Rihanna Heads To Court To Support Chris Brown

Rihanna & Chris Brown Head To Court Together

Chris Brown just can’t seem to stay out of trouble, can he?  The singer has been accused of lying about his community service hours and was scheduled to appear in court today in LA.  On-again girlfriend Rihanna was on hand to lend him some moral support.

Both Rihanna and Chris were spotted leaving Brown’s home today en route to the courthouse.  Rihanna has finally confirmed that she and Brown are back together and insists that things are ‘different’ this time.  Well, I hope for her sake she’s right.  It doesn’t really seem to me like them getting back together is a good idea, but I guess that’s her decision!




Did Brandi Glanville Cheat First?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Three  Premiere Party Red Carpet

Brandi Glanville has been doing the publicity circuit to promote her new book, and she definitely hasn’t shied away from talking about the affair her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian had with LeAnn Rimes.  But now it seems like Brandi wasn’t so innocent herself, or someone wants to get even, because Us Weekly is reporting that Brandi was the one who cheated first!

According to the mag, ‘several sources’ claim that Glanville cheated on Cibrian “several times during their eight-year marriage. In one particularly shocking incident, Glanville had sex with another man in her bedroom just six weeks after the birth of son Jake, now 5.”

Of course you know that Brandi has something to say about this, and she took to her twitter account to set the record straight, saying;

Apparently I cheated on eddie a few times with some Hot guys!Wow!Grasping at straws 4 yrs later a week before book is out#WISHIHAD watev


I had the baby blues after Jake was born I wasnt even hav n sex with EC let alone anyone else.Such BS but I kind of want to buy the mag now


Im reading us weekly & im laughing out loud, eddie was broken up wen I met him,I never kissed Rick Fox, Ive never slept with harry.Come on!

Wow, I wonder if anyone in this crazy love triangle is worrying about the kids here? There seems to be a whole lot of dirty laundry being aired and there are two young boys who are going to hear all about this at some time.  Maybe Brandi and LeAnn should both just stop already!




QOTD: Chris Brown “Sick Of Being Accused”

Chris Brown Enjoys A Night Out At Roxbury Club

And the persecution of Chris Brown continues. At least, it’s persecution in his eyes. Frank Ocean decided not to press charges against Chris for allegedly assaulting him, but Chris’ legal woes aren’t over. The DA is moving to violate Chris’ probation over increasing evidence that he lied about completing his community service requirement. Chris vented on his Instagram (which has now been made private but E! News has a screen cap):

“Im a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect im sick of being accused…Im Tired yall just dont understand Ive been going through this shit since I was 19 years old..you cant sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do? Im not gonna sit here and play victim…just when everything seems to be going good, some new s*it happens…A day in my shoes is a day in h*ll, believe it or not!”

But he’s not playing the victim. I don’t know- maybe something good would start happening if Chris truly started taking responsibility for his actions and fulfilled his responsibilities (like completed his community service requirements as ordered)?



Brandi Glanville Wanted To Take Eddie Cibrian And Leann Rimes To “Family Therapy”


Another day, and another post about Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian and of course, Leann Rimes. They make Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie look soooo 2009, don’t they? LOL. When it comes to celebrity news, they are the gift that keeps on giving.

In a new preview from Brandi’s upcoming book, “Drinking and Tweeting, And Other Brandi Blunders,” (which I so cannot WAIT to get my hands on), Brandi says that at one point she tried to get Eddie and Leann to family therapy so they can all become better co-parents. Here’s what she writes:

“Watching my ex-husband standing in front of me, comforting another woman and holding her hand, was probably one of the most surreal moments of my life. It was a strange sensation, because while it was extremely odd, I didn’t feel jealous. I was finally numb to their entire existence. I simply didn’t care. Since I signed away my right to speak, I can’t reveal what was discussed when we finally stepped into the therapist’s office, but I can share that it was an incredibly gratifying and vindicating experience…for me.”

If you ask me, I think this is going to be the juiciest book of the year. After Brandi’s book hits book shelves, everyone is going to be saying, “50 Shades of What?” LOL.


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Katie Holmes Is Worried About Dating Again


It’s not easy being a single celebrity mama! According to reports, Katie Holmes is worried about dating again. The former ‘Dawson’s Creek‘ actress has been single since splitting from ex-husband Tom Cruise last June and while she is keen to start seeing new guys, she doesn’t want to lose her new-found freedom.

A source said: “Katie’s in a dilemma, because she wants to date but is concerned where it could lead to from there. She’s worried that if she commits herself fully to another man, she will have to give up the freedom she’s enjoying so much at the moment. As a single woman, she has no one controlling her nowadays, telling her what to do or who to see and she absolutely loves it! However, at the same time, she also misses being with someone special to share experiences with and she doesn’t want to be alone for the rest of her life.”

Katie currently spends most of her time with the couple’s six-year-old daughter, Suri, and while she loves being with her, she knows it’s important for her to have other important people  in her life.

The source added to RadarOnline.com: “Katie’s got Suri for the time being, and she is her best friend, but she does eventually want to find a man she can be that close with as well. She’s just a little nervous and cautious about relationships still right now.”


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Justin Timberlake Did Not Disrespect His Ex, Britney Spears

Justin Timeberlake and Jessica Catch A Movie

Justin Timberlake may not have returned to the Super Bowl halftime stage (something tells me that won’t happen again for a very long time after the original “wardrobe malfunction”), but he did perform at a pre-Super Bowl concert on Saturday night. Word has it Justin called ex-girlfriend Britney Spears a b*tch before singing his old hit song, ‘Cry Me a River,’ which has always been attributed to his split from Britney. Before Justin sang the song, he said:

“Sometimes in life, you think you found the one. But then one day you find out that she is just some b***h.”

Apparently twitter started buzzing about that comment. Justin responded with the message:

Ok. I see you. Wouldn’t disrespect ANYONE personally. Ever. #Relax#ItsBritneyB*tch I do love that saying though*with accent* #Respect

Hmmm… Okay. I guess that’s a denial. What do you think? I’d think Justin would have moved on, seeing as he’s a married man now and all!


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Fact Or Fiction: Baby Number Two for Penelope Cruz


Penelope Cruz

Vicky Cristina Barcelona star Penelope Cruz and husband Javier Bardem are rumored to be expecting their second child.  According to the New York Post, Penelope is pregnant and due to give birth later this year.

Representatives for the couple had yet to comment. If the reports are true, Penelope and her model sister Monica will be pregnant at the same time. Monica just announced her pregnancy last month.

Penelope Cruz has been married to her Oscar winner husband Javier since 2010. Their firstborn, son Leonardo, just turned two. If this rumor is true, we look forward to catching a glimpse of a baby bump in the near future!

Source: Wenn

Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz