifestyle of a celebrity!

Can you imagine the kinds of stories that personal assistants could tell? I know 99% of them sign contracts forbidding them from sharing any info, but I bet it would be entertaining if they could!

I hope Lindsay finds a replacement very soon. She shouldn’t be without someone to keep her organized and on schedule right now.

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Dina Lohan Explains Why Lindsay’s SCRAM Bracelet Went Off

Okay, by now I’m sure you all know that Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet went off the evening of the MTV Movie Awards, which resulted in the judge issuing another bench warrant for Lindsay, which led to Lindsay posting a $200,000 so she could remain free.

Lindsay claims she didn’t drink. So why did her SCRAM bracelet go off? According to Dina Lohan, this is what happened:

“She was at the MTV Awards and somebody spilled a drink on her leg, which must have set off the SCRAM bracelet. She has done absolutely nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to wear the bracelet in the first place. She is doing absolutely fine.”

Hmmm. I don’t know about this.

I’m thinking that if I were out on bond wearing a SCRAM bracelet and someone spilled a drink on my leg, I’d be calling whoever I had to call IMMEDIATELY to let them know what happened and offer to take a breathalyzer, blood test, or whatever I had to do to prove I hadn’t drank alcohol.

What do you think: valid explanation or an excuse?

In other Lindsay news, she may get another job. Donald Trump reportedly is pursuing Lindsay to appear on the next edition of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ Would you watch her on that?

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Eva Longoria Counter-Suing Her Partners

The ugly side of business partnership…

Eva Longoria is counter-suing her former Beso business partners. Ronen and Mali Nachum are claiming they were forced out of the restaurant and the actress is fighting back. Her representative said:

‘All allegations against Longoria Parker – and the restaurant are absolutely false, untrue, and without merit. Longoria Parker plans to countersue the couple in a court of law in order to protect the integrity of the restaurant, its brand and the welfare and well-being of her employees, as well as her own reputation.

‘Eva Longoria Parker is a well-respected businesswoman who is nothing short of honorable in all endeavors that she embarks upon, whether they are political, philanthropic, or in any professional business capacity.

Last Friday, Ronan and Mali sued for breach of contract, alleging they had been forced out of their jobs by ‘scare tactics’.

As well as accusing them of stealing cash, the pair were also said to have assaulted a server and punched a female patron in a document sent out by Eva and other part-owners including Jonas Lowrance.

Kanye West’s Car Crashed “Mysteriously” In Hawaii

Kanye West’s car crashed into a house Saturday morning under some “odd” circumstances. A Porsche Panamera that is registered to the singer crashed into a garage in Hawaii with witnesses saying they saw 3 men fleeing the scene. Police are investigating the incident and trying to figure out who stole the car.

The car crashed into a Honolulu house on Saturday, creating a large hole in the side of the garage and crumpling the car

You can see pics of the wreck on PopEater. Kanye is currently in Hawaii recording his new album.

Do you think it was stolen? What a weird thing to happen, right? You’d think there would be a lot of security around Kanye’s vehicles and whatnot? Thankfully there weren’t any injuries and hopefully they can find who did this. I’m sure that car is worth a big chunk of change!

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Is It Impossible For Lindsay Lohan To Get A Fair Trial?

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t just have to deal with the whole SCRAM bracelet drama. She also has a civil attorney representing her in the case where several people are accusing Lindsay of “terrorizing them” during a 2007 car ride that created the criminal case Lindsay is also dealing with.

That attorney claims Lindsay can’t get a fair trial right now because of… TMZ. So he wants a delay.

According to [Lindsay’s attorney] McPherson, “Every facet of the criminal proceeding and every facet of Ms. Lohan’s life … have been reported on TMZ and other media outlets literally on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis.” McPherson goes on: “There are current widespread public feelings of intense negativity against Ms. Lohan …” McPherson says it’s highly likely the jury pool will be tainted against her.

And McPherson includes some harsh comments — he told us they’re right from the “comments” section of TMZ — including, “I hate her; she should be killed.” “She’s a drunk, a junkie, a no-talent actress who has no respect for the law.” “This b*tch needs to be locked up without her drugs and her roommates …”

Wow. Now attorneys are using anonymous comments from websites in court? I wonder how hard it would really be to find an impartial jury. On one hand, I find it hard to believe that many people care, but on the other hand, I can see where a lot of people have pre-conceived notions about her.

What do you think?

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Tori Spelling Always Suspicious About Her Husband Cheating

If you remember, ‘Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood’ couple Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott met under rather scandalous circumstances: they were both still married (to other people) when they met and fell in love. Tori hasn’t forgotten that fact.

She said: “We’re a loving couple, but were human and definitely not perfect. Given our history I often get worried that Dean is going to cheat on me. If the phone rings and it’s a girl’s voice I have to ask if he’s having an affair.”

Tori said Dean “constantly” reassures her that he’s faithful, and although she said she believes him, it doesn’t stop her from worrying.

“Dean has never been anything but devoted, and he tells me over and over again that he would never do that. Deep down I believe him. But I can’t stop myself. For some reason I’m compelled to accuse him of cheating.

“I apologize to Dean constantly and it drives him crazy and rightfully so.”

I’m sure it does drive Dean crazy: especially since they were BOTH married when they got together! I understand Tori’s suspicions, but I have to wonder how she lives this way. Well, they do seem to genuinely be in love.

I couldn’t imagine constantly wondering about my husband’s fidelity. Could you?

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Kendra Wilkinson Says Sex Tape Will Make Her A Better Parent (No Really)

Kendra Wilkinson believes her sex tape will make her a better parent. She believes the footage taken when she was just 18 will help her teach little Hank a lesson about morals.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest for ‘E! News’, Kendra said:

“Now that this happened, it hurts, but I know it’s going to make me and Hank better parents.

“It’s really going to make us teach our child what’s right and wrong in this world. We’re going to make sure our son is raised with a good head on his shoulders, a person that has morals, that treats women with respect.”

Says the Playboy pin up girl. :) Isn’t that all the same thing?

Have you heard that Kendra is planning another baby? It just isn’t true.

“There are rumors out there saying we want to fix our marriage by having another child – that is such cr*p. We’re not going to have kids just because a sex tape came out. That’s just stupid.”

Was Kendra involved with the release of this sex tape?

“I’m a very open person, very honest about my life, but a sex tape is definitely not what I wanted in my life. I didn’t do it out of fame, I didn’t do it for money – I did it because I was in love with him. It just sucks. It’s really embarrassing.”

There you have it.