The Jolie-Pitt Kids Visit The Tower Of London With Their Nannies

The Jolie-Pitt clan is still exploring all that the UK has to offer.  Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh were snapped today with their nannies as they made a visit to the Tower of London.  Brad is still busy shooting ‘World War Z’ and Angelina obviously had some business to take care of – or was perhaps at home with the twins?

I wonder where the family will head off to once Brad finishes filming.   It’s pretty excited to be able to live for short periods of time in so many countries!  They seem to stay long enough to really immerse themselves but then move on again to the next project.

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Angelina Jolie And Gwen Stefani Have A Playdate With Their Kids

Angelina Jolie has been finding a number of ways to keep her kids entertained in the UK while Brad Pitt promotes his new movieMoneyball” – from taking them to Legoland to arranging playdates!

Today the actress was spotted leaving another famous mom’s home with her brood!  Singer, fashionista, and fellow celebrity mom Gwen Stefani hosted the Jolie-Pitt clan for a playdate at her London home. This was like a dream date for the paparazzi, I’m sure!  Two of the most famous moms and their kids all in one spot!

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Angelina Jolie Takes Maddox Out For A Flying Lesson

Angelina Jolie was spotted taking her oldest, Maddox, out with her for a flying lesson. Angelina looks the part of a pilot in her aviator sunglasses, but more than that, doesn’t she look thrilled to be sharing this with Maddox?

And Maddox looks equally thrilled to be sharing it with her. I wonder if the Jolie-Pitt clan is making London their home base? Brad Pitt is here in the States to promote his new film, ‘Moneyball,’ he’s selling his Malibu beach home. London would put them closer to their French chateau, which is said to be undergoing $56 million in renovations.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see where they turn up next!

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Angelina Jolie Out And About In London

Angelina Jolie looks like she’s keeping busy in London. She was spotted leaving Rasoi Vineet Bhatia Indian restaurant before going to a meeting at an office. Love her elegant style (especially that bag!). I wonder what she’s working on? Angelina has so much going on, it could be anything!

It looks like she isn’t letting the latest brouhaha about Brad Pitt’s comments about his marriage to Jennifer Aniston bother her. Really, it shouldn’t, right?

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Brad Pitt Stops By ‘Ellen DeGeneres’

With his new flick Moneyball just a few days shy of hitting the big screen, star Brad Pitt is making the rounds promoting the sure-to-be hit. Up next on his agenda? Paying a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to sit down with Ellen herself to chat not only about the film, but life with Angelina Jolie and his family.

Check out a preview of the interview below!

Brad on mornings with his kids:

Ellen: I have a niece who is 2 … 2 1/2 …. She’s precious and I love her like crazy. The energy with one child that I  visit occasionally … I really don’t understand. You have six of them.

Brad: Yeah, did you ever see the movie “Cuckoo’s Nest?”

Ellen: Is that what the house is like?

Brad: That’s the morning time in our house … Cheswick screaming for a cigarette, someone’s doing ballet over there and on it goes.

Ellen: Portia and I have been together for six years and you and Angie have been together for the same amount of time. I just think wow, many of them. I don’t know how you balance? There’s got to be one really, really well behaved one. Who’s your favorite?

Brad: (laughing) … How do I get out of this one?

Brad on how he finds “Mommy, Daddy” time:

Ellen: So you’re traveling a lot. You have the kids. You have a career and Angie has a career. How do you have to keep .. to have the romance. Have alone time. Do you just say sometimes, we will be back in a month? Just leave them at home?

Brad: We find our time. We carve out Mommy, Daddy time … it’s called a hotel.

Ellen: That’s what I’m getting at.

Brad: You got to get out of this house. You got to leave.

Brad on marriage:

Ellen: When people ask you and Angie if you’re getting married you’ve said that, well I’ll let you say it.

Brad: I’ve said that we would not be getting married until everyone in this country has the right to get married.

Ellen: I love that.

Brad: … We live in this great country that is about freedom. It is defined by our freedom and equality and yet we allow this discrimination to go on everyday and that’s not what we’re about. That’s not what makes us great. Until that’s reversed. I just don’t get it.

Ellen: Thank you. So that means if like, next week if it’s legal for everyone to get married that you would then be getting married the very next day. It seems.

Brad: It seems.

Ellen: Doesn’t that seem like the right thing?

Brad: I do. The kids are putting on the heat. They really are. They are putting on the heat.

Ellen: You’ll still hold out?

Brad: How do you I get it out this one? Somebody help me. I don’t know what the future holds…

To see what else the Moneyball star had to say, be sure to tune into Ellen on Thursday, Sept. 22!

Photos by Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Angelina Jolie Takes The Kids To Legoland Windsor

While Brad Pitt is back in the U.S. to promote his latest flick ‘Moneyball‘, Angelina Jolie and the kids are still over in the UK.  Angelina was spotted this morning at Legoland Windsor in Berkshire with her brood and some bodyguards.

In those last shots, it looks like they are boarding a ride together.  Have you been to the park before? Do you recognize which ride/attraction it is?

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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Head Out In London

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were spotted leaving the 45 Park Lane Hotel in London yesterday afternoon. Looks like they got an evening away from the kids: every couple needs that!

I doubt they’re letting the latest brouhaha (Brad’s comments about his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, which he said were misinterpreted) bother them. Here’s what Brad told Entertainment Weekly about dealing with public cricitism:

“Listen, man, if we’re that shallow-skinned, we shouldn’t be in here. We’re used to being in the ring and taking some punches.”

Well, that’s a great attitude to have if you’re living in the public eye ;).

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