VIDEO: Taylor Swift And Nicki Minaj Perform ‘Super Bass’

There are a TON of videos to share this morning. Here’s Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj performing ‘Super Bass’ at the LA ‘Speak Now’ concert. I would LOVE to take a peek at Nicki’s wig closet… I mean, she must own hundreds!

Hot New Video: Beyonce In ’1 + 1′

Here’s one half of the second-highest earning couple in Hollywood: Beyonce. She shimmers in her new video, ’1 + 1,’ doesn’t she? She’s always been glamorous, but she’s sparkling here. How do you like her new video?

I think it’s vintage Beyonce :).

Kathy Griffin’s Love Message To Justin Bieber (Video)

Kathy Griffin must’ve seen the furor over Jim Carrey’s love message to Emma Stone and decided there was no WAY she was going to let him have all the fun.

So she got in front of her video camera and shot her own love message to someone in Young Hollywood. And who did she choose? Justin Bieber, of course. LOVE her!

New Rihanna Video: ‘Cheers’

Rihanna’s got a new video out: ‘Cheers’! It would be perfect for a Friday if some of us weren’t scrambling to prepare for a hurricane ;).

But for those of you who are safely inland, enjoy Rihanna’s latest video. Are you a fan?

Sneak Peek: First Look At ‘The Hunger Games’ Clip On VMA

It’s not the entire clip of ‘The Hunger Games,’ of course (you’ll have to watch the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards to see that), but the VMAs put a second of their clip in a promos. Love that poster image!

For those of you (like me) who are really excited to see anything related to ‘The Hunger Games,’ watch away!

Hot Video: Jim Carrey’s Love Message To Emma Stone

I know yesterday INO told you about Jim Carrey’s message to ‘The Help’ star Emma Stone, but when I came across the video, I couldn’t resist posting it. Seeing it is totally different from reading it, especially when it’s Jim doing the talking ;).

Do you think this is funny or a bit weird or both? I’m keeping an eye out to see if Emma posts a response!

Funny Video: Ashton Kutcher Took Extra Precautions On David Letterman

So by now, we’ve all heard about the Jihadist death threats that were made against David Letterman. The comedian took them in stride and even thanked his audience for serving as a “human shield.”

New ‘Two and a Half Men’ star Ashton Kutcher, however, had no desire to serve as a human shield, and took extraordinary precautions to make sure any possible person aiming for David didn’t mistake them. It’s all a joke, of course, but it’s pretty funny- LOL.

Ashton seems to be feeling pretty excited about the new season of ‘Two and a Half Men.’ Are you planning on watching to see how he does?