Hilary Swank At The Premiere For “Ps. I Love You”

Here’s a gorgeous looking Hilary Swank at the premiere of her new movie, “Ps. I Love You” in Ireland. I think she looks really beautiful in this white dress and patent green shoes. What are your thoughts? For those of you interested in seeing this movie it hits theaters December 21st.

Hilary Swank Hilary Swank 2 Hilary Swank 3 Hilary Swank 4

LAST Day To Enter


I have a few things going on with this contest. First off we have a cd/dvd of Michelle Branch’s country band, The Wreckers. They just got off a tour with Keith Urban and Way Back Home came out on 12/4. Get your copy here! Click here to visit their myspace page and here to see a YouTube video of a live performance. To help with The Wreckers promotion, I also have a free pair of cowboy boots from Lucchese retailing at $250. Winner will just have to email me their address and shoe size if chosen. Sorry to say US and Canada only on this prize.


Najwa, a blogging buddy of mine, is giving a pair of unique, handmade leather earrings. She has a few different styles on her site. You should check them out. Here is what she has to say about her line:

Made from 100% leather and cut, sewn and painted by me, each piece is slightly unique. My debut collection is called “The Hollywood Set”; themed after the crazy roles of those in the industry. They are called The Publicist, The Agent, The Stylist, The BFF, The Celebrity and The Blogger.


Finally, Pose Prints is offer a free set of stationery (25 cards valued at $50) to an INO reader. You get to choose the design and personalize the message. So much fun!How do I enter?Click here to leave a comment on the original post with a valid email address. Contest ends on Thursday midnights EST. Thanks as ALWAYS for reading my site!!!

Morning Links

A gorgeous and happy Halle Berry was photographed bringing some friends a gift basket for Christmas. I have to say that I’m so happy for Halle and I look forward to finding out what she names her baby. I’m guessing she’ll go for a classic name.Janine Turner went white blond and I can’t say it looks all that great.Does Victoria Beckham send David “naughty” pictures on her cell phone?Megan Fox topless in the Japaneses edition of Rolling Stone.Heiress Amanda Hearst looked rather gorgeous at she arrived to the “Princess Grace Awards”.Kim Cattrall plans on giving PETA all the furs used in the “SATC” movie.Check out Salma Hayek’s mother on the cover of “iHola” Magazine. They really do look alike.Matt Damon’s little girl, Isabella is just gorgeous.Amy Winehouse and Victoria Beckham were turned into Christmas Cards and they’ve never looked better. :)The mess that is Tom Sizemore was just released from jail.Did Jay-Z and Beyonce secretly marry? And more importantly why did Beyonce get a tattoo on her left ring finger?Which do you think was the “Most Shocking Pregnancy of 2007″?After the whole “bikini photo” incident, Playboy offered Jennifer Love Hewitt a photo spread. Don’t worry she turned them down.

Halle Berry 1 Halle Berry 2

Poll Time – Jamie Lynn Spears

Keira Knightley Looking For A Quieter Life

Looks like Keira Knightley is heading out of central London and into the countryside with boyfriend, Rupert Friend so that she can lead a normal, domestic life.

“I’m moving out of the center so that I can lead a more domestic life. I want to have local things like shops and nice pubs. Central London is just too busy. I am also not a very sociable person “I went to the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party and just stood in the corner drinking champagne. Honestly, I don’t like parties very much. I have very few real friends in showbusiness so it’s really not my crowd.”

Isn’t it funny how the grass is always greener? There are some people who would just DIE to be part of it all and are stuck in the middle of nowhere leading very normal lives. And here is Keira just begging to be able to go to the local shop and pick up some milk without gettingharassed.

keria moving1 keria moving11 keria moving12


Nelly Furtado Secretly Wed?

All these secrets… I literally can’t keep up. Nelly Furtado secretly wed fiance Demacio Castellon according to reports. She was photographed wearing a wedding band which is what started the rumor to begin with. Then singer Natasha Bedingfield congratulated her during a gig. Hmmmmnnnn
No official word yet from her rep. If it’s true, a big congrats!!

Isabella And Connor Call Katie Holmes Mom

Katie Holmes is gushing about her perfect family again (as she should) and that includes having Tom Cruise’s children with Nicole Kidman calling her mom. How nice that Isabella and Connor feel close enough with her to do so.
Here are some more quotes from her Parade Magazine interview.
On Suri’s first Christmas:

“Last year was Suri’s first Christmas. It was so spectacular to share the holidays with her,” she says. “It really meant the world to me. To be able to create a tradition for your children is one of the best gifts you can have.”

On the gift that is her marriage:

“Oh, we have so much fun,” she says. “Tom has introduced me to so many new experiences. I have done things I never thought I would do, like climbing mountains and flying in the P-51. That’s what is so inspiring about being with him – ” constant thrills and joy.”

On the friendships made on set while filming Mad Money:

“We got our morning female talk in the trailer every day.”

Does anyone know who Isabella and Connor officially live with? Both children are fairly young (12 and 15 this month) and I can’t figure it out. It seems that Nicole and Tom both do a lot of traveling.
UPDATE: I found the quote where Nicole tells the reporter that her children don’t call her mom. All very interesting isn’t it? Why would Connor and Isabella call Katie mom if they don’t call their own mother the name?

“My kids don’t call me mommy, they don’t even call me mom. They call me Nicole, which I hate and tell them off for it.”