SELENA GOMEZ & David Letterman Bond Over Making Justin Bieber Cry

selena gomez on david letterman

Selena Gomez visited David Letterman last night on ‘Late Show with David Letterman.’ Of course David, being David, Went There. He asked about her now-defunct relationship with Justin Bieber. Turns out David and Selena share an interested bond. David explained:

“Now, the last time he was on, uh, he and I got into a conversation, and I — he said something and then I said something, and then he said something and I said something, and I made him cry.”

“Well, then that makes two of us,” replied Selena.

OUCH. As if we didn’t already know, Selena’s demeanor makes it clear: this was a nasty split. But one other thing struck me while watching this clip. I see a lot of pictures of Selena, with her still-rounded baby face. She looks so sweet and young. Yet her voice is one of a 35-year-old woman! It’s probably just me- LOL. Check out the clip where David and Selena bond over making Justin Bieber cry:

BEYONCE: All Hail Queen Beyonce!

beyonce tour teaser

There’s one thing you have to say about Beyonce: she never does anything small. This is a teaser trailer for Beyonce’s upcoming world tour.The tour is called the Mrs. Carter Show. Tickets are about to go on sale in London, hence this teaser trailer. Beyonce presented herself as a mashup between Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth I. She looks amazing, as always.

I may just have to catch Beyonce’s tour when she rolls through the United States. Normally I’m not a huge fan of concerts: I hate being stuck in a crowded venue for hours on end, only to have to take an hour or so just to get out afterwards. But I bet Beyonce puts on a show worth watching live. What do you think?

Celebrity PDA: Happy Valentine’s Day! (Video)

In honor of Valentine’s Day we have a video of celebrities’ more infamous PDA moments. I think the newlywed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is my favorite one. Remember that day? Did you get up early to see commoner Kate Middleton become royalty and step in line to become the next Queen of England? I’m STILL crazy about the strapless white satin number she wore out that evening.

And now they’re expecting a baby. Time really does fly. Kate, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has had a lot happen for her over the last couple of years. Hopefully she’s having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Are you having any Valentine’s Day plans?


Beyonce Belts Out The National Anthem At 2013 Inauguration

beyonce singing national anthem at inauguration

For those of you who have to work or otherwise weren’t able to watch President Obama being sworn in as President of the United States for his second term, here’s one of the most rousing parts of the inauguration. Beyonce performed the National Anthem. She performed with the Marine Corps Band. Wasn’t her performance incredible?

Beyonce truly has become an icon. I’m so excited to see what she does with her deal with Pepsi! I’m also excited to see her HBO documentary. Do you think Beyonce was up to the task of singing one of the most difficult songs around (the United States National Anthem)?

Does Tiger Woods Want To Buy Ex-Wife Elin Back For $200 Million?

tiger woods pay elin nordegren to come back

Hmmm… this sounds CRAZY to me. With celebs, however, you never know. Tiger Wood’s image never really recovered once news of all his affairs came out. Elin Nordegren reportedly got a great divorce settlement ($110 million) when they split. Could any amount of money be worth returning to Tiger after everything that happened?

Well, if this video is true, Tiger is willing to pay her $200 million to give their marriage another try. Apparently Elin had a counter-offer: $350 million. She wants a $350 million anti-cheating clause thrown in. OMG! So I guess the question is: is Tiger willing to part with an additional $150 million? Watch the video below and then share what you think Elin should do.

Jessica Chastain Is Simple & Chic

jessica chastain on the daily show with jon stewart

Golden Globe winner Jessica Chastain kept her look simple and chic for ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ yesterday. You really can’t go wrong with black and white, can you? LOVE that skinny black belt Jessica’s wearing with it! Given the political nature of ‘The Daily Show,’ you know Jessica talked about ‘Zero Dark Thirty.’

Have you seen ‘Zero Dark Thirty’? If I do Nothing Else this weekend, I’m going to see this! I love how Jessica says it’s a film that makes you think. Sometimes I want to just be entertained- no thinking required- but I’m ready to put on my thinking cap for ‘Zero Dark Thirty.’ If you’ve seen it, what did you think? Check out Jessica’s interview on ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart‘ below the thumbnails.



The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Jennifer Lawrence Was Not Dissing Meryl Streep At Golden Globes (Video)

jennifer lawrence on late show with david letterman

Remember when Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe last Sunday? The first thing the ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ star said was: “I beat Meryl.” Meryl Streep was also nominated in that category. People have been talking ever since about Jennifer dissing Meryl. ‘The Hunger Games’ star set the record straight on ‘Late Night with David Letterman‘ last night.

“It was a quote from First Wives Club,” Lawrence said, explaining that Bette Midler’s character says the “I beat Meryl” line while examining a Golden Globe statuette. “I can’t believe nobody’s ever done it before!”

It’s been so long since I saw the ‘First Wives Club,’ I NEVER would’ve guessed that! Do you think Jennifer’s honest or just trying to cover what some saw as a disrespectful taunt? Watch Jennifer give the explanation below.


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