Jessica Simpson Sues OK! Magazine

I guess Jessica Simpson is officially sick of the countless FALSE stories that are created by tabloid magazine and then picked up by blogs across the net. It can become quite viral and I would be devastated if every week I knew a new fabrication was in the works. This time she’s had it and is suing OK! Magazine for publishing a story claiming she is no longer close to her sister Ashlee. It even goes on to claim that Tony Romo has broken up with her because she is bad luck for his career. If more celebrities took this action, 80% of all rags would go bankrupt. In all honesty, how many magazines are really reliable sources for celebrity news?

Jennifer Garner With No Makeup On

So I know it’s not a big deal to see Jennifer Garner with no makeup on since she does tend to go light anyway, but I was wondering what you think of celebrities sans makeup. Is there any that look great with or with out, sort of like our Jennifer here? How about ones that don’t look as good? I can think of a few, but I’ll let you guys go first. ;)

jennifer garner with no makeup 3 jennifer garner with no makeup 2 jennifer garner with no makeup 6 jennifer garner with no makeup 1 jennifer garner with no makeup 4 jennifer garner with no makeup 5

Eva Longoria In London

Check out Eva Longoria in her gorgeous gold and black zebra printed dress as she’s photographed in the east side of London. And on the topic of Eva I have to say I’m glad that her bangs ended up just being a wig, I think Eva looks best with her current hair style.I wish I had somewhere to go that warranted my wearing of that kind of dress. The mall, playgroups, and out to dinner to Friday’s really don’t qualify. :)

eva longoria in east london 1 eva longoria in east london 2 eva longoria in east london 3 eva longoria in east london 4

Some Things Don’t Change

Perpetual party girl, Tara Reid was helped to her car after partying the night away at a London hot spot, “Nobu“. Unlike another star I won’t mention, I think Tara has potential to turn things around and become the sweet, sober girl she used to be. Of course she keeps proving me wrong. I don’t know what do you guys think?I hate to say this… but do you think Tara does this because it’s the only way she really gets coverage anymore? If she is running errands or hanging out with friends, her story never gets picked up unless it involves her being obliterated.

tara reid drunk 1 tara reid drunk 2 tara reid drunk 3

Kiefer Sutherland On Rodeo Drive

I’m not sure what Kiefer Sutherland is doing on Rodeo Drive other than walking and smoking, but here he is in all his glory. He must be so happy to be done with prison and I am sure appreciating this walk more than ever. Besides being an amazing actor, he has quite the sense of humor. Anyone remember the video of him body slamming a Christmas tree?How many more days/weeks/months until 24 comes back on?! Kiefer’s show and Lost are the only two shows I really watch these day. Everything else is filler until they come back on.

kiefer sutherland on rodeo drive 1 kiefer sutherland on rodeo drive 2 kiefer sutherland on rodeo drive 3 kiefer sutherland on rodeo drive 4

Love It Or Hate It: Sarah Jessica Parker

To be fair Sarah Jessica Parker is in fact wearing this for the prints ads to her new movie, “Sex in The City: The Movie“. I had to post them and see what you thought because I’m pretty sure she’s wearing a blue 80’s scrunchie as a shawl. I know SATC is known for it’s fashion and all and I really do expect some over the top stuff from SJP, but this one may just be too much. What do you think?

STCTM with sarah jessica parker 1 STCTM with sarah jessica parker 2 STCTM with sarah jessica parker 3 STCTM with sarah jessica parker 4 STCTM with sarah jessica parker 5

Lisa Loeb Is Ageless

Okay I’m not even going to talk about her hit song, because if I even think about it for a second it’ll be stuck in my head for weeks. Anyway on to the fact that Lisa Loeb is gorgeous and apparently ageless as well. I googled our fair lady and found out that she’ll be 40 this March. FORTY! Tell me she doesn’t look practically the same as she did 15 years ago?By the way these photographs were from her recent performances where she signed copies of her new cd, “Purple Tape“.Ah… I can’t help myself. YOU SAY….

lisa loeb 1 lisa loeb 2 lisa loeb 3 lisa loeb 4