Kelly Clarkson Grabbing A Salad In NYC

Check out Kelly Clarkson’s bright pink sunglasses! The ‘American Idol’ winner likes to have fun with accessories. :) Here she is in NYC grabbing a salad for lunch with some friends.

I wonder if anyone (besides the paparazzi) recognized her. I probably wouldn’t have noticed. She completely blends in with the rest of the crowd. I’m guessing that’s exactly what Kelly wanted to do.

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First Look: Carrie Underwood In Cowboy Casanova

Take a look at Carrie Underwood in Cowboy Casanova. Sexy outfits, choreography and a great voice – what more can you ask for? Carrie never dissapoints. I am SO HAPPY she tried out for ‘American Idol’.

Jordin Sparks Joins The ‘Got Milk’ Campaign

Jordin Sparks is the latest celebrity to join the ‘Got Milk’ campaign. Here’s the new ad that was unveiled this morning.

The text reads:

I’ve always had the power to wow an audience. But how do I get fired up to wow myself? I drink lowfat milk. Packed with protein and nutrients, milk gives me the energy to truly shine.

When asked, the ‘American Idol’ alum says she drinks milk because it makes her feel good when she takes charge of her diet.

“I know that I am in charge of what I eat and drink and my choices affect how I look and feel,” said Sparks. “I skip the sugary beverages and reach for milk instead. Milk is full of important nutrients and is something I feel good about putting into my body. I encourage all teens to help make a difference in the world and Drink Milk for a Change.”

Hasn’t Jordin grown up to become such a beautiful woman? Always fun to see what she is up to. Click on the thumbnails below for some behind the scenes shots.

Kelly Clarkson And JillandKate Cover Miley Cyrus’ The Climb

WOW!! Kelly Clarkson and JillandKate got together and covered Miley Cyrus‘ ‘The Climb‘. The trio decided to put their version up a YouTube for their fans to watch. I love the song and I absolutely love their cover.

What do you think about their sound?


Man Pushes His Way Into Ryan Seacrest’s Car And Is Arrested

So dangerous! A crazed fan assaulted Ryan Seacrest’s bodyguard and pushed his way into his car with the ‘American Idol‘ host. Police in Southern California arrested Chidi Benjamin Uzomah Jr. after Seacrest left a charity appearance at Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

He is accused of choking a security guard and causing physical harm to the other. Ryan was not involved.

Adams says Uzomah was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon or force likely to cause great bodily injury. He’s expected to be arraigned Friday.

Thank goodness this didn’t end more negatively. Ryan’s life could have been in serious danger.

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Celebrities Enjoying Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

I still can’t get used to Katharine McPhee with that blonde hair! She looks good in it, don’t get me wrong… but there was nothing wrong with her natural brown. Now the singer has to worry about roots and keeping up with the new do. What do you think about the switch?

Katharine was joined by Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift, Amanda Bynes, Rosario Dawson, Kelly Rutherford, and Emily Blunt enjoying the end of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

Don’t forget that if you click on the thumbnail, you can click on the enlarged image for an even BIGGER view. Every pic on INO has this capability. Then use the side arrows to navigate through the galleries.

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First Listen: Katharine McPhee’s ‘Say Goodbye’

Katharine McPhee has new music! The newly blonde former ‘American Idol‘ alum has just released ‘Say Goodbye‘. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

If you love it, you have to wait to buy the entire album because for some reason Katharine’s music company has pushed back her release date January 5th 2010.