Kristen Stewart To Replace Angelina Jolie In Action Movie?

The latest movie buzz today has Kristen Stewart at the top of a list of actresses who are “wanted” to fill Angelina Jolie’s shoes. According to E!Online, the studio and director of ‘Wanted’ are expressing interest in Kristen as the female lead for the movie sequel.

According to the source:

Stewart’s character would be a young, ass-kicking assassin in the Fraternity.

The lucky actress, if she accepts the role, would be starring alongside James McAvoy. The rumor notes that a big snag in the plan is that no production dates have been set for the final two Twilight flicks yet.

Hmmm..Kristen as an action star? Can you picture it? It’s kind of refreshing that Megan Fox’s name wasn’t thrown in the mix, as she usually is.

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Michael Lohan Storms Lindsay’s Apartment With Sheriff

Michael Lohan is at it again. Just a short while ago, he barged into Lindsay’s apartment with the Sheriff’s department. A few outlets were saying that he was there to do a drug intervention on Lindsay, but actually he was doing a “welfare check” on Ali, who is staying with her sister.

Michael reportedly went to the sheriff’s department and said he was concerned for Ali’s safety. According to TMZ:

We’re told Ali was in the apartment and deputies spoke with her. Deputies left and Ali was allowed to stay with Lindsay.
We’re told Michael is now going to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, per the advice of the Sheriff’s Department.

Lindsay is FURIOUS over her father’s intrusion and vented on Twitter:

i have no choice but to make this public, due to my sister’s safety, as well as my own, “my ex-dad” just WALKED INTO MY APT like the devil’s advocate with officers….

let’s not forget, that my father KIDNAPPED me from a COURT ROOM when i was 4 years old and is CRAZY

he has NEVER paid child support, and is marrying a tabloid writer and can barely spell his own name due to his “brain” that has been ruined due to HIS drug use

when will it ever end… it’s been going on my whole life with him-hasn’t he caused enough pain ?

thank g-d for my mommy… w/out her, i wouldn’t even know myself..

What a total nightmare! This whole family needs some help and healing. I don’t know how they live with this constant drama. :(

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Heather Locklear Unlikely To Face Charges In Hit-And-Run Case

I told you yesterday about Heather Locklear getting arrested for a hit-and-run accident that reportedly occurred over the weekend. Now TMZ is reporting that Heather is unlikely to actually face charges.

Our law enforcement sources say cops don’t have the ammo to prove Heather was driving the car in question. Here’s what we know:

– Cops went to the guard shack last Saturday at Heather’s development and the guard on duty said he saw a BMW with right wheel well damage that was consistent with the accident.

– Cops checked the surveillance video which shows the BMW going into the complex hours after the incident but the driver can’t be ID’d.

– One of the investigating deputies picked up a piece of plastic at the scene and it matched a piece missing from Heather’s car.

– Sources say as of now there is “nothing approaching proof beyond a reasonable doubt” that Heather drove the car that hit the sign, making it “extremely unlikely” prosecutors will file charges.

And there’s this — the “Ghostbusters” defense. Even if there were proof that Heather hit a “no parking” sign, who’s she gonna call at 4 AM on a Saturday? It’s not like hitting a car where you leave a note for the owner — who leaves a note on a “no parking” sign?

I’m sad to even see her in this situation, but how does it sound to you: fair or a case of celebrity justice?

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Lindsay Lohan Tosses Ice At Samantha Ronson

This morning we told you about Lindsay Lohan using Twitter to tell the world that Samantha Ronson had spit in her face (and Samantha denying it). Now a source has come forward to tell what really (allegedly) happened at the birthday bash. The witness claims that it was Lindsay who instigated the incident:

“Lindsay went to give Samantha a hug,” the insider tells E! “Samantha wouldn’t stand up to give her one, so Lindsay threw a piece of ice at her face.”

As for the spitting, the source claims it didn’t happen:

“Thats where it ended,” says the source. “She didn’t spit in Lindsay’s face.”

Apparently the portion of the Tweet where Lindsay said that Sam was with Miley Cyrus’s ex, Justin Gaston, was true. The pair are reportedly good friends.

What is it about Samantha that always seems to get Lindsay so riled up and unable to move on? I hope she finds peace and happiness and lets the drama drift to the wayside.

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‘Jersey Shore’s’ Snooki Broke Up With Boyfriend Via Voicemail

Jersey Shore’s Snooki reportedly gave her boyfriend, trainer Emilio Marsella, his “walking papers”. Today, Emilio confirms with People magazine that she dumped him because she thought he was using her.

“I told Nicole I tried out for Real World and she was upset,” Masella tells PEOPLE. “She thought I was using her to get on the show which is ridiculous.”

The two got into an argument and when all was said and done, Snooki left him a voicemail on Sunday morning that said:

“You’re nothing. You’re single

Rumors were floating about, saying that Emilio had cheated, but he wants to set the record straight, especially since hearing that she hooked up with “the Situation” already on Monday night.

“I talked to her yesterday and I was like, ‘You know I’d never cheat on you; I’d never do something so low,'” he says. “She said she hadn’t hooked up with anybody [either] – but she freakin’ lied to me. She put out there that I cheated, which is ridiculous, and now the tables have turned. It sucks.”

He claims he’s hurt by her reaction to him trying out for The Real World:

“I never asked her for anything,” he says. “She’s the one that pulled me into the spotlight, bringing me to all these places. It seems like she’s starting to get jealous.”

“I talked to her yesterday afternoon and I fought with her,” he says. “I [told her] she has no reason to be mad – and she hung up on me. I told her, ‘You can’t expect me to stay home and never go out if you’re gone for two months.'”
“But I’m not a scumbag,” he says. “She said, ‘If you want to have fun, bye,’ and she hung up. She’s being very jealous and spiteful.”

I’m sure MTV is loving the drama since they are currently taping the second season of the show while this is going down. ;)

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Heather Locklear Arrested For Hit And Run

According to TMZ, Heather Locklear was arrested on Saturday for hit and run.

Someone heard a crash near North Ranch Country Club in Westlake Village around 4 in the morning, but didn’t call authorities until almost 8pm that night. Police found a knocked over “no parking” sign and evidence that a car had went up the curb, striking the sign.

Through an investigation, the car involved was found to be Heather Locklear’s black BMW. Police “arrested” Heather for hit and run, but since it’s a misdemeanor, she wasn’t taken into custody. She was just cited and released.

Heather is still on “informal probation” for an incident of reckless driving in 2008. TMZ says:

A Santa Barbara prosecutor tells us he’s looking into the latest incident, which could be a probation violation.

Sounds like it could be a bigger problem for Heather than just a fine. Yikes.

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Lindsay Lohan Says Samantha Ronson Spit In Her Face

It looks like the drama between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson isn’t over, even if the relationship appears to be. Lindsay tweeted this early this morning:

Fun @coachella but tonight @ my friernds bday party, @samantharonson spit in my face and left w/ @mileycyrus ‘s ex

Two hours later, Samantha Ronson responded with a tweet of her own:

Guess what didn’t happen tonight……

Oy vey.

In other Lindsay news, her mother, Dina Lohan, denies Lindsay owes $600,000 in credit card debt.

She is not going into credit card debt. Absolutely not. And her business managers… I actually am in contact with them every day,” Dina told “And you know Lindsay will spend money but she has people that run what she does. We had another manager that we’ve now moved. We kind of cleaned house… So Lindsay doesn’t really pay her bills. Someone else does, so they wouldn’t let her do that.

“And in the interim, you know, a bill may be a little late or not, you know, but that’s pretty normal. That happens to me, that happens to everyone,” Dina continues.

You can watch Dina’s interview with Radar Online here.

Who knows what’s really going on, but Lindsay does seem to be struggling, doesn’t she? It’s really just too bad.

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