The Bridge Exchange: Fat Kid By Travis Thompson (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

fat kid by travisThe Bridge Exchange makes some amazing, powerful videos. This one features spoken word artist Travis Thompson, whose powerful poem shows us what it’s like to be overweight as a kid.

RELATED: Listen to Hereditary, performed by spoken word poet Rhiannon McGavin as part of The Bridge Exchange.

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Rihanna Video: American Oxygen

rihanna video american oxygenThis new Rihanna video is very patriotic! It’s called American Oxygen and provides a great history lesson for the viewer.

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Nina Dobrev And Michael Trevino Say Good-Bye To The Vampire Diaries Fans (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

nina dobrev and michael trevinoRecently Nina Dobrev announced her departure from the CW show The Vampire Diaries after six seasons. One of her co-stars, Michael Trevino, is also leaving the show as a series regular. The two recorded a video saying good-bye to the fans after filming their final scenes. What makes it a feel-good video? How they did it ;).

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SoulPancake Asks: How Will You Save A Drop? (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

how will you save a dropBy now I’m sure you’ve heard about California’s drought. It’s gotten so bad that the governor of California has set in place unprecedented water restrictions. SoulPancake decided to bring some attention to this issue by pointing out that there are little things we can do to help conserve water. And as you can imagine, they did it in a way that only they can ;).

RELATED: SoulPancake gets kids’ responses to child hunger in this video.

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Life Explained In 27 Seconds (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

life explained in 27 secondsPhilosophers have been pondering the meaning of life since the ancient days of Greece and Rome. They’ve been pondering that question even before that when you consider Chinese philosophers, I’m sure. Well, the Farrelly brothers thought on this question and distilled the answer into a 27 second video.

RELATED: Another feel good video is this mother of six boys finding out she’s going to have a baby girl!

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Baby Gender Reveal Party: Mom Of 6 Boys Is Having A Girl! (Feel Good Video)

mom of 6 boys finds out she's having a girlThis video of the Lair baby gender reveal party is sure to make you smile. This mom had had SIX boys. She’s pregnant with baby #7, and although she sounds very sure she’s going to give birth to another little boy, she ordered a gender reveal cake anyway. Her reaction when she cuts the first slice is PRICELESS.

RELATED: Another feel good video is when NBA player Russell Westbrook gives a single mom a new car.

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Beyonce And Jay Z Wedding Video: Our First Look At Their Wedding!

beyonce and jay z wedding videoSEVEN YEARS after the Beyonce and Jay Z wedding, we finally get to see a glimpse of it! I remember being astounded at the time that we didn’t even get a SINGLE picture of the nuptials. They chose to keep their day entirely private, and they succeeded. Now they’re in Hawaii celebrating their anniversary, and Jay Z finally gave us a peek at their wedding video.

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