Rachel Bilson Looking Fab!

Wow Rachel Bilson looks stunning! The actress was spotted making her way out of her home in Los Feliz, California today.

Rachel has been keeping a rather low profile lately but I bet we’ll be seeing her a lot more when her new show Hart of Dixie premiere’s on the 26th.

Do you think you’ll tune in to see Rachel’s new show?

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NKOTB Donnie Wahlberg Visits The Rachael Ray Show

New Kids on the Block founding member Donnie Wahlberg dropped by to visit with Rachael Ray for her show and dished on his cooking skills (or lack thereof), his new restaurant, and parenting.

On the key to cooking:

“This is the key to cooking. It’s the low flame, it’s the gentle twist. A lot of guys, we get in the kitchen and we turn the flame up real high, we burn the food you know we’re very rough..”

On what he is known for cooking:

“I’m known for cooking toast, cereal, and microwave popcorn. That’s it. I have no cooking skills.”

On garlic breath:

“I actually like garlic breath, for the record. It’s sexy.”

On his new restaurant Wahlberg’s:

“And the beauty is, the name, it came out in the press a few weeks ago and it because a huge story, but it’s, the beauty of it all is that it’s Paul is, he’s a legitimate chef. You know, it’s like he’s, we even didn’t want to name it that partially because his cooking, it’s just amazing. And he’s done everything, he’s earned everything on his own. He was in cooking school when we were all little kids. And we all, Mark and I especially, looked up to Paul but the Wahlburger’s is really coming from Paul’s love of food and wanting to just make a great hamburger joint in his town of Hingham.”

On playing good cop/bad cop with his kids:

“Well, their mom is still a cop. And we’re still very good friends, and we do trade off roles. I sometimes am good cop. If she’s being the bad cop, I’m the good cop. And if I’m being a bad cop, she’s the good cop. And it’s, it’s amazing how well, you know, we still do work together as parents. And we always pick up the slack for each other. And, you know, and it’s one of the great things about, about being a parent is learning. It’s sometimes, if I lose patience with other things, you know, my kids are driving me up a wall, it’s, sometimes it’s nice to have their mom there to say ‘hey, you know, try this, instead of that.’ She’s a great woman and, and my kids are happy as can be and we have a great relationship.”

On playing cop off the set of ‘Blue Bloods’:

“There’s a certain rule on sets that you’re not supposed to…If you’re playing a cop, especially in New York City, you’re not supposed to act like a cop. But I do find myself directing traffic and yelling at people. But it’s New York!”

You can see Donnie on ‘The Rachael Ray Show,’ tomorrow, on September 22. Check your local listings for times.

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George Clooney Gets Married: In An Ad (Video)

I honestly think this is about the closest we’ll ever get to seeing George Clooney tie the knot: this ad for Norwegian bank DNB NOR. It’s an interesting ad for a bank, don’t you think?

Regardless, if you’re one of the many women who fantasize about marrying George, then this ad is for you!

JR Martinez Joins ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Cast To Celebrate

JR Martinez joined his castmates at Hyde Lounge to celebrate the season premiere of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ last night. LOVE his attitude: talk about overcoming major obstacles (he was injured by a landmine blast while in the US Army and had to undergo over 30 reconstructive surgeries)!

I almost cheered when he told his partner, Karina Smirnoff, that he was proud of his scars because they symbolized all the experiences that have brought him to where he is. Below is a video of his ‘Dancing with the Stars’ debut: I think he’ll be sticking around, and I look forward to seeing his dancing.

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‘DWTS’ Clips: Chaz Bono & Carson Kressley

I thought Chaz Bono and Carson Kressley had two of the BEST dancing debuts last night on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Here’s a video of each of their performances (Chaz’s is above and Carson’s is below).

Carson may not have the best rhythm, but he makes up for it with flair in spades- LOL! I hope they both make it to next week.

Quote Of The Day: Kate Walsh At Charlie Sheen Roast

I was surprised when I heard the very level-headed (but fun) Kate Walsh was going to be at Comedy Central’s roast of Charlie Sheen, but it sounds like she was funny (well, it’s the type of brutal humor they have at roasts). Here’s one of her jokes:

“I have to say, Charlie, you are an incredible medical specimen. I guess that’s one of the benefits of waking up every morning at the crack of crack…It’s amazing — after abusing your lungs, liver and kidneys, the only thing you’ve had removed is your kids.”

OUCH. But it is pretty funny, too- LOL.

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Jenna Dewan Tatum Dishes On ‘The Playboy Club’

Jenna Dewan Tatum (yes, she’s Channing Tatum’s wife) chatted with Allison Kugel of PR.com about her new show, ‘The Playboy Club,’ which premieres tonight. Here are some quotes from the interview:

On her twitter pic of herself in a Playboy bunny costume:

Like it or hate it, the Playboy bunny is iconic. I think it’s a beautiful, sexy, womanly outfit. I also believe that by today’s standards, we are wearing a lot more clothing [on the show] than most bathing suits and bikinis out there (laughs). What I love so much about the Playboy bunny costume is that it creates this hourglass figure when you wear it.

On whether or not they had to go through Playboy bunny training and learn the Playboy bunny dip:

Oh yes I did (laughs)!… You get that memo from your agent and you’re like, “Ok. Maybe it’s just to talk research about what it was like being a bunny.” We got there and it was strict!

There’s a certain way the drinks are placed on the tray. There’s a certain way you have to place them on the table. The bunny dip, the bunny stance, the bunny perch… there were so many technical things to being a bunny. I left that day having a whole newfound respect for the Playboy bunnies and what they did for 12 hours a day.

On the fact that the feminists’ groups, parent groups, and religious groups who are offended about the show haven’t actually seen it:

No one has seen it. It’s sort of like me talking badly about a movie and someone asking me, “Have you seen it yet?” And I say, “No, I haven’t seen it, but this is what I think.”

Would she ever pose nude for Playboy:

No. I’m not looking to pose nude in anything.

Her thoughts on the prevalence of female nudity in cable TV and film:

I believe that it’s overused. I think there are a few times in movies and maybe a few TV shows, where scenes do call for it and there is a certain sense of realism. But you can tell when a girl didn’t want to show nudity, and it’s pretty obvious. A lot of times nudity sort of takes me out of the scene and takes me out of the movie, because immediately I’m going, “Oh, that’s somebody’s breast,” and I’m not thinking about what the scene is. So that’s my own personal argument against doing nudity.

I never say never because in my life I’ve learned that you say one thing and then later on something makes sense. But thus far in my career I have said no to nudity for that reason. I want people to be invested in the story and invested in the character before they’re just looking at my boobs.

You can read the entire article here. Are you planning on watching ‘The Playboy Club’ tonight?

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