Mischa Barton Launches Spring 2008 Ad Campaign

Mischa Barton showed off her chocolate brown locks and cherry red lipstick while hosting the Spring 2008 Keds Ad Campaign launch at The Box on Chrystie Street in New York City. There aren’t many people who can pull off any hair color. Check out her shoes – what do you think? It’s very Mischa, but are they something you would wear?

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Victoria Beckham Does Elle Magazine

Victoria Beckham is on the January cover of Elle magazine, and although we already heard what she has to say on what she wears to bed, Victoria dishes more on celebrity endorsed labels she hates and why she doesn’t care what people think about her.

“There are so many – ” and I hate the word celebrities – ” clothing lines and fragrances, and most of them have nothing to do with it. I work seven days a week. And I so love what I’m doing. I could go shopping all day, which is what a lot of people think that I do. That’s their perception – ” that I’m a miserable bitch and go shopping all day and boss David about.”

Nooo, of course we didn’t think that Victoria. :D About her popularity among drag queens, she says:

“I’m so camp! I’m such a gay man trying to get out. I don’t give a (bleep) what anybody thinks!”

And an interview wouldn’t be complete without more mention of David! :D Here’s what she said about meeting him for the first time:

“completely love at first sight. I remember it so clearly. We drove around in his car and would sit in car parks and talk for hours and hours. We didn’t need to go out for meals. We didn’t need to go out for drinks. We just wanted to be together and get to know each other.”

Holiday Shopping Guide

“Tis the season for some shopping! From now until the end of the year, I’m Not Obsessed is going to feature online discounts from our vendor friends. Let’s get started!!

LAST Day To Enter

I’m so happy that the holidays are right around the corner because that means companies are looking for a way to promote their goods! What better way than to sponsor an INO contest. I have three Boots Fresh! Selection Boxes to give away. Here is what is included:

  • Sweet As Honey Bath Milk – 280ml
  • Strawberry Surprise Body Cream – 140ml
  • Chocolate Fix Body Wash – 140ml
  • Banana Bonanza Bath Crystals – 50g
  • Pink Grapefruit Swirl Soap – 75g, Body Polish

How do I enter?
Click here and leave a comment on the original post with a valid email address. Contest ends Thursday midnight EST. In case you can’t wait for the end of the contest, this set is available at your local CVS!! :)

Beyonce And Her Personal Umbrella Holder

You know you’ve made it when you have someone hold your umbrella for you! Beyonce was spotted with her man, Jay Z, in Paris where they are celebrating his 38th birthday. According to People,

“the two spent a leisurely day inside their hotel suite and, at one point, Knowles hit the hotel’s luxurious spa. As evening fell, the couple took a Maybach limo for a romantic drive around the City of Light before settling down to an intimate dinner upstairs at popular restaurant L’Avenue.”

C’est romantique! :D

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Crowned “The Mother Of All Pageants” With Carson Kressley

I just heard about this new show and I wanted to share. I LOVE Carson Kressley in Queer Eye and can’t wait to see what he does in his new show. “Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants” explores one of life’s most emotional and volatile relationships as mothers and daughters from all walks of life compete together — and against other mother/daughter teams — in order to win a no-holds-barred beauty pageant.
Judges Carson Kressley (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”), former Miss U.S.A. Shanna Moakler (“Dancing with the Stars,” “Meet the Barkers”) and television personality Cynthia Garrett (“Later with Cynthia Garrett”) referee an eight-episode competition that dares to pit mother/daughter teams against each other.
Under the direction of pageant director Linnea Maloney, the women are faced with challenges that focus on preparing them for the pageant show finale. They will have to brand a “style” for their mother/daughter team via clothing and swimwear, create ways of expressing a point of view about issues in the world, and practice for the big pageant dance number. Not only do good looks, talent and a penchant for world peace have to run in the family, each team must also have patience, teamwork and a healthy sense of humor. Some teams have years of pageant experience and some teams have none. In the end, one mother/daughter team will be “crowned” the winner and will receive a valuable prize package, including a $100,000 cash award, and, of course, a fabulous pair of tiaras.
Crowned” airs on the CW beginning Wednesday, Dec. 12th at 9/8 CT – ” don’t miss it!

Britney Spears Reading About Jesus Christ

Britney Spears was seen leaving the Four Seasons carrying a book about Jesus Christ. I tried to do a search on Amazon, but as you can imagine, there are a trillion books written about the man. Isn’t it funny how fans always try to break down every little thing she does? What does it all mean? Is she looking for religion? Or did Britney just grab a copy that was in her suite to store some papers in?

Britney Spears, Jesus Christ, book Britney Spears, Jesus Christ, book1 Britney Spears, Jesus Christ, book3 Britney Spears, Jesus Christ, book4 Britney Spears, Jesus Christ, book5