Reunited With Mom Debbie Rowe

Semi-Exclusive... Paris Jackson Leaving A Friends House

Paris Jackson just might have gotten the best birthday present of all – a reunion with her biological mother Debbie Rowe.  TMZ is reporting that Debbie contacted Paris recently and the mother and daughter spent Paris’s 15th birthday together catching up.  According to a source;

 “The two just hung out. They’ve gotten really tight.”

The source also adds that Debbie has been keeping their meetings secret because she doesn’t want anyone to think that her motives are financially driven.  Debbie signed her paternal rights away when Paris was just 3.

I like this story!  Paris has been through a lot of turmoil for such a young girl so hopefully reconnecting with her mother will be a good thing!


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Is The Singer Texting Her Ex Russell Brand?

Semi-Exclusive... Katy Perry Goes For A Walk

Katy Perry hasn’t been very lucky in the love department, has she?!  The singer, who divorced actor Russell Brand and recently split with singer John Mayer, has reportedly been texting her ex-husband asking for relationship advice!  According to a source who spoke with RadarOnline;

 “Katy reached out to him after she split with John, bemoaning her luck with men and Russell provided her with some much-needed reassurance.”

Yikes, I don’t know what a great idea that is!  Sounds like someone might still have a thing for her ex-husband!  It has been rumoured that Katy had a problem with John’s flirting and John took issues with Katy comparing him to Russell.

“Katy was unhappy that John constantly flirted with other girls and played up his heart-breaker image. But Katy gave it back. She knew that she could push John’s buttons by comparing his flaws to what she saw was great in Russell, which he hated!”

Hmmm, who knows, maybe Katy and Russell will give it another try?  Or maybe Katy is just trying to get under John’s skin by seeking advice from Russell.  This sounds like it could get complicated!




BREAKING NEWS! The Actress Is Pregnant With Her Second Child!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Leaving La Piaggia Beach Club

Congratulations go out to Halle Berry and her fiance Olivier Martinez! According to TMZ the happy couple are expecting their first child together!  According to the site Halle is 3 months along and expecting a son!

Halle, Olivier and Halle’s daughter Nahla just returned home from a family vacation in Hawaii where both parties got a little upset at the paparazzi attention upon arriving at the airport.  Maybe this explains why!  And I don’t know about you but I can’t see a baby bump here at all!

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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Is Madonna’s Daughter Dating A ‘Homeland’ Star?

Madonna & Her Kids Head Out In Paris

Is Lourdes Leon dating one of the stars of the hit show Homeland?  According to The New York Post Lourdes and Timothée Chalamet, who plays the son of Vice President Walden on the hit show, are a new item.  The two teens met while attending the LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts in New York City where they both go to school.

According to a source, “It’s common knowledge at the school that the pair are dating.”  I wonder how nerve wracking it must be to date Madonna’s daughter!  I mean, she’s pretty hard core, I definitely wouldn’t want to be the guy who breaks her daughters heart! These two make a cute couple though!


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Rehab Bound?

Lindsay Lohan Strikes A Plea Deal In Los Angeles

Lindsay Lohan might be enjoying her freedom for now, but hopefully she’ll soon be in a rehab facility getting the help she needs.  According to RadarOnline, the actress’s attorney, Mark Heller has submitted a list of proposedrehab clinics to the court and is vetting them before choosing one that meets their criteria. According to their source;

 “Lindsay’s attorney, Mark Heller, gave a list of of potential rehabs to the Los Angeles City Attorney, Terry White, last week. The prosecutor will personally be calling the facilities to make sure that there is proper security, meaning someone that monitors the whereabouts at all times of the patients.”

“The facility that ends up taking Lindsay needs to notify the court immediately if she leaves the premises, or breaks any rules. The rehab will be fully vetted and researched by White. If Lindsay leaves early, or messes up, she will go straight to jail, no questions asked.”

Here’s hoping that rehab really helps Lindsay turn her life around before it’s too late!



Keeps Mum On The Details Of His Split With Katy Perry

Katy Perry & John Mayer Dine Out At Osteria Mozza

Looks like John Mayer has learned his lesson and is choosing not to kiss and tell about his split from Katy Perry.  John has, in the past, been very open about his relationships and, some might say, even crossed the line about how much he reveals, has remained pretty quiet about his split from Perry.

In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show today John reveals why he has kept so quiet;

“It was a very private relationship going in,  it was a private relationship during and it’s a private relationship still.”

“I can understand asking the question based on some previous answers I have given, but I have finally learned how to put the wall between one thing and the other,”







The Singer Opens Up About His Relationships ‘I Did A Lot Of Lying’

Chris Brown Spray Paints A Mural In Miami

Looks like Chris Brown wants to put all the rumours about his love life to rest.  The singer sat down with radio station Hot 97 and spoke about how hard it was for him to end things with girlfriend Karrueche Tran after he realized that she still had feelings for ex Rihanna.  Chris talked to the radio station about what he was feeling after he made a video last October where she spoke about being in love with 2 people;

“I wanted to be more of a man. Me being young, even with relationships in the past, I did a lot of lying, I did everything just to make sure nobody gets hurt in the process.

“I just don’t feel it’s necessary anymore in my life. Nobody can hate me for being honest. I had to just be brutal. I told both of them that the video was coming out.

“I’m not trying to be a player. It’s never an easy situation to tell another person that you still love another person, so that’s kinda difficult. But our friendship, me and Karrueche’s friendship, is still cool. We’re still good friends.”

There has definitely been a lot of speculation about whether Chris and Karrueche ever really ended things even though he and Rihanna had rekindled their romance.  But Chris did confirm to Matt Lauer on April 1st that he and Rihanna were still together and that “everything is fine“.