Tiger Woods’ Divorce Is “100% On”

A “source” close to Elin Nordegren told ABC News that a divorce is definitely in the works for Tiger Woods and Elin.

“She’s not rushing to divorce, however,” the source told ABCNews.com. “She’s going to take her sweet time. She wants all the dirty laundry to be out on the table before she signs anything.”

Elin is rumored to be talking to LA divorce attorney Sorrell Trope, although there’s been no confirmation.

Does anyone really blame Elin? I mean, the count for Tiger’s alleged mistresses is now up to 14! I cannot even IMAGINE what she’s going through.

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Elin Nordegren Seems To Be Moving On

While we still haven’t seen Tiger Woods since all the drama started, it looks like Elin Nordegren is starting to get things together. She’s been spotted taking her kids out to lunch, and according to People, she’s decided to leave Tiger. According to “a source”:

“She’s made up her mind. There’s nothing to think about: he’s never going to change.”

And to add insult to injury, according to TMZ, Elin’s in talks to get her own endorsement deal: with Puma, Nike’s “archenemy” (and the one sponsor to stand firm in its support of Tiger).

A wronged wife goes with her husband’s sponsor’s enemy. That’s a first! Well, before Elin married Tiger, she reportedly did some modeling and worked as an au pair. She has bills to pay, too, and that new home in Sweden won’t pay for itself. (I’m kidding, of course :)

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Retailers Deny Blackballing Chris Brown

Retailers are responding to Chris Brown’s twitter tirade about retailers blackballing his new album.

Not only am I carrying it, I am over carrying it, because it isn’t selling,” says the head of purchasing at one large chain. “I wish I could return it.” He says the album’s first week sales only reached 40% of expectations.

At 27-unit Newbury Comics, Carl Mello head of purchasing, echoes that sentiment. “We have it; it’s not selling much.”

Ouch! Chris singled out Wal-Mart on twitter; here’s Wal-Mart’s response:

“We are surprised at the comments on Twitter, since all Walmart stores carried the CD since its release, including the Wallingford store mentioned in the post. This store had in fact sold through their copies over the weekend. The majority of our stores are showing today they have copies on hand.”

I think that one rant pretty much undid his entire PR effort with the whole “what do I have to do” bit. And, surprise, surprise, Chris’ twitter account is now deleted.

Something tells me Chris needs to disappear for a bit. What do you think?

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Courtney Love Loses Legal Guardianship Of Daughter

TMZ reports that Courtney Love has lost legal control of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Guardianship has been turned over to Wendy O’Connor, Kurt Cobain’s mom, and Kimberly Cobain, his sister. This ruling was given on Friday and Courtney wasn’t present in the courtroom.

According to court documents, the two guardians will not have control of the trust fund that was established for her after Kurt’s death.

The guardianship was established after a fairly long period of unstable conduct by Courtney Love. The court proceedings, however, are sealed.

I know Courtney is known for her erratic behavior but I wonder what prompted this action? Especially since Frances is nearly an adult. Is anyone surprised that this didn’t happen years ago?

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Florida Child Protective Services Is Investigating Tiger Woods’ Family

Okay, now this is serious. Florida Child Protective Services reportedly visited Tiger Woods’ home over the weekend in response to a report, according to police documents that Radar Online has obtained.

The document – police dispatch notes – details that the investigation centers on possible domestic violence between Tiger and his wife taking place in front of their young children.

Using police code, it also spells out that a unknown weapon may have been involved. A source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com that the weapon is a golf club.

Is anyone seriously concerned for anyone’s safety in this situation? I know these officials are just doing their job, but really, is this likely to be helping the family at all?

Well, hopefully everyone involved understands the importance of staying safe now.

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Fact Or Fiction: Is Tiger Woods’ Wife Talking To A Divorce Lawyer?

According to Radar Online, this is fact: Elin Nordegren is consulting with divorce attorneys.

Elin Nordegren wants the holiday to appear normal for the couple’s two children but will separate from Tiger quickly in the new year.

The report says she plans on moving to Sweden with the children afterwards.

I certainly wouldn’t blame her, but do you think it’s true?

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Tiger Woods Is Taking Time Off From Golf

Tiger Woods released another statement on his website, saying he is sorry for his “infidelity” and is taking an “indefinite break” from golf.

I think this is the best thing Tiger can do, at least until everything dies down. These alleged mistresses are becoming famous (for the moment).

The PGA Tour Commissioner told Entertainment Tonight they supported Tiger’s decision and would welcome him back to the golf circuit when he was ready. Nike said the same thing.

AT&T said they supported Tiger’s decision while they were “evaluating” their “ongoing relationship with him.”

All things considered, the reaction could have been far worse. It’s just unfortunate that Tiger’s reputation and legacy have to take such a hit over something that was entirely avoidable.

You can read Tiger’s entire statement after the break; click on the continue reading link below.

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