Beyonce In Marie Claire U.K.

Hotness!Beyonce does Marie Claire U.K. for their October issue and she looks great!She graces the cover with the headline, "Beyonce is back and ready to shock."I wonder what’s in the works that will shock us.Because honestly, with Britney shaving her head and Lindsay Lohan dating girls, I don’t take the word shock lightly. :)

Rachel Bilson For Page Six Magazine

Rachel Bilson dons the cover of Page Six Magazine this month looking phenomenal, of course.She also did a little interview opening up about her two loves, fashion and Hayden Christensen.

On clothes:

The 27-year-old former star of “The O.C.”
is recognized for her eclectic sense of style, which has also landed
her in the crosshairs of the fashion police: “I think it’s cool to be
on the worst-dressed list.If people aren’t accepting, that’s OK. Bring it on, I don’t care!”

Her passion for fashion had led her to unveil a new clothing line, Edie Rose (named after her late grandmother), debuting on DKNY Jeans. She
admits she can’t sew, and “came with some pictures, a couple pieces of
my own clothes and some ideas in my head. It’s simple with one pop of
color, which is like me.” Rachel credits her style to her
mother, Janice, a spiritual adviser. “Vintage is her love, she has a
great eye, which I think I’ve inherited from her.”


On love and dating:

Up next for Rachel is an abstract film collection of New York City stories due out next February titled”New York, I Love You,” in which she co-stars with current boyfriend Hayden Christensen.”I’m
happy and that’s all that matters. I have someone really great. Someone
who can make me laugh-that’s always what comes first. It’s the best to
be able to really, like, truly laugh with someone like they’re your
best friend, you know?”

She’s also serving as maid of honor at the wedding of “The O.C.” and “Gossip Girl” creator Josh Schwartz and her girlfriend, Jill.

As far as her ex-costar/ex-boyfriend Adam Brody? “They say don’t date your co-star, but that’s who you’re around. If you’re in an office, and you see someone everyday and you click well, you’ll start dating. It’s the same thing.”


I truly think Rachel is one of the most fashionable young stars out there right now.Does she make your top 5 list?

If A Size One Is Fat… Where Does That Leave The Rest Of Us?

"I’m not pregnant. I’m just fat. I gained 5lb over the summer so instead of a size zero, I’m a size one."

Eva Longoria addressing the pregnancy rumor

I know she’s joking to deflect the attention… but I’m having a salad for lunch either way. Actually, that’s a lie. I hate salad.

Photos by WENN

Put That Celeb Together

Can you guess the above actress?Come back tomorrow for the answer.

Yesterday’s celeb was Rebecca Romijn.Click on the thumbnail to see.

My BBQ Caught Fire

No, that’s not my BBQ… but it did catch fire. While my stupid Bosch stove is out of service, hubby and I tried to lean on our BBQ. Well, something happened where flames started to shoot out the front and it burnt off the knobs and damaged the outside of the grill top. YEAH – another appliance gone bad.

I swear, someone is telling me to stop cooking. We called Lowes and they said it was passed their warranty… which means this BRAND NEW BBQ (but older than 3 months) is garbage and we have to buy a new grill….





Chinese again tonight? Works for me! I would start using my crock pot. But that might turn into a nuclear bomb. I really don’t want to take the chance.

My Double Stroller

I wanted to post this for any moms who have children that are a few years apart and are looking for a good stroller. I don’t know the maker (yeah, thanks for the help Vera), but I do know it’s a Sit N Stand and available at Target for about $100. I LOVE this stroller. I have a $700 one sitting in my garage collecting dust as it is as heavy as a house. I seriously hurt myself trying to get it in and out of my car.

This stroller is super light and works well for both kids. Liam has a tray, Natalie can sit or stand facing either direction and when I am seriously shopping, Natalie walks by my side and I load up all my bags in her area.

It also has two cup holders and a place for keys and your phone. I bought one of those mommy hooks for my purse and their diaper bag for like $5 bucks which is also a life saver.

Just wanted to throw it out there for anyone who is in the market. :)