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Chilli isn’t getting a scrub this time around…because she’s dating Wayne Brady! Us Weekly exclusively confirms that this relationship is fairly new, but definitely on and going public! On Friday night, the two were spotted holding hands while the comedian was in Las Vegas, supporting the singer during a TLC concert at the MGM.

“They were so cute, stopping to take pictures with fans,” an eyewitness tells Us. “He kept her close to him the whole time.” Mid-show, Chilli (real name: Rozonda Thomas) also gave the Emmy-award winning star a shout-out during the set and brought him on stage. (Chilli and Lil Mama performed for a private party MGM threw for their employees.)

“It has only been two weeks but they really like each other,” a source adds. “They’ve been friends for years but there has always been this flirtation. Both of them had a hard time being single, so they love dating a friend and someone in the business. They make a really great couple.”

What I didn’t know was that the two HAD dated previously! Brady, 41, and Chilli, 42, gave it a go about a year ago but put things on hold after only a few weeks due to their busy schedules. What do you think of this new couple?

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JAY MOHR An Apology to Alyssa Milano


Jay Mohr is not winning any new fans when he dissed Alyssa Milano, but now he’s taking to twitter for an apology!

“She’s very tiny, in height…. It seems like she had had a baby and said, ‘I don’t really give a s–––’ … I read it on her gut,” Mohr, 43, said about Milano’s appearance at the Nascar Spring Cup Series Awards gala he hosted in Las Vegas on Dec. 6.  “Somebody sat in the director’s chair was not wearing Spanx and I was like ‘Jesus Christ!’ ” he continued.

So hurtful, right?! The above pic is from the event, and Milano is looking fabulous, don’t you think? The actress, who has a 2 year old son named Milo, took the high road. “So sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. Be well and God Bless. Please send my love to your beautiful wife,” the Mistresses star replied.

After fans rallied to her defense, Milano Tweeted her gratitude. “You’re all lovely. Thank you for your kind words. #Appreciative.” And of course, Mohr finally said SOMETHING in response to his very unkind words: “She’s stunning. I mistakenly thought the absurdity of what I was saying would have been taken as a joke. #fail,” he Tweeted.

Ugh.  Maybe people like Jay Mohr will be a little less hasty to scrutinize the looks of their fellow entertainers, and work on positive praise!

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MILEY CYRUS Lashes Out Against Beyonce Quotes

miley responds to beyonce rumors

Everyone (including us) was writing about statements Miley Cyrus supposedly made in her interview with Love magazine (you can see her on the cover above). Miley was said to have said  some pretty, well, nasty things about Beyonce of all people. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer took to twitter, however, to deny the quotes. She tweeted:

That quote people MADE UP about Beyonce just made me lol! Imagine if I said I got “the looks and the curves I’m just better!” Bahahahhaha

How are people allowed to make up shit & then out quotes around it saying I said that shit! WTF!!?!

Thank god I just woke up from this nightmare.

don’t worry. getting 2 the bottom of this s**t. making the liar retract the statement. U can cause ALOT of drama but NOT between me & B!

Then Love magazine tweeted:

@MileyCyrus never said anything to us about Beyonce, the quotes were made up and we’re trying to get to the bottom of where this came from

So, for once, Miley wasn’t saying something crazy for the PR. I have to say, I’m glad!

Photo Courtesy of Miley Cyrus

CAMERON DIAZ Her New Book Focuses On “Below The Belt” Grooming


Cameron Diaz: actress and beauty guru?

Though you may be thinking of her as a busy actress, Diaz has been slaving away for 18 months penning health and beauty book, entitled The Body Book, which came out on December 31st.  In the book, she gets very, ahem, intimate, especially in a section of the book titled “In Praise of Pubes“.

“I hear that there’s a big fad these days of young women undergoing laser hair removal on all of their lady bits,” Diaz writes. “… Personally, I think permanent laser hair removal sounds like a crazy idea. Forever? I know you may think you’ll be wearing the same style of shoes forever and the same style of jeans forever, but you won’t. The idea that vaginas are preferable in a hairless state is a pretty recent phenomenon, and all fads change, people.”

That’s just a little taste of what Diaz dishes about in her new book…and, fair warning: she gets even more graphic. That being said, her whole book seems like a refreshing look at beauty, from the eyes of an icon.  Are you excited to see what Diaz has to say?

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Miley Cyrus is REALLY into herself…so much so, that she’s okay spouting some anti-Beyonce sass to Love magazine! The 21-year-old Wrecking Ball singer spilled to the mag, revealing:

“Beyonce has been a big inspiration to me but she’s been out for such a long time. She’s so talented and I think she’s at the top of the game now but people are always looking for new blood and that’s what I bring to the game now, new blood. I got the total package you know, the curves, the rhythm, and the voice. I’m just the best.”

So modest, Miley! And I wonder if she feels the same way now that Beyonce has a hit, artistic album on her hands?

“As Beyoncé grows in motherhood and all the crap it does to your body, it will create a vacuum for fresh young faces to rise up and no one else can properly fill that void right now. I’m the only white female singer that could fill that slot right now and do it right, you know? I’m just the total package, you know? All things must start and end and I hope to have the same success as other icons in the game when my run is over. But for now, my run is just starting.”

Wow. She sounds…very young.  Give your predecessors more cred, Miss Cyrus. Graciousness looks good on everyone!

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KHLOE KARDASHIAN & KRIS JENNER Fact Or Fiction: Is Kris Upset About Khloe’s Latest Comments?

kris jenner angry at khloe kardashian revelation (1)

Have you heard about Khloe Kardashian’s revelations about momager Kris Jenner in her interview with Cosmopolitan UK? Khloe said she overheard Kris telling someone she needed a nose job. Khloe was NINE at the time. Well, that quote got a lot of tongues wagging. Radar Online reports Kris is “furious” about it. A source claims:

“She wasn’t given a heads up it was even discussed! Kris has been getting heavily criticized on social media and she has been reading all of the negative comments. She is furious with Khloé for even bringing it up, and thinks it makes her look like a bad mother.”

The revelation is even said to be “ruining” Kris’ time in Park City, Utah, where the family is on a ski trip. The source claims Kim Kardashian is trying to smooth things over.

“[Kim] comforting Kris and telling her it will all blow over. Kris is very appreciative of Kim, and knows she always has her back. Kim would never make comments about her mother that would create such a controversy.”

Do you believe this? On one hand, consider that Khloe said she “overheard” the comment. This means Kris didn’t actually intend for her to hear it. That’s not quite so shocking. I can see this story being Fact. What do you think: Fact or Fiction?