Russell Westbrook Gives His Car To Single Mom (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

russell westbrook gives single mom his carAll-Star MVP Russell Westbrook won a Kia Sorrento. The NBA player decided to give the car away to someone who needed it, so he gave it to Kerstin Gonzales, a single mother of two.

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Teens React To 90s Fashion Of JNCO Jeans (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

teens react to 90s fashion jinco jeansRemember the over-sized clothes that were fashionable in the 90’s? JNCO Jeans was one product of that style trend. Teens react to them in this video.

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DJ Dance Party On NYC Subway (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

dj dance party on nyc subwayHave you ever ridden the subway in NYC (or anywhere else, really)? It can be a pretty impersonal experience. People avoid making eye contact and try to keep to themselves. Well, the good people at AMK Productions decided they had had enough of that and ended up producing a memorable feel good video.

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson Lip Syncs Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’ (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

dwayne the rock johnson lip syncs taylor swiftA few weeks ago Dwayne The Rock Johnson posted a preview clip of him lip syncing Taylor Swift’s hit song ‘Shake It Off.’ He competed on Spike’s new TV show, ‘Lip Sync Battle,’ against Jimmy Fallon. The episode aired, and in case you missed it, we now get to see The Rock’s entire performance. Every time I watch this I laugh! Perfect video for a Monday. Warning: Dwayne does swear once and does flip off his competitor. It was able to air on cable, but you may want to exercise some caution.

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Margaret Atwood Not A Fan Of Duchess Kate Fashion

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits PortsmouthOh boy. Author Margaret Atwood got really honest during her appearance at the Fashion and Fiction event at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. She admitted she isn’t a fan of Duchess Kate’s fashion sense. OMG.

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Taylor Swift Is A Serious Easter Egg Hunt Competitor!

Taylor Swift Enjoys A Girl's Night OutThings got serious yesterday with Taylor Swift and her family! She spent the holiday with her family. Apparently her parents decided to have some fun with Taylor and her brother by having an Easter Egg hunt. Check out the video after the break.

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Soulpancake Has Kids Respond To Child Hunger (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

kids respond to child hungerThe good people at SoulPancake did it again with another thought-provoking video! This video is called ‘Kids Respond to Child Hunger.’ First, they told the kids about the problem. Then they asked for their suggestions about how to respond to this problem.

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