First Look: Beyonce ‘Dance For You’ (Video)

Beyonce’s got yet another new video out: ‘Dance for You.’ I swear, this woman is a machine- LOL.

Out of the videos for her latest album, I still think ‘Love on Top‘ is my favorite, but this is another great video.

‘American Idol’ Runner Up Lauren Alaina Flubs The National Anthem (Video)

While Fox is ready for us to start thinking about the upcoming 11th season of ‘American Idol,’ remember the 10th? Lauren Alaina was the runner-up last spring, and she’s working on getting her singing career started.

She sang the National Anthem at the Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, she stumbled a little with the lyrics (hey, it happened to Christina Aguilera, remember)? Poor Lauren. She looked nervous before she even started.

But I couldn’t help laughing at the announcer at the very end of this clip who started off with “It’s all about how you finish”- LOL.

‘American Idol’ Season 11 Promo (Video)

I know, I know, the fall shows have just gone on hiatus, ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ just crowned their winner, and many of us are either still digesting turkey from Thanksgiving or working it off at the Black Friday sales, but eventually the holiday season will pass.

And when it does, what’s the biggest thing on TV? ‘American Idol,’ of course. Here’s the first promo for ‘American Idol,’ season 11. Are you ready?

First Look: Katherine McPhee Covering ‘Beautiful’ For ‘Smash’

Have you heard about NBC’s new show, ‘Smash,’ which will debut in February? Katherine McPhee is in it, playing the role of Karen Cartwright, a girl from Iowa who is competing for a breakout role in a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.

Here Katherine is covering Christina Aguilera’s song ‘Beautiful’ (I believe this is a video that will also be in the show, but I’m not sure). Now, regardless of what else you may want to say about Christina, you have to admit she can sing. Do you think Katherine does her song justice?

Miley Cyrus Remixes ‘Liberty Walk’ In Support Of Occupy Movement (Video)

Miley Cyrus gets political again! She remixed her song ‘Liberty Walk’ from her 2010 album ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ and set the music to images from the Occupy movements that are spreading around the world.

It looks like Miley supports the Occupy movement! What do you think of the video?

Justin Bieber & Usher Rock The Stage For ‘Today’

Usher is probably thrilled with his decision to mentor the then-unknown Justin Bieber: look at what a phenomenon Justin has become! Mentor and mentee rocked the stage for the ‘Today’ show this morning to get the Thanksgiving weekend started off right.

Here are Usher and Justin performing together:

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After the break, you can watch Justin warm up the crowd with a performance of his hit song, ‘Never Say Never.’ Clearly, Justin isn’t letting the paternity claims get him down one bit: good for him! Click on the continue reading link below the thumbnails to see Justin perform ‘Never Say Never.’

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First Look: Robin Thicke & Paula Patton In ‘Love After War’

Robin Thicke has a new video out called ‘Love After War.’ He called in wife Paula Patton to make it very steamy. A very steamy family affair ;).

What do you think: are you a fan of Robin’s new video?