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  1. says

    Are you aware it is impossible to view your site for more than a minute without a very annoying free app option that shows the app then the App Store comes up, one is not able to close that app propaganda and this bounces those that enjoy reading your site completely off. Upon being forced off one has to close the internet down and once back onto your site to finish reading a sentence or view a photo the whole process of bombardment of free apps starts again. Very annoying and really unnecessary.

  2. Synthia says

    Luv your website but yes all the annoying pop ups, especially the one at the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE is just OVERLOAD on the advertisements.. I have very fast internet speed at your page takes quite a while to load. Is there anyway to MAKE IT STOP!


  3. Matt Henley says


    I know this email may seem a little out of the blue, but I’m contacting you because I found your website while doing research on your industry and I noticed a few things about your website that you really need to know.

    I’m an experienced marketing analyst and I help businesses thrive online. Based on what I’ve found, you’re missing out on some key opportunities to reach new customers online.

    I’d really like to hop on a call with you to walk you through what I’ve found – I have some great ideas I’d like to share with you.

    Are you free to chat this week? We can cover everything in 15 minutes.

    Warm regards,
    Matt Henley
    Online Marketing Consultant
    (818) 746-3359

  4. Jennifer says

    I’ve loved your website since the beginning. However, your site is so overloaded with ads, it’s becoming annoying and a waste of time.

    Bye bye.