Denzel Washington
Should He Be The Next James Bond?

'Flight' Germany Premiere
Hmmm… sounds like Denzel Washington has his eyes on a new role. He had a chat on Reddit when a user asked him if he was interested in being the next James Bond. If Denzel’s response was serious, then it sounds like he’s ready to become the next slick super spy. RELATED: Watch Denzel Washington play an action hero in ‘The Equalizer.’

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Beyonce & Jay Z
Romantic Vacay In Portofino, Italy

Beyonce & Jay Z Cozy Up In PortofinoThere are no signs of marital problems here! Beyonce and Jay Z are enjoying a romantic vacay in Portofino, Italy. They look pretty cozy, don’t they? RELATED: Watch Jay Z’s birthday tribute to Beyonce.

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Kim Kardashian
Is There A Kimye Sex Tape?

kim kardashian instagramPeople are still looking at Kim Kardashian’s nude British GQ pics. Yet could they soon get a peek at a sex tape of Kim and Kanye West? Some people were left wondering after some of Kim’s comments in her GQ interview. Check out what she said (as well as if the interpretation is true or not) after the break. RELATED: Kim Kardashian dishes on being named British GQ’s Woman of the Year.

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Jennifer Garner
Enjoying Ben Affleck’s Batman Body

Jennifer Garner Leaves A Lunch Meeting In Brentwood‘Men, Women & Children’ star Jennifer Garner is at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to promote her new movie with director Jason Reitman. This means giving interviews ;). Given that ‘Men, Women & Children’ is about people dealing with sexual frustrations in the day and age of social media, it makes sense that Jennifer would talk about that. Yet of course she also dished on hubby Ben Affleck, including his Batman physique ;). RELATED: Watch a trailer for Jennifer Garner’s new movie, ‘Men, Women & Children.’

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Mila Kunis
“Nervous” About Giving Birth

Semi-Exclusive... Very Pregnant Mila Kunis Out For Lunch With A FriendIt’s almost time for Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to welcome their first child. Sources tell Us Weekly that Mila is getting antsy as her due date approaches. Who isn’t nervous about giving birth, especially the first time? RELATED: Mila Kunis gets honest about pregnancy.

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Kendall Jenner
Hits The Shops, Including RadioShack

kendall jennerKendall Jenner looks like she’s having a great time in New York City. She was spotted hitting the shops. One of the stores she went to was RadioShack. After doing some shopping, Kendall headed back to big sister Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s apartment. RELATED: Kendall Jenner is suing mad over story she stiffed a waitress.
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Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upton
Leaked Celeb Nude Pics To Be Displayed In Exhibit

jennifer lawrence & kate upton (1)This is OUTRAGEOUS. Cory Allen Contemporary Art announced that artist XVALA will have an exhibit that includes UNALTERED and LIFE-SIZED pics of the leaked (and stolen) nude photos of celebs, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. It sounds like XVALA wants to make a statement about how privacy can be so easily compromised in the digital age. The exhibit is part of the artist’s “Fear Google” campaign. RELATED: The FBI is looking into the leaked celeb naked pics.
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