Japanese Kids Respond To Person Dropping Wallet (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

japanese red cross promoThis feel good video of the day is TOO precious. The Japanese Red Cross filmed a PSA showing how children react when an adult drops her or his wallet.

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Nikki Reed And Ian Somerhalder Wedding Video

nikki reed and ian somerhalderIt’s been one month since Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder tied the knot! Nikki commemorated their one month “anniversary” with a sweet wedding video that she shared online.

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The Man And The Dog (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

the man and the dogThis is a sweet video, but it’s bittersweet, so get your kleenex handy before you watch it. It’s called ‘The Man and the Dog,’ and it’s a PSA for Argentina’s liver transplant foundation, Fundacion Argentina De Transplante Hepatico. This PSA features a very loyal dog.

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Memorial Day: Why We Remember (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

memorial day why we rememberSo what are your Memorial Day plans? I’m guessing some of you are going to check out the sales (which are pretty amazing this year). Others of you may be planning a day out by the pool or at the beach. Perhaps you’re getting your food ready to barbecue. I hope you have a great day, but I also hope you take a minute to remember why we celebrate Memorial Day.

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Taylor Swift Video ‘Bad Blood’ Breaks Vevo Record!

taylor swift bad bloodNicki Minaj established a new Vevo record with the release of her video ‘Anaconda’ last August when it got 19.6 million views in 24 hours. Well, it was nice being the record holder for a little while, Nicki. Taylor Swift now holds the new Vevo record with 20.1 million views in just 24 hours after its release.

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Dangers of Selfie Stick PSA (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

dangers of the selfie stickSo we’re about to kick off a holiday weekend (for those of you who don’t work, Monday is Memorial Day). The good people at Pizza Hut have released a PSA about the ‘Dangers of the Selfie Stick.’ You know people are going to be whipping out their cells for vacation snapshots, and they’re going to have their phones firmly ensconced in a selfie stick. Check out this PSA about them ;).

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David Letterman’s Final Thank You And Goodnight (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

david letterman final thank youThis is a poignant feel good video of the day. Even if you don’t watch late night TV, I’m sure you know that last night was David Letterman’s final night as host of ‘Late Show with David Letterman.’ It truly is the end of an era.

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