Lindsay Lohan “Exhausted” But “Very Upset”

Personally, I think Lindsay Lohan should just be counting her lucky stars she only had to serve 13 days of her 90-day jail sentence. However.

Sources are telling People the actress is upset she didn’t get to spend time with her family before checking into rehab.

Lindsay is very upset that the judge ordered her to go straight to rehab,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Though her mom Dina and younger sister Ali met up with Lohan at UCLA on Monday, “[Lindsay] feels that she deserved to spend a day with her family after she behaved well in jail,” says the source.

Lohan, the source adds, is feeling “depressed.” “[She] is having a difficult time accepting that she will be in rehab for the next three months,” the source says. “She still doesn’t think that she needs any help.”

So getting out of jail after only 13 days apparently wasn’t enough of a reward? Seriously?!

Meanwhile, sources tell Radar Online Lindsay is exhausted at UCLA, which is where she was taken upon her release.

Lindsay is in good spirits,” the source close to Lindsay told exclusively. “She is in good spirits, but she is extremely tired. Lindsay is just relieved to be out of jail.”

From what sources are telling People, I’m guessing Lindsay’s relief was short-lived?

TMZ is saying the judge changed her mind about where Lindsay would go to rehab: the starlet was originally supposed to go to Morningside Recovery, but the judge switched it to UCLA Medical Center (where the court-appointed psychiatrists recommended she go). TMZ claims the judge changed her mind after TMZ ran a story saying the judge was ignoring the psychiatrists’ recommendations.

Well, I’m sure UCLA will provide outstanding care. Maybe they’ll actually have some luck with Lindsay. It sounds like she needs a lot of help.

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Looks Like Charlie Sheen May Have Avoided Jail Time

Oh, come ON now! After having to delay his court appearance (and reported plea deal) a couple of months ago (reportedly the judge had to re-schedule), ‘Two and a Half Men’ star Charlie Sheen’s attorneys and the DA are coming close to agreeing on a new plea deal. A deal that requires NO jail time, according to TMZ.

Sources connected with the Charlie Sheen case tell TMZ the plea bargain is still a 50/50 toss up, hours before today’s court hearing … but one thing is certain — Charlie will not do jail time.

Sources tell TMZ there are two options on the table between Charlie’s lawyer, Yale Galanter, and prosecutors. We’re told neither option includes jail time, and very little or no probation.

But it gets even better for Charlie … he will plead no contest to a misdemeanor — not a felony, and his work schedule on “Two and a Half Men” will not be affected in any way.

TMZ reports that Charlie’s due in court today at 3 pm PDT.

We have to make sure a TV show can be filmed with its star, right?

What are people’s priorities?

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Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Report To Rehab In Less Than 24 Hours After Release

Contrary to what Radar Online was reporting yesterday, Lindsay Lohan won’t even get 24 hours with her family after her release from jail before she’s required to report to rehab, according to E! News.

Offenders usually have a full day to transition between jail and rehab that won’t be the case with Lohan.

Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Jane Robison says Lohan must head to rehab “sooner than the 24 hours” after her release from jail.

Robison couldn’t confirm exactly how long the move would take or the exact location of Lohan’s rehab.

Revel’s primary reason in ordering Lohan directly to rehab is making sure the actress does not relapse after her time behind bars…

It’s unconfirmed if Lindsay is going to Morningside Recovery, although, as you can see from the pictures below, the paparazzi have already begun to stake out the place.

I’m sure people will be insisting this is yet another case of celebrities getting harsher treatment because they’re famous, but it seems to me to be in Lindsay’s best interest to get herself into rehab ASAP. What do you think?

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Casey Affleck Sued for Sexual Harassment: Again

A week after a female producer who worked with Casey Affleck on the documentary he made of brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix’s “decision” to become a rapper sued him for sexual harassment, another female staffer (this time the cinematographer) has sued Casey and his production company, also alleging sexual harassment, E! News reports.

Magdalena Gorka, who was mentioned in the lawsuit filed by Amanda White last week, alleges that Affleck and other members of the crew instantly made her feel “uncomfortable” on the set by making lewd comments, talking about having sex with Gorka and suggesting she sleep with the camera assistant.

In mid-December 2008, her suit states, the crew stayed overnight at Phoenix and Affleck’s New York apartment while in town shooting scenes for I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix.

Because she was the only woman there at the time, Gorka says, Affleck told her she could sleep in his bedroom and he’d take the couch. She says that she woke up up in the middle of the night to find Affleck, wearing underwear and a t-shirt, curled up next to her.

His breath “reeked of alcohol,” she claims.

According to the lawsuit, when she told him to get out of bed, Affleck asked, “Why?” and she replied, “Because you are married and because you are my boss.”

Gorka quit after this incident, she says, but agreed to return to the film after White joined the crew and she figured having another woman around would help.

But she says that she was ultimately forced to resign again in April 2009 following the crew’s trip to Costa Rica (also mentioned in White’s lawsuit) after the innuendo and inappropriate conduct resumed upon her return.

Afterward, her complaint alleges, Affleck refused to pay her or give her credit for her work as director of photography.

The cinematographer is suing for $2.25 million.

Okay, with one lawsuit, who really knows what happened? With two lawsuits, making similar allegations… I have to wonder.

What do you think?

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Snooki Gets Out Of Jail

Well, whatever happened yesterday that led to Snooki’s arrest, she didn’t spend much time behind bars. Here are pictures of her getting released yesterday (after the ‘Jersey Shore’ gang was photographed going to visit her).

Snooki and some of the other cast members were filming (presumably for ‘Jersey Shore’) when her arrest took place. I’m guessing this was for the cameras. Then again, maybe the people of New Jersey have had enough of these kids (the New Jersey governor isn’t a fan) and are looking for the reason to start making their lives miserable.

What do you think: stunt for the show or people being fed up?

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Heidi Montag Files For Divorce From Spencer Pratt

Heidi Montag has officially filed for divorce from her husband of just one year, Spencer Pratt. Approximately 2 months ago the reality starlet filed for a separation, but today filed the papers to fully end their marriage.

According to Heidi’s lawyer, the process should be swift and amicable:

Heidi has amended her petition for separation and today has filed a petition for dissolution of marriage from Spencer Pratt,” Montag’s lawyer Jodeane Farrell tells PEOPLE. “The couple has agreed they would like their divorce to be finalized in a timely manner in an out of court settlement. Both parties are amicable with each other and over the possibility of finalizing their divorce.”

Does this make you think their breakup is for real? Or are you still skeptical? Do you think Spencer will actually go through the entire divorce proceedings without any drama or crazy antics for attention? We wait with bated breath, right?

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Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Program Has Been Selected

Radar Online is reporting that Lindsay Lohan’s rehab facility has been selected. It’s called Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, California.

According its website, Morningside is an exclusive addiction and duel diagnosis facility, providing drug and alcohol
rehab and mental health and dual diagnosis services. They specialize in alcohol and drug addiction problems coupled with mental illness such as depression and other co-occurring disorders.

Radar Online is also reporting that Lindsay will get 24 hours after her release from jail before she has to report to the facility. Wonder if that’s enough time? I doubt it, because I’m sure Lindsay doesn’t EVER want to go to rehab, but a day is better than nothing.

Although I’m not sure I believe this is the rehab facility. I suspect people are working REALLY hard to keep the name of it under-wraps. I hope Lindsay is able to get enough privacy to be able to focus on treatment.

People from all walks of life are welcome to seek help at addiction treatment centers when they need it.

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