Tiger Woods’ College Girlfriend Defends Him

Tiger Woods’ college girlfriend, Irene Folstrom, is speaking out in his defense. Although she hasn’t spoken to Tiger since the late ’90′s, she says she’s not doing it to be in the spotlight, she just wants to let people know who he really is.

I’m not coming forward now for money or to advance any pathetic showbiz aspirations, but merely to stick up for a friend

I know who he is at his core because we were together during some of his most formative years. He was so human and cared so much about other people and the world around him. This may surprise some people, but Tiger was a great boyfriend.

She says she’s certain he never strayed while they were together:

The Tiger I knew was loyal, devoted and self-­controlled. I’m not naive, but I can say with certainty that he was faithful during the time we dated. The speculation that he’s being treated for sex addiction is surprising because we enjoyed a normal sexual relationship.

She also speculates that maybe the pressure is what led him to live a double life:

I don’t have any insight into how he led such a double life. I will say that Tiger had an ability to shut things out and compartmentalize his emotions. Even back then he felt enormous pressure to be Tiger Woods. Maybe this was his form of escape.

She goes into detail about their time together in the article she wrote, you can see it here.

Do you think it helps his image to have friends come forward to defend him?

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Naomi Campbell Allegedly Assaults Her Driver

Naomi Campbell’s bad temper might be landing her in some hot water again.

Naomi’s driver called 911 around 3pm today, claiming that she was assaulting him from the backseat of the car while he was driving. Naomi reportedly fled the scene as he was on the phone!

He was treated for bumps, bruises and neck pain.

According to TMZ:

Our sources say cops haven’t reached Naomi yet about the alleged incident … but we’re told her assistant may be down at the precinct right now.

If this is true, I’m sure she’s going to face some hefty punishment – this has happened so many times!

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Child Services Investigating Stun Gun Use At Jackson Residence

The family of Michael Jackson is being investigated by Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services over reports of the children using stun guns.

According to TMZ, Jermaine Jackson’s thirteen-year-old son ordered a stun gun online and a security personnel found the kids upstairs trying to zap one another with it, including “Blanket”! The incident was reported to DCFS and they have launched an investigation.

A source told TMZ that security:

“stopped Jermaine’s kids from stunning Blanket.”

DCFS is going to the home after Michael’s kids get home from school. They plan to interview every child separately today and continue tomorrow. DCFS is also going to interview all the employees and they are asking all off-duty employees to come over for questioning, too.

DCFS confiscated the gun last night, but there’s a possibility of another gun still in the house.

How on EARTH does a thirteen-year-old order a stun gun online without anyone’s knowledge? He had to have a credit card to do it, right?

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Bret Michaels Doesn’t See Anything Wrong With His Song With Miley Cyrus

Bret Michaels took some heat earlier this week when his song with Miley Cyrus, ‘Nothin’ To Lose,’ went online Thursday. Here are the lyrics that have some people upset:

“We both know better than this/Still we can’t resist/Slowly get undressed.”

In the sensual chorus, they sing together: “Won’t you fall down on me/So close I can feel you breathe.”

Here’s what Bret told Us Weekly after he received “about 75 texts” about the song:

“I was like, ‘What the f*ck is going on?’ Everyone’s going nuts! It’s blown out of proportion.”

Bret said he wrote and recorded the song a couple of years ago, and it was Miley who approached him about remaking the song for her upcoming album.

So what about the “slowly get undressed” bit?

“I never sat down and said, ‘Look at the content. Look at the lyrical content,’” Michaels admits. In his defense, he adds that “the part where it says she slowly gets undressed, Miley says, ‘Yeah she does.’ It has no reference to her and I. It’s not even a duet.

“As God is my witness, there is nothing I have to be defensive about,” he says. “I’m a good Dad [to two daughters]. I just thought it was a beautiful song. “

Do you think it was inappropriate or has this whole thing been blown waaay out of proportion?

I have to admit, I’m not sure if this uproar would’ve occurred if it weren’t Miley, but I also have to wonder: haven’t her advisers learned to look out for these things by now?

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Paris Hilton Beer Ad Stirs Up Controversy In Brazil

Paris Hilton is causing a stir in Brazil with her ad for Devassa beer. As soon as the ad began airing, people began complaining.

It’s an ad that devalues women – in particular, blonde women,” according to a spokeswoman for the women’s secretariat who said it received numerous complaints.

Apparently, Brazil has regulations prohibiting beer companies from portraying women as “overtly sensual objects.” This from the country that hosts Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo? Hmmm… learn something new every day.

Anyway, here’s what people are criticizing about the ad:

“The problem with the ad isn’t a lack of clothing, but its sensual nature,” Correia said. “A woman in a bikini on a beach isn’t necessarily sensual; it depends on the context.”

The agency that investigates these complaints doesn’t have the power to take the ad off the air, but reportedly none of their recommendations have been ignored in the 23 years the agency has existed.

Take a look at the ad and tell me what you think:

Do you think the ad should be taken off the air?

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Howard Stern Hosting Beauty Contest For Tiger Woods’ Mistresses

Shock jock Howard Stern is set to host a beauty pageant for the mistresses of Tiger Woods. The prize? $100,000!

So far four of Tiger’s alleged thirteen mistresses have agreed to participate. There will be traditional categories such as: swimsuit, personality and talent, but knowing Howard, this won’t be your traditional pageant.

The prize money for Stern’s pageant will be supplied by AshleyMadison.com, a “discreet dating service” company. The site, which has 4.5 million users, advertises itself with the slogan “Life is Short, Have an Affair.”

No word on which four have agreed to go along with it. I guess they’ve got pretty good odds at winning that pile of cash if only four are going to participate.

Are you surprised? Appalled? Indifferent?

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Charlie Sheen “Dragged Into Rehab”

Although Charlie Sheen’s rep announced the actor had entered rehab yesterday afternoon, Radar Online is reporting that Charlie didn’t really check in until nearly midnight last night.

Sheen’s reps were caught off guard as he waited hours, making many around him nervous…

But Sheen resisted checking in, even after Team Sheen told the world he was already in rehab. It was only after RadarOnline.com reported late Tuesday night that Sheen was AWOL from rehab that he finally packed up and headed into the facility.

“Charlie didn’t want to go,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com.

Sadly, this isn’t uncommon for abusers who have relapsed. Addiction is a TOUGH illness to fight.

Radar Online is also reporting that Charlie is being treated for cocaine addiction as well as alcohol abuse.

“He loves his children and ultimately that’s what convinced him to get help,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com.

Hopefully Charlie will be able to sober up soon. Good for him for ultimately returning to rehab, regardless of how he got there.

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