Melissa Rivers
Remembers Joan Rivers On Thanksgiving

melissa rivers & joan riversThe holidays will surely be tough for Melissa Rivers and her son, Cooper, this year. The first holidays without a loved one are always the hardest. Melissa posted this picture in memory of her mother, the late Joan Rivers. RELATED: ‘Fashion Police’ will go on after Joan Rivers’s death.

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Kelly Clarkson
Hot New Video With Holiday Song ‘Wrapped In Red’

kelly clarkson wrapped in red video 2Here’s another part of the holiday season that I start out liking but, I must admit, gets a little old by the time the New Year hits: holiday music ;). Kelly Clarkson is READY for the season, however, with a new song. It’s called ‘Wrapped in Red.’ Check out the song and video after the break. RELATED: Kelly Clarkson gets a special visitor on set.

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First Thanksgiving With Baby Future

ciara instagramThis was a very special Thanksgiving for Ciara: it was her first one as a mom! She and Future hit the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving to shop for dinner, which is where this triumphant picture was taken. RELATED: How did Ciara find out her fiance was being unfaithful?

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Taylor Swift
Thanksgiving With The Family

taylor swift thanksgiving instagramLike many of us, Taylor Swift spent Thanksgiving with her family. She posted this fun picture on Instagram. RELATED: Taylor Swift was among the winners at the 2014 AMAs.

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Getting In The Holiday Spirit With Blue Ivy

beyonce instagram picture blue ivyThe 2014 holiday season has officially commenced! Beyonce posted this picture of Blue Ivy on Instagram. It just screams “holiday spirit,” doesn’t it? RELATED: Beyonce shakes her booty in ‘7/11′ video.

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Jessica Simpson
Thankful For Her “Wild Turkeys”

jessica simpson kids instagramWe know what (or who) Jessica Simpson was giving thanks for yesterday! She posted this adorable picture of her two “wild turkeys” on Thanksgiving. RELATED: Jessica Simpson declares: “Short hair, don’t care!”

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Happy Thanksgiving To You And Yours



Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy, and wonderful Thanksgiving. Give thanks for all that you may have, even the small things. Forget about all that you wish you had. Enjoy your day and time with your loved ones, because time is fleeting and you never know when any of it will end. Have a great day and I hope you all count your blessings as much as I do. Thanks very much for reading along all these years.