Nick Cannon Confirms Pregnancy (But Not The One We Expected)

Nick Cannon stopped by the E! studios last night to clear up some of the pregnancy rumors. Nick gave the confirmation on a pregnancy in his “family” – just not the one we were expecting:

“I do want to make a big announcement right here on Daily 10,” he told a reporter. “My Jack Russell terrier puppy Cha Cha is pregnant again!”

People isn’t sure if the dog really IS pregnant or if he was joking around because of the speculation that he and Mariah Carey are expecting their first child together. The rumors are buzzing much stronger since Mariah backed out of a movie that was scheduled to start in a few weeks, citing “doctor’s orders” for her reason.

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that Mariah truly is pregnant? I wonder what her maternity style will be?

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Samantha Ronson Spotted At Lindsay Lohan’s Apartment?

Samantha Ronson was photographed arriving at Lindsay Lohan’s apartment this afternoon – with luggage!

There could be several scenarios – Samantha could be dropping off some of Lindsay’s things, but then wouldn’t you think she would have an assistant do it for her? Or she could be using the apartment for the night? Maybe Lindsay isn’t home and offered it to her? Or perhaps the two are getting back together? Or maybe Samantha just happens to have another friend in the same building? Or Or Or…. I don’t know.

What do you think? These two just seem to be so toxic together – I hope whatever is going on is good for both of them and nobody gets hurt.

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Charlie Sheen May Serve Jail Time

TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen’s lawyers and prosecutors have reached a deal in his domestic violence case where he’s accused of assaulting Brooke Mueller. Charlie has four options; he needs to choose one. Here they are:

OPTION 1: Charlie will plead guilty to a misdemeanor and serve 30 days in Aspen jail. Charlie could enter the plea as early as June 7 in Aspen and would then immediately begin serving his time. With good behavior, that time could be whittled down to 17 days. After he serves his sentence, the case would be over. Charlie would not be placed on probation.

OPTION 2: Charlie would plead guilty to a misdemeanor and receive no jail time, but would be placed on 2 years probation. We’re told Charlie’s people worry that the actor might slip up and the judge could then throw the book at him and Charlie would end up in jail for a much longer period than 30 days.

OPTION 3: Charlie would receive a “deferred prosecution” — meaning the case would not go forward but Charlie would agree to various conditions — including not breaking the law. After a certain period of time — if Charlie complies with the conditions — the matter would be expunged from his record.

OPTION 4: Go to trial and fight it. Charlie, we’re told, is upset at the Tito Ortiz case … where the UFC star did not even get prosecuted for allegedly doing a lot worse than Charlie allegedly did.

We’re told Charlie has not decided which option he will take. It’s all in his hands.

Hmmm… it sounds like it hinges on how likely Charlie can stay out of trouble when he’s on probation. Something tells me he may be best off just serving some time and putting it behind him.

What do you think?

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Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Treatment Says Father

Lindsay Lohan was photographed stopping by her assistant’s house in Santa Monica carrying several garment bags. I can safely say this is the longest period of time that Lindsay has gone without wearing spandex. This ankle bracelet is LIFE CHANGING in more ways than one for La Lohan!

Her father Michael just told E! Online that his daughter is getting help detoxing from drugs and alcohol.

I spoke to the people treating Lindsay, because I wanted to make sure she was getting the right care,” said Michael, who is studying to be a drug rehab counselor with the faith-based addiction recovery organization Teen Challenge. “And I’m satisfied they are doing the right thing for her, helping her detox from the painkillers and things. That’s a very important step.”

Michael also hopes that Lindsay will find God.

“And I learned they use the 12-step program,” Michael said, “which includes a lot of lessons based on God’s teachings, so I was satisfied with that. First she needs to get clean, then she needs to let God into her life.”

He still doesn’t get it. Why is he talking to the media? WHY?

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Michael And Dina Lohan Have Called A Truce?

Today is a good day for Lindsay Lohan and her family. Earlier today Lindsay made it to an appointment with her probation officer, meanwhile her parents, Michael and Dina Lohan, were in NYC working to end their battle and promising a more peaceful existence.

“Everything is fine,” Michael told, in an exclusive interview. “Dina and I are finally on the same page and there are 15 pages to prove it.”

Dina said she really didn’t have any issues with Michael about Lindsay, just some child support to iron out:

“First of all, I never had a hatchet to bury and as far as Lindsay, he went on a media brigade and spun it all out of proportion,” she said. “As far as child support, he did not pay for a year and was facing jail time if he did not comply. “He had to step up and pay.”

The two came to a private agreement regarding child support, which they were due in court next week to address.

“We’re going to court to tell the judge that we worked this out on our own,” he said. “I know that I made the wrong decisions by holding money over Dina, which in the long run actually hurt my children.
“For this I am sorry. After court on June 3, from a united front, Dina and I will give a statement and I will be happy to discuss how my decision and course of action have changed.

“I want to thank Dina very much and I look forward to moving in a very positive direction.” you think this is the start of a more peaceful Lohan family? Or just the calm before the next storm? What will we do with our free time if Michael stops calling press conferences and giving interviews to the media?

After Lindsay’s probation meeting this afternoon, she headed over to Fred Segal for a little retail therapy.

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(Spoiler Alert!) Niecy Nash Has Some Strong Opinions About The ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Winner

Spoiler Alert: If you don’t want to know the winner of the show yet, don’t continue reading!

‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant Niecy Nash didn’t hold back when she was asked her opinion about the winner of this season’s show, Nicole Scherzinger.

I like to see the growth,” Nash tells PEOPLE. “Nicole today is who she was when she got here – she was a great dancer and she still is.”

There were moments you couldn’t tell her from the pro dancers,” Nash says.

Niecy doesn’t feel that Nicole transformed in any way:

“Dancing With the Stars is something that resonates with me when the contestants have a journey. I was such a big fan of Kelly Osbourne last year because she had the most transformation,” she says. “I cheer for the people who have evolved. To me, that’s what the competition should be.”

Long time Dancing pro Edyta Sliwinska defends her:

Nicole was the best dancer from day one,” Sliwinska says. “She was obviously on a different level than everyone else, but her choreography was more difficult, too. She absolutely deserved to win.”

Do you agree with Niecy? It seems that not too many people made a big of a deal out of it back in the beginning, but now that Nicole won – her participation is being scrutinized a little more. I do remember Nicole defending herself back in March, saying she was a trained singer, not a trained dancer.

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Jesse James’ Sister Says Abuse Claims Are True

Oh boy! This is going to go on and on for days. Yesterday, Jesse James’ stepmother said his interview about being abused by his father was “crap”. Today, his sister has come forward to stand by her brother and let the public know that what he is saying is “completely true.”

“I saw it,” she says. “I lived there with my dad and he was very aggressive with Jesse and I. He did abuse Jesse.”

Julie James England also told E! News that his stepmother is just trying to cash in.

“I think they are giving their stories to make money,” says Julie. “Janina was married to my dad when we were teenagers. She doesn’t know how angry my dad used to get with us. I don’t know why she would speak out.”

That pretty much dismisses the stepmother’s story, doesn’t it? She wasn’t even around when the abused actually happened.

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