Hot New Clip: Katniss In Action In ‘The Hunger Games’

From the clips I’ve seen from ‘The Hunger Games,’ I’m REALLY excited about this movie! The look of the film is very much how I imagined them (or at least, it works with what I imagined).

Here’s Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in action for the Gamemakers. Loved this scene in the book- LOL.

Lindsay Lohan Says “It’s Time To Grow Up” (Video)

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Yesterday we saw a clip from Lindsay Lohan’s interview with ‘Today’ host Matt Lauer: now here’s the entire interview. Lindsay seems to recognize that she needs to behave differently for things to get better.

Part of me is afraid Lindsay doesn’t really “get it” to turn things around, but I’ll always hope. Does Lindsay impress you in this interview?

Lindsay Lohan Says She’s Ready To Prove Herself (Video)

Now that Lindsay Lohan has almost successfully completed her probation, she’s ready to prove that she’s sober and ready to resume her acting career. I’m looking forward to seeing her on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend!

Here’s a clip from her ‘Today’ interview with Matt Lauer:

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Photos by Claudiorodriguez/FameFlynet

Zac Efron’s Red Carpet Oops Moment (Video)

The challenges of being a movie star when you’re young and singleZac Efron had an awkward moment while walking the red carpet for his new kids’ movie, ‘The Lorax.’ A condom dropped out of his pocket while he was out in front of the camera.


Zac handled it like a pro, though, picking it up and facing the cameras some more, covered a laugh, and drew a breath to steady himself. At least he’s always prepared. LOL!

Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Her Miscarriage

Bethenny Frankel’s been going through a lot lately! If you watched ‘Bethenny Ever After’ then you saw her marital issues with her husband, Jason Hoppy. It turns out they had more than just relationship stress: Bethenny also suffered a miscarriage recently.

“That was a very emotional experience. Until you become a woman, you don’t know the things that come with it.

“The window is closing, and it’s something I’m dealing with.”

Bethenny and Jason welcomed daughter Bryn back in May 2010. Bethenny says she’s grateful for her daughter and, at this point, isn’t really thinking about having another child. You can see her interview on ‘Today’ after the break (click on the continue reading link below the thumbnails).

Photos by BF/Flynet

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Kevin Costner & Tyler Perry Remember Whitney Houston At Her Funeral (Videos)

Yesterday Whitney Houston’s funeral (they called it a “going home celebration“) was held in New Jersey. Kevin Costner and Tyler Perry (who let the Houston family use his private jet to transport her from LA to New Jersey) both spoke at her service. Above is an excerpt from Kevin’s eulogy (the full eulogy is below, after the break) and below are Tyler’s remarks.

Whitney is scheduled to be buried today in New Jersey.

The first video, of Kevin, is only a clip of his eulogy. After the break is the full eulogy, which is a little over 17 minutes long.

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Father Shoots Daughter’s Laptop After Facebook Rant (Video)

{Warning: there’s some swearing in this video} This youtube video has been making the rounds, and it’s gotten to the point where I can’t resist asking your thoughts on it (although I freely admit I have no way of knowing if this is some kind of stunt or real, but I still find it entertaining).

To give you a brief summary: a teenager posted a rant about having to do chores around the house (that she thought she had blocked from her parents’ view). Her father, who works in IT, found it when he was installing new software on her laptop.

He then read the rant on this video, SHOT her laptop with his .45 (on video), and posted this video on the teen’s youtube wall. I’m not sure it’s what I would do, but this father made his point. Luckily for this teen, laptops aren’t that expensive these days ;).