Dave Annable And Odette Announce Gender Of New Baby (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

dave annableDave Annable and his wife, Odette, are expecting their first child together. They decided to have fun with the baby gender reveal with black balloons filled with confetti (pink for a girl, blue for a boy). Dave and Odette posted their reveal in a fun video on Instagram.

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Listen To Selena Gomez New Song ‘Good For You’ With Video Teaser (Hot New Song)

selena gomez good for youToday’s the big day for Selena Gomez fans! Her new song, ‘Good For You,’ has dropped. We have the audio recording of the song after the break. The teaser trailer for the accompanying video has also been released!

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Great Moments With Amazing Dads (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

great moments with amazing fathersIn honor of Father’s Day, SoulPancake asked people to send them videos of amazing moments with dads. What they got reminds us of something we forget all too often: Dads are every bit as important as Moms in kids’ lives.

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Ed Sheeran Surprises Fan With Duet (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

ed sheeran surprises fanSinger Ed Sheeran delivered the surprise of a lifetime for one of his fans, 13 year old Sydney Bourbeau. Sydney was signing Ed’s song ‘Thinking Outloud’ in an Alberta, Canada mall during a fundraiser for the Edmonton Humane Society. Sydney was in the middle of the song when Ed just rolled up onstage and joined her, making it a duet!

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Couple’s Epic Pregnancy Announcement With Britney Spears Theme (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

couple's pregnancy announcementNow THIS is a pregnancy announcement! This couple decided to take inspiration from Britney Spears to share their exciting news that they’re expecting baby #2.

RELATED: Another feel good video that will have you laughing is Chris Pratt’s dinosaur prank. As he himself admitted, they got him good ;).

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Rachel Dolezal Says She Is “Definitely Not White” (Video)

rachel dolezal nbc interviewThe story of Rachel Dolezal has been All Over the media since late last week. She has been passing as an African American and was even elected president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP until her parents announced that she’s actually white last week. Rachel ended up resigning from the NAACP and, yesterday, gave several interviews to multiple NBC news outlets from the ‘Today’ show to MSNBC to the NBC nightly news broadcast.

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Chris Pratt Dinosaur Prank (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

chris pratt dinosaur prankChris Pratt learned his lesson while making ‘Jurassic World': you do NOT want to run into a dinosaur outside of its cage! The Polish pranksters of SA Wardega decided to have some fun with Chris while he was promoting the movie in Poland.

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