USHER Retains Custody After Emergency Hearing


Tameka Foster (a.k.a. Tameka Raymond) requested an emergency custody hearing after her oldest son with ex-husband Usher, Usher V (who’s called Cinco), nearly drowned at the singer’s home when he got caught in a drain. The judge ultimately denied Tameka’s request to gain temporary custody of both their sons (Usher V and Navivyd). Tameka alleged that Usher’s aunt, Rena Oden, who was watching the kids when the accident happened, was an “unfit” cartaker. First the judge addressed Tameka:

“What happened here was an awful accident. I don’t know, and based on the evidence I heard I am not certain that any single person who had been by that pool side that one person could have done better than Miss Oden. Miss Oden did impress me as a capable person. You’re standards for a caregiver are very high. I am denying, dismissing the motion.”

The judge then addressed Usher, and it sounded like the judge did hear Tameka’s complaints that she isn’t told what’s occurring with her children on a regular basis.

“I will say Mr. Raymond, in the future you would be well advised to keep your former spouse informed about your whereabouts and who is taking care of the kids. That will be a feature perhaps in the case as this moves forward or the companion case.”

Usher reportedly hugged Tameka and told her “I’m sorry” before hugging his aunt. Accidents do happen, but hopefully Usher has bought some drain covers for the pool! This won’t be their final face-off in court, either. Before this accident occurred, Usher had gone to court to request his $8,000/month child support payments to Tameka be reduced since he now has primary custody of their sons. After the judge’s ruling yesterday, Tameka tweeted:

When life doesn’t make sense, remember the universal system is beyond anything we can comprehend. We don’t need to see it. Just trust it.

I’m just glad Tameka didn’t lose a second son (her oldest son, Kile, died after a tragic jet-ski accident last summer). Hopefully she and Usher can figure out some way to make peace for their kids’ sakes.


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Usher’s Son In ICU After Pool Accident


Talk about every parent’s WORST nightmare. Usher’s older son, Usher Raymond V, was rushed to the hospital after getting stuck in the drain in the pool at the singer’s home. TMZ reports:

Here’s what we know … The child was playing in the pool with his aunt and saw a toy in the drain. He dove down to get the toy and his arm got stuck in the drain. The aunt immediately dove in to rescue him but couldn’t get his hand out. The maid then dove in and tried but was also unsuccessful.

The maid screamed for help. Two audio-visual contractors working in the house came out, dove in and freed the boy. One of them administered CPR immediately and rushed to the hospital. The boy was “conscious, alert and breathing. People connected with Usher tell us he rode with his son to the hospital in the ambulance, but according to the police report, Usher met his son there.

Doctors have been running a series of tests and doctors say he’ll be ok.

OMG. How long was Usher V underwater? Hopefully he will be okay. Last summer Tameka Raymond, Usher’s ex-wife and mother of their sons, lost her 11-year-old son in a jetski accident, so I can’t even IMAGINE what she’s going through right now. She lost primary custody of her sons with Usher last summer as well. Tameka filed papers in court yesterday after the accident, alleging Usher’s home is unsafe to regain primary custody of their sons.


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OPRAH WINFREY Promoting ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’ & Keeping Lindsay Lohan Out Of Trouble

Lee Daniels' 'The Butler' New York Premiere

Oprah Winfrey is juggling a lot these days. Not only is she promoting ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler‘ (here she is at the premiere with Stedman Graham), but she’s also trying to keep Lindsay Lohan on the straight and narrow. TMZ reports Oprah persuaded Lindsay to cancel her planned trip to Europe yesterday.

We’re told Oprah — who struck a deal with Lindsay to do a post-rehab docuseries later this month — told Lindsay she should avoid the vacation so soon after rehab because the temptation to relapse would be too great.

We’re told Oprah called Lindsay multiple times over the past 24 hours to convince her to stay put … and Lindsay bought it, believing she needs to focus on her sobriety right now — not jetsetting around the world. Impressive.

Smart move, Lindsay, and very wise advice on Oprah’s part! Lindsay seems to really need someone in her life who can be a stable influence and give her good advice. Unfortunately, I’m not sure anyone in her family qualifies for that at the moment. Oprah may be busy trying to keep Lindsay sober, but she’s still having fun. Check out the ‘fro she’s rocking on the red carpet here! At least humidity wasn’t an issue.


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WES BENTLEY The Actor Opens Up About His Heroin Addiction

Wes Bentley & Jacqui Run Errands With Son Charles

Wes Bentley is an in demand actor, having starred in last year’s hit movie The Hunger Games as well as having landed major roles on both the big and small screen, but  just 4 years ago he was going through withdrawl from both cocaine and heroin addiction. The actor opens up about his past drug addiction to The Hollywood Reporter and reveals his incentive to staying sober.  When asked about working while in the midst of his addiction he said;

“I put up such a wall that I didn’t even go and meet with these great directors whom I respected and admired so much,” 

The actor blamed his drug abuse on the fact that he fell in to fame quite quickly, and quite young, and blames drugs for the demise of his first marriage.  Now remarried and a father, he’s determined not to fall back into the throes of addiction.  He also opens up about what life is like now and what he’d really like to do in the future saying;

“I’ve been given this second chance, and I’m going to do everything I can with it.  I would definitely love to do a straight-up comedy, like a Judd Apatow movie [or] the whole Seth Rogen group.  I love the Coen brothers’ sense of humor. … For so many years, I took everything so seriously. Life could have been a lot more fun.”

I don’t think I ever knew that Wes suffered from drug addiction, but I am so happy to hear that he’s been sober for as long as he has.  Rumour has it that Wes might even be in the running to play the next Batman on the big screen. I could definitely get behind that casting!




SIMON COWELL He Will Take Care Of His Baby Momma!

2013 FOX Upfront Presentation Red Carpet Event

Something tells me that Simon Cowell wasn’t expecting to become a dad at the age of 53, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to accept responsibility for his actions and make things right.  We told you earlier this week that Simon and Lauren Silverman, the wife of Simon’s friend Andrew Silverman, were expecting a baby together, and while Simon wouldn’t comment on it specifically at yesterday’s TCA presentation US Weekly claims that he will take care of everything.

According to a source, the mag said that;

“Simon told Lauren not to worry and he will take care of everything,” the source tells Us. “He always takes care of his women. He gave Mezghan a salary and bought her a house. He bought Terry tons of fancy clothes and cars. He’s very generous to his ladies.”

“He told her whatever Andrew throws at her or says about her he will take care of her so not to worry and not to let it bother her,”

Well I think all the rules change when there’s a child involved!  This whole situation just sounds so crazy to me!  Thankfully it sounds like all parties involved are cognizant of the fact that Lauren and Andrew have a 7 year old son to think of first so hopefully this doesn’t get any more messy than it already is.



SIMON COWELL ‘X Factor’ Judge Breaks His Silence (Kinda) About Baby Bombshell

Celebrities leaving Loulous restaurant

This is getting worse and worse for ‘X Factor‘ judge Simon Cowell as he deals with the baby drama now that word is out about the baby he’s expecting with a friend’s wife! Simon had no choice but to face the press at a TCA presentation yesterday. Here’s what he said.

“Unfortunately at this moment I have to keep it private…There are a lot of things I will eventually clear up when the time is right, but I really have to be sensitive because there’s a lot of people’s feelings involved here.” 

That’s the truth! Andrew Silverman, the husband and (presumably former) friend of Simon, named the ‘X Factor’ judge as a co-respondent in his divorce papers from Lauren Silverman. He’s cited “adultery” as the reason for the divorce. Although some insiders told People Lauren and Andrew were “unhappy” before they, Andrew’s brother said otherwise.

“It is an unbelievable story of betrayal. It is a sad story and a tragic story.”

Other sources say the two were still together when Simon and Lauren were hooking up. As a co-respondent, Simon could be forced to testify! Lauren was photographed smiling while out and about yesterday, so she seems to be happy about the turn of events. She released the following statement last night:

“I am committed to sorting things out with Andrew as amicably as possible to ensure the well-being of our son. I would hope for some space and privacy in order to work through this.” 

Earlier in the day Andrew told Us Weekly:

“My top priority is protecting my 7-year-old son while working to resolve all outstanding issues with my wife. Hopefully people can respect the interest of our child during this process.”

That’s what’s unfortunate about this: there are children involved in all this drama.


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KEITH URBAN AND JENNIFER LOPEZ Are They Both Returning To American Idol?

"American Idol" Grand Finale 2009 - Arrivals

American Idol had quite the shake up at the end of last season when it was announced that Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey all wouldn’t be returning to the judges table for the next season.  Well Fox chairman Kevin Reilly did confirm today that Keith Urban will in fact be returning, and that they are in talks with former judge Jennifer Lopez!

“I can’t talk too much about it . . . I will confirm one thing is Keith is gonna return to the show. Keith did a great job last year, the fans really liked him. Keith’s a really funny guy .” 

When asked whether the rumours about Jennifer Lopez returning were true, he said;

“Most of what you’re writing is true.  All of the names have been considered and in discussions. There is no deal with [Jennifer Lopez] or with anybody else, so I really can’t speak to it any more than that. We want some judges in that refocus our attention on the contestants. It really became too much about the judges. The show’s always been about the contestants.”

Well I completely agree with that statement! Last year it might as well been called the Mariah/Nicki show!  I really liked Keith too so I’m happy to see him come back.  Not sure what I think about JLo, but I can’t wait to hear who else they bring on.


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