Report: Katy Perry and Russell Brand Will Marry In Tokyo

Russell Brand wants to marry Katy Perry in Tokyo. Rumor has it that the couple scrapped their original plans of hosting the ceremony in India and now have their sights set on the Far East.

“Russell and Katy are marrying at the end of the year, almost a year to the day he proposed.

“They originally planned to wed in India within the grounds of the Taj Rambagh Palace hotel, where Russell popped the question. The pair have a holding reservation but nothing is set in stone yet.

“They want to keep people guessing about the ceremony – even their celebrity pals.vWhile he was in Los Angeles, Russell told a couple of people that they were also considering Tokyo as a venue. It’s a buzzy, vibrant city and somewhere completely different and unique. Katy kept jokingly hitting Russell, telling him to keep his big mouth shut.”

However, Katy is now excited about a Japanese wedding that she has been looking to purchase a Geisha-inspired gown. The source added to the Daily Mirror newspaper:

“She really likes the idea of wearing some kind of Geisha-inspired bridal dress, so Tokyo is a real possibility.”

“She knows her toned torso is her best feature, so she wants to show it off.

“She’s also more than aware that her wedding photos will be seen the world over, so she knows her look needs to stand out. From the back, she wants to look like a traditional bride, with a very long train, but from the front, she wants a Vegas-style sequined number with exposed skin.”

I can see Katy wanting to wear a unique wedding gown. Either way, these two are going to have a lot of fun.
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Paris Hilton’s Family Confirms Her Split From Doug Reinhardt

Break-up rumors have been swirling around Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt for a while now. Today her rep and her family confirm that the two split about two weeks ago.

Her parents were overheard saying at dinner last night:

“Paris has been over him for a while and felt bad ending it,” sources tell me of the split. “She broke up with him weeks ago.”

A source says that part of the reason for their split was work:

“He was trying to force Paris into doing his reality show and that caused an argument,” an insider says. “She has her own show going on.”

Her rep’s statement:

“The relationship between Paris and Doug is over. She broke up with him more than 2 weeks ago.”

Reportedly, Doug is distraught and is trying to win her back, but Paris’s friends hope he stays out of her life and felt that he only wanted to be with her to get his picture taken.

“She felt like he didn’t love her for the right reasons,”

Wonder if the sudden confirmation has anything to do with the pictures of Doug partying without her that surfaced yesterday?

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Report: Brooke Mueller Considering Divorcing Charlie Sheen

Brooke Mueller wants to divorce Charlie Sheen. I guess she heard the rumor that the actor is cheating with Angelina Tracy. I still can’t get over that fake mustache.

The allegations are seemingly the last straw for Brooke. A friend told E! Online:

“Brooke is now seriously considering divorce. She is not surprised by anything Charlie does at this point – she is doing what she needs to do to be a good mother to Max and Bob and she can’t control what Charlie does.

“She is in a really good place right now, and her main concern is the kids.”

However, a spokesperson for Charlie – who is currently being treated for alcoholism at a rehabilitation clinic – is adamant nothing romantic is going on between the 44-year-old actor and Angelina and they only know each other through someone Charlie is in rehab with.

“The woman in question is the sister of one of Sheen’s camp mates and Sheen was only responding to a 12th step call. Since Sheen knew he was being followed and how this would look, he wore the mustache as a tongue-in-cheek disguise gesture.”

Well, that sort of makes sense. I guess I could see Charlie doing something like that to confuse the paparazzi. I guess…

Lindsay Lohan Refused To Stay For Deposition Today

Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to give a deposition today in a case from an incident that happened back in the summer of 2007. Remember when Lindsay “hijacked” an SUV with 3 guys in it and went on a high speed chase with another car all the way to Santa Monica -and she was arrested for DUI? Well, the men filed a lawsuit against Lindsay for “holding them hostage”.

According to TMZ, today was the scheduled deposition, but Lindsay showed up and told the lawyers that she only had a few hours to spare and not all day as they originally wanted. So, the plaintiffs’ lawyers told her not to bother even getting out of her vehicle if she couldn’t stay the full length of time – so she left!

This certainly doesn’t help to make her look like she’s trying to clean up her life and move on from her wild past. Hopefully she had a legitimate reason for not being able to stay.

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Elin Nordegren Meets With Divorce Attorney

Radar Online has learned that Elin Nordegren met with a divorce attorney at the home she’s renting in Orlando, just before heading off to Scottsdale, Arizona.

She’s switched lawyers,” the source told exclusively. “Her new lawyer is from out of town.”

Rumors had been circulating that she was very upset over how soon Tiger returned to golf and things deteriorated from there.

Radar Online also reports that the rumors that Elin was traveling to be with her ill mother are untrue. Her mother is reportedly still over in Sweden, not the U.S.

If they do split up, I hope they are able to keep most of it under wraps. I’m sure the media will go into a (bigger) frenzy if this news is true.

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Doug Reinhardt Parties It Up Without Paris

Doug Reinhardt was spotted partying with a several blonde females while hanging out in Aspen, Colorado. I’m sure these are just going to add fuel to the rumors that he and Paris Hilton have split up, even though Paris has emphatically denied it.

If you look closely, he’s even hanging out with actor Jaleel White, who is most famous for playing Steve Urkel wayyy back in the day. LOL!

Do you think these are proof that he’s no longer with Paris? Or he’s just having a good time and was a good sport by taking photos with some fans?

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Fact Or Fiction: Justin Timberlake Took ‘Bad Teacher’ Role To Upset Jessica Biel?

Reportedly, Justin Timberlake “tortured” Jessica Biel by agreeing to make ‘Bad Teacher’ with Cameron Diaz.

Justin’s friends believe that his taking on the role has contributed to the problems in his relationship, which is rumoured to have ended.

A source said:

“He tortured Jess by taking this role. They were having huge arguments on the phone and Jessica would get territorial and upset.”

Insiders claim Jessica’s attitude has driven Justin, closer to Cameron and they are friendlier than ever.

The source added to Us Weekly magazine:

“There’s lots of laughing, making fun of each other, kidding around off camera. They’re having a ball together.”

Justin reportedly confided in his pals that he has “lost respect” for Jessica.

An insider said:

“Justin truly thought he’d found the one in Jessica and she felt the same. But the relationship just didn’t seem to go anywhere.
“They’ve both been working incredibly hard and will remain friendly – but there’s no more romance.

“It was mutual and they agreed it was best to part ways if things weren’t going to head towards marriage and kids. They are both incredibly busy.”

These allegations come on the heels of rumors that Cameron is now dating Alex Rodriguez. Who can keep up? LOL!

Do you think there’s any truth to this? Or does the media just love to make Jessica seem totally clingy and insecure?

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