Erykah Badu May Face Police Charges Over Music Video

Have you heard about Erykah Badu’s new music video? The one where she goes nude? It’s been stirring up quite a bit of controversy: in addition to going nude, she apparently references JFK’s assassination.

Well, apparently the video was filmed in Dallas. The Dallas police are considering filing charges against the singer for disorderly conduct (for removing her clothes in a public area).

“It is something we are definitely considering,” says Sgt. Warren Mitchell.

For the police to charge the singer, a witness would need to come forward and provide a statement as to Badu’s public nudity. Sgt. Mitchell is unsure of whether this has happened yet, adding, “[The investigation is] kind of in the limbo stage right now.”

If prosecuted for and convicted of disorderly conduct, which is classified as a class C misdemeanor, Badu would face a fine not to exceed $500.

Entertainment Weekly says Erykah’s reps did not return requests for a comment.

I’m thinking the time to respond to that was when she was filming the video, not after the fact. Does this seem a little excessive to you or do you think something should be done?

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Report: Victoria Beckham Changing Diet And Trying To Get Pregnant

Victoria Beckham has changed the way she eats in an attempt to gain some weight and get pregnant… according to reports.

The former Spice Girl – who already has three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, seven, and five-year-old Cruz, with David – is ready to try for a girl.

The 35-year-old star – who is known to predominantly eat fresh fruit and vegetables and steamed fish to maintain her slender figure – has been munching on pasta dishes, brown bread, rice and meals which include potatoes. A source told The Sun newspaper:

“It’s no secret Victoria and David want a little girl. She’s been told by docs her diet, though healthy, would not give her the best chance of conceiving, particularly in her 30s.

“Instead she has been advised to eat a lot more carbs and fatten up. She has agreed and David is over the moon.”

Although Victoria has agreed to overhaul her diet to conceive again, she still hopes to maintain healthy eating habits.

“She draws the line at junk food.”

This is from The Sun… and I feel like we’ve heard it a few times already. So take it with a grain of salt.

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Fact Or Fiction: Tiger Woods Settled For $10 Million With Rachel Uchitel

TMZ is reporting that Tiger Woods settled with the first mistress, Rachel Uchitel, for $10 million. Yes, you read that right: $10 million.

There were numerous reports Rachel settled on the brink of holding a Gloria Allred-style news conference for anywhere between $2 – 5 million.

But our sources — and they are good — tell TMZ Tiger was so concerned with the depth and detail of information from Alleged Mistress #1 that they folded like a cheap suit, and offered the huge $10 million sum in return for an ironclad confidentiality agreement.

TMZ has learned the actual settlement could fluctuate $1 million either way, depending on future circumstances. But the baseline is $10 mil.

Rachel must’ve had some serious information on him for that type of payout, since other mistresses reportedly only got a few hundred thousand.

And guess who else this matters to? Elin Nordegren. If she chooses to divorce Tiger, and a mistress got $10 million, then she might be able to get up to $20 million.

So what do you think about all of this? Fact or fiction?

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Report: Kate Hudson Is Dating Three Different Men

You know how it is. A celebrity walks by someone and says hello – suddenly they are running off and eloping. At least, that’s what the rags will have us believe.

Today’s rumor is that Kate Hudson is dating three different men at the same time. Ever since her split from Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez, the actress has been seen with photographer and cameraman Darren Ankenman, an unnamed stockbroker and Australian golfer Adam Scott.

A butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker… LOL! sorry.

Rumor has it that ex-husband Chris Robinson isn’t happy with all these men coming in and out of his son’s life. A source said:

“Chris is concerned about Ryder and the effect all this dating will have on him. He knows there’s not much he can do about it. Kate enjoys the company of a man.”

So how did Kate meet these guys? The source told the New York Daily News newspaper:

“Kate met Darren when they were working on ‘Bride Wars’. They hit it off on the set, but nothing romantic happened until after she and Alex broke up during the winter.

“She was casually seeing both Alex and Adam at the same time, but she broke things off with Adam when she got serious with ‘A-Rod’. She recently got back in touch with Adam when he was in Los Angeles, and they’ve been seeing each other. They’ve always gotten along really well.”

Kate deserves happiness. I hope she truly finds it. But what do you think about Kate bringing along her son when she dates? Should she involve Ryder at such early stages?
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Whitney Port’s New Relationship Going Strong

Even though reality stars Whitney Port (The City) and Ben Nemtin (The Buried Life) will only admit to “hanging out”, the couple seem to be going strong.

Ben was on hand to help Whitney celebrate her 25th birthday in L.A. The following week Whitney tagged along with Ben to Chicago, where he was filming an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show and the two hung out at a club together afterwards.

A source at the club said that the couple were sharing kisses and :

“They were definitely flirty and affectionate.”

It’s nice to see that they are trying to keep things low key and not milk it for extra publicity. ;) Do you watch either of these reality shows?

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A Fifth Mistress Of Jesse James Is About To Come Forward

According to Radar Online, a fifth woman is about to come forward and claim to be yet another mistress of Jesse James’s.

“She has been consulting attorneys and PR the past few days,” the source told of the mystery mistress. “She may even come out this week.”

Reportedly the woman is looking to make money on the relationship, but is being turned down by many reps because they are feeling uncomfortable about the “White Power element that has emerged”, according to RadarOnline.

I remember wondering when the madness would stop in the Tiger Woods situation – I’m feeling that way again.

I just can’t even imagine how a wife would begin to process something like this.

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Michael Lohan Makes A Live Plea Via Video For Lindsay To Go To Rehab

According to TMZ, any minute now Michael Lohan will be making a public plea via video stream begging Lindsay to get some help.

Michael says that if she refuses, he will fly to L.A. and gather several professionals to help force her into rehab.

He usually basks in the attention, but do you think he’s at least trying to do the right thing? Or is he purely getting press attention for himself?

TMZ will be streaming the statement live in just a moment.

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