Rembrandt Mint-flavored Whitening Strips

I’ve never had perfectly white teeth. I don’t drink coffee, I don’t smoke, I brush twice a day…but still, I don’t have the pearly white smile I’ve always desired. I recently tried Rembrandt Mint-flavored Whitening Strips and they are truly fantastic. I’ve tried the paint-on stuff before and have a little luck but these strips really do work. I noticed a difference after only two days and each day, my teeth got whiter and whiter. What’s also great about these strips is that they actually stick on your teeth. My bottom teeth aren’t perfectly straight and in the past, I’ve tried a few other brands that simply wouldn’t stick because of a tooth that’s slightly crooked. You wear the strips for 30 minutes for five to seven days and voila, white teeth.
Click to purchase Rembrandt Mint Whitening Strips – 14 strips per package (7 each for the upper and lower teeth).
Cost: $21.29

Pink GapScent Body Mist

For my day fragrances I like something that’s not overpowering and doesn’t make me smell like a grandma. I prefer lighter scents than a lot of what’s on the market. I also don’t want to spend a ton of money on a body mist type product, but I can’t stand the cheap ones that smell like alcohol!
I found So Pink GapScent Body Mist a few years ago and haven’t stopped wearing it since! It smells like heaven! Actually it smells really citrusy to me. The website describes it as “a fresh blend of citrus grapefruit and floral notes of fresh lily and sweet pea.” It’s my favorite daytime scent since it’s not strong enough to smell if you just walk past me. You’d have to actually get into my personal space to smell it :) Buy it from the GAP for $12.50.
Or if you are more of a perfume kinda gal, you can get the real deal for $52.99. Click to purchase Gapscent So Pink Perfume For Women by Gap.

Dior Vernis Long-Wearing Nail Lacquer

Midnight and metallic blue are hot colors for nails this season. Remember last year how Jessica Simpson showed up with black nail polish and we all thought she had gone goth for a minute? Then we realized black nails were actually really trendy…well this year deep blue is the new black. But I’m telling you, this isn’t an easy color to find!
I don’t normally spend this much on nail polish but it was so worth it. I have been getting compliments everywhere I go on my dark blue nail polish! I splurged and bought the Dior version mostly because I couldn’t find the color anywhere else. It’s called Dior Vernis Long-Wearing Nail Lacquer in Poison Blue and it’s fantastic. When they say long lasting they aren’t kidding! I put on two coats of this stuff and it didn’t even start chipping for such a long time. I was really happy with this product.
Hint: to wear blue or black nail polish without going too vamp, make sure your nails are cut short. It looks best with a short, square manicure.
Click to purchase Dior Vernis Long-Wearing Nail Lacquer.

John Mayer Uses Xanax To Help Maintain His Mood

John Mayer has admitted to carrying around Xanax to help with his downward spirals. He admits, that at times, he can get very depressed and uses the drug to pick him up. Page Six reports

There are these incidental kinds of loopholes in my brain, where the wires can cross for a second and the hard drive crashes,” he tells Best Life, adding that his first “anxiety bender” occurred when he was in his 20s. “You can create dark neighborhoods in your mind as easily as you can create rural wonderlands.”

Madonna Admits To Stage Anxiety

What?!! You mean Madonna is human after all? :)I think this was a very brave thing to do as we would have never guessed she suffered from anxiety while on stage.

“I have moments where I feel incredibly invincible and know that I have the audience in my hand – I know that everything is absolutely perfect. “And then I have panic attacks where I feel like everyone is breathing my air and I cannot live up to everybody’s expectations and I might just die on stage.
“I normally try to turn my back to the audience, take a deep breath and remind myself that it’s all temporary. I’m not worried about f**king up – I really have a panic attack that everyone else is breathing my air. It’s hard to describe. When you have panic attacks you cannot rationalise them. Obviously there’s enough oxygen for me but it never happens outdoors, it’s normally in indoor sports arenas that feel very close when suddenly I feel claustrophobic. It’s not a fear of performing.”

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Scarlett Johansson The Director?

Is it every actor’s dream to direct? Or does it just seem that way?

Scarlett Johansson got behind the camera for the first time, making her directorial debut in a short film which will be part of an upcoming anthology titled ‘New York, I Love You’. Johansson directed Kevin Bacon in the short, which was filmed outside a subway station and on a pier in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

I’m actually interested in seeing the series…. being that I live here. So, I wish her and the series much success.

scarjo director scarjo director1 scarjo director3 4scarjo director scarjo director5

Click to enlarge.Bauer Griffin

Dominic Monaghan Is Going Spider Hunting

I think getting killed off of LOST has really affected Dominic Monaghan. He misses the jungle! The risk! The danger lurking around every turn (and the First Aid guy walking behind him). Looks like he’s got himself a crew and they are heading off to Africa to find the world’s largest spider.

“I’m going there, hopefully with a crew of people, to catch the largest spider on the planet. It’s called the Hercules Baboon Spider.
“There’s one specimen of it in the Natural History Museum in London. It’s about 14 or 15 inches. There’s only one – they found it in the early 1900s in Nigeria… A biologist found that spider, put it in alcohol and that’s it, that’s all they have…
“This thing is way bigger than a dinner plate, and way bigger than anything else that’s out there right now. We don’t know how poisonous the spider is, we don’t know whether is jumps… It’s all unchartered territory. If we find it, we’ll be in the Guiness Book Of Records.”

In other news, that pictures is from Dominic’s new collection of photographs that will be on display in LA. To see the full set (including cast members of LOST), click here.