Hospice Dog Comforts Patients (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

jj the hospice dogMeet JJ, the Hospice Dog. As I’m sure you know, hospice is where people go when they are dying. JJ offers a bit of comfort to the patients there as they prepare for their next (or final) transition, depending on your beliefs. This video of JJ comforting one patient went viral.

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YouTube Vloggers Sam And Nia Rader Taking Break (Video)

sam and nia raderThe tough aspects of fame are still dogging YouTube stars Sam and Nia Rader. As promised, Sam has put up a video explaining their version of getting kicked out of the Vlogger Fair in Seattle. They also say they’re taking a break.

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Guy Annoys Girlfriend With Puns At Ikea (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

boyfriend annoys girlfriend with punsI think every woman who’s been in a relationship with a guy knows this situation (and guys know it too). Donna wanted to do some shopping at Ikea since they had just moved in together. Simon, her boyfriend, would rather be, well, pretty much anywhere else, but she wanted him to come along, so he did. He had an interesting way of getting revenge, however.

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YouTube Stars Sam And Nia Discuss His Ashley Madison Account In ‘Forgiven’ (Video)

sam and nia youtube starsRemember the video that went viral, when Sam Rader secretly ran a pregnancy test and was able to tell Nia Rader that she was pregnant? Well, the couple is back in the spotlight but not in such a good way: Sam’s name was found in the last of Ashley Madison users that hackers posted online earlier this week.

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Pregnant Woman Does Tootsie Roll Dance While In Labor (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

pregnant woman doing tootsie rollNow this is one way to take your mind off the pain while you’re in labor- LOL. Yuki Nishizawa was dilated 7 cm and needed for her water to break, so she decided to get up out of bed and bust a move. She went old school with th 69 Boyz song ‘Tootsie Roll,’ including doing the dance!

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Watch This Adorable (Cat) Situation (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

we have a (cat) situationWhat’s the saying about herding cats? I don’t remember off the top of my head (and google was no help), but this adorable little guy is learning the hard way that it’s not easy! He wanted to gather a group of kittens onto a blanket. Let’s just say they weren’t too cooperative ;).

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Kelly Clarkson Is Pregnant With Baby #2! (Video)

kelly clarksonKelly Clarkson surprised her fans at her show last night! The ‘American Idol’ alum got emotional while introducing her song ‘Piece By Piece,’ which is a tribute to her father and her husband (for being a good father). Kelly made a spontaneous decision to share why she was so emotional.

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