Report: Jesse James Desperate For Sandra Bullock To Forgive Him

Jesse James is desperate for Sandra Bullock to forgive him.

The Oscar-winning actress has been left devastated by revelations he had an 11-month affair with tattoo model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee and although she has fled their marital home, Jesse is hoping their marriage can be saved. A source said:

“He’s clearly upset about what happened, and not everything that’s out there is true. He is extremely upset. He really hopes Sandy can find a way to forgive him.”

Jesse – who has three children from previous relationships – has now returned to work at his West Coast Choppers motorcycle business but is looking drained following Sandra’s decision to leave.

He was very quiet. He seems very upset but also very happy to be back at work.”

In an interview with In Touch Weekly magazine, Michelle claimed her affair with Jesse began while Sandra was away filming ‘The Blind Side’ – the movie which earned her the Best Actress Oscar.

“I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man. He gave me the impression they were separated.”

What do you think? Should Sandra forgive Jesse?

Police Called To Jesse James And Sandra Bullock’s Home

Things are not quieting down any for Jesse James. Although we still haven’t seen Sandra Bullock (she’s reportedly with family, and hopefully they’re helping her through this), the police were called out to their home by Jesse’s daughter, Chandler, and a neighbor yesterday.

Cops were called to their block with reports of “someone yelling in a vehicle,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Department tells E! News.

Authorities on the scene claim they “discovered members of the media” as the source of the trouble, but “cleared the area” with no arrests.

Chandler reportedly is 13. She must’ve been SO scared!

Jesse, meanwhile, led the paparazzi on a high-speed chase, driving as fast as 90 mph on his motorcycle on the Pacific Coast Highway, trying to evade them.

“At one point, he went off road into the dirt and made this huge dust bowl,” an eyewitness tells E! News. “It was crazy.”

INSANE. Like a crash is going to help matters. There really need to be limits on what the paparazzi can do. I’m not feeling terribly sorry for Jesse at the moment, but his kids don’t deserve this.

Below is video of Chandler talking to the police:

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Kim Kardashian Denies Rumor Of Dog’s Death

Kim Kardashian is angry over a false rumor circulating saying that she killed her dog! She took to Twitter to share the truth with her followers:

There is some crazy rumor that I killed my dog. What a hurtful rumor! I would NEVER dare hurt my baby Rocky or any other animal!!!

What’s so awful, is they made up this same exact rumor last year, that I stomped a dog to death! People are so cruel! This is not true!

I hadn’t heard the rumor, but how horrible!

Kim was snapped heading to her family’s clothing store, ‘Dash’, in Miami this afternoon.

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Jesse James’s Alleged Mistress Knew She’d Be Famous

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee knew that she would achieve some level of fame a few months ago already. When she was being shot for Tattoo Revue magazine, she requested to be put on the cover, telling the editor Casey Exton:

“I’m going to be hot real soon.”

He did put her on the cover and it just so happens to be THIS month’s issue. The editor seems pretty happy about the spike in sales it might bring:

“It’s a lucky hit,” Exton, 70, tells PEOPLE. “I’m going back to print more issues.”

Meanwhile a “close friend” of McGee’s had some pretty unflattering things to say about the mother of two:

“the kind of woman who would do anything if she thought it would make her famous.”

“I would not surprised if she went after Jesse James because she thought it would bring her fame,”

According to People, she was reportedly paid tens of thousands of dollars for her story. And now the organizers of the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention are trying to track down McGee to offer her a paid opportunity as the Queen of the Convention.

It’s just sad that she’s going to reap benefits from tearing a family apart. :( I’m not saying that she’s the only one who is to blame, though. We don’t know the whole story, but if she was already “plotting” the sale of her story months ago…..

Jesse James was seen dropping his daughters off at school this morning before heading to his shop at West Coast Choppers. There he was snapped test driving a Ducati motorcycle.

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Lady Gaga Being Sued For $30.5 Million By An Ex-Boyfriend

OUCH! Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend (and music producer), Rob Fusari, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan court, claiming he discovered her when she sang in his studio in 2006 and worked with her to develop her current style.

Fusari, whose songwriting credits include the Destiny’s Child hit “Bootylicioius,” claims he saw a future star in Germanotta, and over the next several months worked with her daily and “radically reshap[ed] her approach.”

He co-wrote songs appearing on her debut album The Fame (“Paparazzi” and “Beautiful Dirty Rich”) — and, he says, suggested she adapt the stage name Lady Gaga. The pop star, now 23, claimed in a 2009 interview that she came up with the Gaga persona “five years ago, but Gaga’s always been who I am.”

t[T]hey also created a joint business venture to promote her career, in which Fusari would get 20 percent of profits. The music pro also says he helped his girlfriend secure her record deal with Universal Music Group’s Interscope Records.

The pair reportedly began dating in May 2006. Rob claims he’s been denied their agreed-upon 20% of her royalties and 15% of merchandising revenue. He says he’s received $611,000 to date. In court papers, Rob declared:

“All business is personal.”

Lady Gaga’s spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment.

$30.5 MILLION. This is one of those tough situations; it’s hard to put a price on mentorship (assuming his claims are true). Does this sound justified or like someone looking to get rich off an ex?

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Heidi Montag Already Set To Fire Psychic Manager

Less than a week ago, Heidi Montag replaced Spencer Pratt as her manager and hired her psychic, Aiden Chase. Rumor has it that Heidi has already fired him!

Reportedly Aiden showed up on the set of the Adam Sandler movie she was shooting scenes for and started

“demanding a significant portion of her Hills money.”

The source said that he’s now moving on to Audrina Patridge, trying to convince her to hire him.

“He’s this creepy older guy who is clearly preying on these young girls. It’s awful.”

“The guy thinks he’s famous now — it’s ridiculous,” said the source. “He’s referring to himself as the most famous psychic in the world.”

I wonder if this guy read Heidi and Spencer’s book? If he does become famous, maybe he’ll be living proof that their methods work?! LOL!

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‘DWTS’ Pro Calls Kate Gosselin “Standoffish”

Now, while I admire Kate Gosselin’s ability to keep it together during a messy, very public divorce with a pair of twins and set of sextuplets, I will admit that she didn’t strike me as the nicest person when I saw her on ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8.’

However, this seems uncalled-for. One of the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ pro dancers, Mike Ballas, told Us Weekly that Kate seems “standoffish.”

“I’m not the type of person to judge…” dancer Mark Ballas told of Gosselin… “And I’m not going to be like ‘I don’t like [Kate]…

“But, I mean, she’s pretty, you know, standoffish, which is kind of weird. I don’t really know her, but when I met her she wasn’t kind of like, ‘hello’ or anything. I say ‘hey,’ and she was like ‘oh hey.’ I was like, ‘Okay!'”

So based on what sounds like a 30 second interaction, you’re “not going to judge” and then you call someone “standoffish” in a tabloid?

Maybe Mark wanted a little attention. Or he’s trying to keep the heat off his partner this season, Shannen Doherty.

Well, Mark did have something nice to say, though.

“She has a great partner, Tony [Dovolani] who is a dear friend of mine, so I’m sure he will whip her into shape. Whatever you can get out of that!”

Kate, meanwhile, already addressed rumors that she’s a “diva” on set by telling the ladies on ‘The View’:

“I’m 3,000 miles away! I was out [L.A.] once for five days and met everyone and had a great time.”

Do you think there’s something to these rumors or are people attacking the contestant who’s getting the most attention?

Here are Kate and Tony leaving a dance studio in New York City.

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