Is The TV Star Dating Henry Cavill?

Kaley Cuoco Gets Her Nails Done

It’s been a while since we had seen Man of Steel star Henry Cavill out with his girlfriend Gina Carano, and now it seems we know why! According to PEOPLE the super hot movie star broke up with the actress in May and now it seems that he’s dating ‘Big Bang Theory’ star Kaley Cuoco.

The magazine reports that the Cavill and Cuoco have just started dating and that “It’s just the beginning stages of a relationship and they’re having a great time.”  Um, how could you not have a good time with Henry Cavill?! That man is all sorts of dreamy!  Honestly, she is the luckiest woman in the world! Although I did really like him and Gina Carano together.

Attached are pictures of Kaley getting her nails done in Sherman Oaks today.



Is She A Terror To Work With?

Natalie Portman Out And About In Los Angeles

It looks like America’s sweetheart might not be what we think she is! According to a hot new rumor, Natalie Portman is apparently a terror to work with on set, making everyone’s jobs harder than what they should be. Who would have thought that Natalie was a diva, right? Here’s the goss:

“So many actors backed out of the movie, and she’s taking it out on everyone… first it was Michael Fassbender, then Jude Law and finally Bradley Cooper – and Natalie took that personally.”

And it seems Natalie is taking it out on everyone else.

“She is such a micromanager and has no qualms about dressing someone down and humiliating them… she’s made people cry and never apologizes. She tells everyone how to do their job: the lighting guy, the sound guy and the director. It’s crazy!”

Yikes! What do you guys think? Is Natalie really a stuck-up actress or is this just one crazy rumor?


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Fact Or Fiction: Did She Get Married?

corinthia hotel 041012

Despite what we’ve been hearing, it looks like Canada’s sweethearts haven’t tied the knot just yet. Rumor had it yesterday that pop rock princess Avril Lavigne got hitched with beau Chad Kroeger in the South of France on Saturday afternoon but according to new reports today, the two just had a “wedding party” and are not officially married. Confusing, I know. Here’s what we’re reading:

A source close to Laivgne says the couple are “technically not married yet.” The pair had a wedding party on June 29 in Cannes, France, kicking off their festivities, but the actual ceremony is Monday, July 1.

So don’t return those wedding presents to Crate and Barrel just yet… it looks like these two are going to be having a REAL wedding to kick off the week tomorrow.


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Photoshoot Rules: NO Talking To Justin, NO Selena Gomez Music

Justin Bieber performing in concert

Justin Bieber’s back at work, performing for his ‘Believe’ tour. Here’s the Biebs performing in Las Vegas. TMZ recently managed to get Justin’s rider (the list of “rules” or “demands” a celebrity makes). The rider TMZ got was for a photoshoot, not his tour, although he surely has a rider for the people running the tour, as well. Two of Justin’s demands are: (1) no speaking to Justin directly, and (2) no Selena Gomez music should be played. OMG!

Other demands include things like no cell phones and no autographs, which TMZ reports are pretty typical demands. Justin also wants to ensure he’s well-fed during a photoshoot, so he requires an assortment of snacks, including “herbal teas, a deli platter, a veggie platter, a large pack of Swedish Fish, Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Ritz Bitz Cheese Sandwiches, and 2 large packs of Haribo cola gummies.” Justin also requests several “packs” of plain white undershirts,, tees, and socks. Can’t he afford to bring his own? Well, I guess if you can get it, you should ask for it.


Photos by WENN

The Hits Keep On Comin’

Paula Dean Attends Book Expo in New York

Paula Deen lost another corporate sponsor yesterday afternoon. JC Penney severed ties with the former Food Network host, saying they planned to stop selling Paula Deen merchandise and even remove all of her items from their website over the weekend. But here’s the SHOCKER.

Remember Paula’s cookbook, ‘Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up’? It was due out in October and was at #1 on Amazon’s pre-order list. Despite the anticipation, the publisher CANCELED the book, as well as Paula’s deal for other upcoming cookbooks. OMG! Paula’s not giving up, however. Her literary agent said:

“I am confident that these books will be published and that we will have a new publisher.”

I’m not so sure another publisher is going to touch her, at least not anytime in the near future. Perhaps she should consider self-publishing? I am flabbergasted the publisher pulled a book that looked like it was going to debut as a bestseller.


Photos by Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET

Goes On Twitter Rant Then Deletes His Account

Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Get Out Of Town

I think it must be pretty clear that Alec Baldwin speaks, or tweets, without thinking when he’s upset.  The actor took to his now deleted twitter account yesterday to defend his wife, Hilaria, after a reporter accused her of tweeting during actor James Gandolfini’s funeral services.

Alec responded by going off on a tirade against the British reporter before eventually deleting his twitter account.  You can see the screen caps of his tweets over at The Huffington Post.  Today the actor looked to be in either a better mood or attempting to do some damage control as he and Hilaria were spotted packing up for a trip to The Hamptons.



Dropped By Sears & Kmart Too… For Now

Paula Deen Gets Dropped From The Food Network ***FILE PHOTOS***

Paula Deen continues to lose corporate support. Sears and Kmart (which are both owned by Sears Holding) had an interesting way of responding to Paula’s downward spiral. Sears Holding said in a statement:

“After careful consideration of all available information, we have made the decision to phase out all products tied to [Paula Deen’s] brand. We will continue to evaluate the situation.”

Translation: if Paula can turn things around, maybe they’ll bring her lines back. There’s some hope for Paula! I’m still put off by all that’s happened. I’ll be interesting to see what she has to say this fall. I’m assuming that’s when we’re going to see her everywhere, since her cookbook is scheduled for release then.


Photos by Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET